music hello my loves welcome to this new video, I love this twerk because it reminds me of the rhythms of our home, it makes me dance, so for those who are new I
welcome to my youtube channel or those who are not yet
subscribers, my loves tell me, what are you waiting for? what are you waiting for to be part of
club goes up, go up with us too, so as you could see in the
title you know exactly what is what are we going to talk about today
this yes this cream leveled a lot of
people see the cream nivea but do not do not know exactly what’s the point
you know, when you look at yourself the first thing we’ll see at
you are your skin and your hair when your skin is healthy
your hair is healthy we will say this one is fine this one is fine even when
it’s wrong, when everything is wrong Well, in this new video I’m just going to show how to optimize use
of your level cream with what is what you need to mix it how
can you use it for to have a perfect complexion and a skin
perfect a perfect body you but do not do not move stay here you go
hallucinate know that you can use
this in prevention in healing against stretch marks
yes if you are pregnant, you come to give birth, you took a lot
of weight you have lost a lot of weight and you see that you have
stretch marks that point the end of their noses or even who are already there since
a moment that have become white
just take this, apply just this with a little bit of
shea butter on all areas which require the treatment that this
either the crotch the underarm thighs all over you
massage do this every night before going to bed, you will love know that this cream
nivea you see it’s a powerful anti age cherie coco you are 40 years old? you
wants to appear 20 years noooon, you’re serious !!! you too but it’s not gravetout what you will have to do it’s the evening before going to bed apply a little bit it’s our secret
you apply a little bit, you shoot, you shoot you shoot you mass well up, the sides
you shoot that well as it should I do this all the time all the time
from time to time you do it you’ll see that not only will it hydrate it’s going
protect you from oily skin a dry skin, it will delay the marks of aging you who already have
tasks, necrotic points, d aging tasks that will give you back
not only will it tighten the skin will pull the skin but you will look much younger especially the girls who want to increase whatever it is
there it is there if you want increase please take it all
simply crushed djansang add with a tablespoon of this
even for your husband if you feel that small size and everything and everything
mix a tablespoon of this I had already made a video
previously on it mix it all applied to the parties that are
increased past the night do that until what you get satisfied he goes
must be between ten and fifteen days for a good increase
increase not only will it increase but
especially it will tighten because it has very good properties
astringent yes yes but that it remains to be tested test the girls
so here of course I could go on like that because there is
a lot a lot a lot of things to do there are a lot of things
to say it but we’ll stop if not the videova simply be
endless of which I thank you to have watched this video until
but if you are new, new, that you are not yet
subscribers do not hesitate subscribe likez and
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will need it XOXO


  1. J'utilisais avant mais aujourd'hui quand je couches avec une fille elle me dire qu'elle n'avait jamais utilisé ce gens d'homme que je suis impeccable merci beaucoup de donné l'information donc actuellement j'ai confiance en moi au lit

  2. Ma douce moony bonjour. Peut-on utiliser n'importe quel type de nivéa ou uniquement celle que tu nous as présenté ? Merci pour la video 😘

  3. Et pour les vergetures l'hydroquinone est ce que ça marche rose avec luil de coco y Nivea por favor SA marché

  4. Tout ça c'est pour grossir les fesses aha nos femmes n'on même pas la honte rester vous naturel

  5. Merci, je désire tellement avoir une grosse poitrine, je vais essayer. J'espère seulement pouvoir trouver cette fameuse crême Nivea. Bisou

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