Cheap & local seafood tapas in Madrid, Spain

Cheap & local seafood tapas in Madrid, Spain

When you think of Madrid, do you think of
seafood? The city’s landlocked so “No”, right? Wrong. This city has the second largest fish
market in the world. Totally crazy fact. And that means the Spanish capital is overrun
with fantastic places to eat seafood. Some of it’s high-end and expensive but right in
the centre of the old town there are few places that are cheap and downright delicious. I’m
James Blick, co-founder of Devour Spain, and we’re going to hit up three of those places
that are just fantastic for eating delicious seafood right in the middle of Madrid and
it won’t break the bank. First up, this place is very dear to my heart. Casa Revuelta is not just the best spot in the city for fist-sized nuggets of knee-weakeningly good bacalao or
salted cod, it’s also the ideal heaving rough-and-tumble Madrid bar where you can practice doing tapas
like a local. Which means inhibitions aside and elbows out. These guys have been in business
for over a hundred years and doing salt-cod fritters for over fifty and they’re famous
for them. The recipe is a secret but it’s got the perfect mix of crunch, of salt and of
moisture. When you taste it the fish, the cod, tastes fresh. But it’s not. It’s been
salted, cured to preserve it and then de-salted to make it edible and to cook it. And, you
know, in Madrid being landlocked when there was not good transportation and not good refrigeration
a lot of people in this city ate salt-cod. And we hold onto that tradition because like
jamón, cured ham, we don’t need to cure it, we don’t need to preserve this stuff anymore.
We have good refrigeration, we have freezers but we still do it because the resulting process
makes it taste so good. So moist, it’s incredible. And I’m a Kiwi and know my fried fish, and
this stuff is good. From salted fish to super fresh seafood, the next stop is about a five
minute walk away. I stumbled across this little bar one day after the Rastro flea market and
Marisquería La Paloma may not look like much but this place is a seafood temple. Oysters,
anchovies, grilled shrimp and big-arse crab. I love this place. La Paloma has been open
for over fifty years. It’s now run by the son of the guy who founded it so still in
the same family and still dishing up simple, perfect seafood. I love these super-fresh
anchovies. In vinegar. So good! And the mussels, prawns on the grill. A little lemon. What
I love about these places in Madrid is that they’re no frills, they’re functional, waiters
are gruff. But the produce is so good. You don’t expect it from the outside these little
hole-in-the-wall joints. And the coup de grace – fresh Spanish oysters for under two euros
a pop. Now for something special. We’ve done the tapas bars, and now we’re heading to market.
Madrid’s La Cebada Market has, to be honest, seen better times. A lot of the younger generation
are heading to supermarkets so the traditional markets in this city have gotten a little
quiet. But this market has come up with a great idea. Every Saturday it becomes this
frenzied place with people eating and drinking. And the main focus? The seafood. The fishmongers
are cooking up what might go to waste and boiling it up and serving it with cheap alcohol.
It’s like a secret seafood pop-up party right in the middle of old Madrid. So it’s all sold
by weight, right? It’s all on display and you gotta pick a number, wait for your number
to come up and then order. You can ask for prawns for two, octopus for two. They cook
it up. But you’ve gotta be on your game because it’s busy in here. They’ll do the octopus
boiled, then covered in paprika and sea salt and olive oil. A la gallega, it’s called. And
then right opposite, one euro wine. The thing about octopus is it’s always tough. But this
stuff is so tender, it’s melt-in-your-mouth. Cooked by the fishmonger! It doesn’t get any
fresher than this. You know the drill, if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and
subscribe to my channel for more tips and more videos about how we eat, live, love and
drink in Spain. Salud!

34 thoughts on “Cheap & local seafood tapas in Madrid, Spain

  1. Hi James,
    Fella this is right were I'd like to be at! I'm off to Altea for two weeks over the summer. I'm hoping to get some serious food there; not Madrid, I know, but hoping to eat some good local food (still in Valencia county I think so 'Paella' style dishes).
    I will be looking for 'hole in the wall' places in the hope of stumbling on good eats.

    Love your videos

  2. Another great tips video James. Now I need to book another flight to Madrid and visit some of the places I didn't last time I was there 🙂

  3. Such good advice! People say "The biggest sea market in Spain is Madrid" as in madrid there´s the best sea products

  4. I don't know if you care but I really enjoy your videos and your insight on Spanish culture. I hope to visit one day.

  5. LOVE your videos James! Madrid has become our home away from home. We come every year for two weeks at a time. You capture all the things that make the city so great. Best of all, you seem to visit the same places we frequent. Keep up the good work. Hope you can make more vids soon.

    Casa Toni rules!

  6. Hey James, I guess that you already have been in Casa Labra but if not you should totally check it out. They have really good Cod croquettes and fried cod. It's near Sol, on a little street which is between both Corte Inglés in c/Preciados. Seen you in the Plaza Mayor on a couple videos, so it's quite nearby 😀

  7. As a madrileño its gratifying to see a tour operator that show the real places and tastes of Madrid. Not like others tours that led tourist to an horrible mesón to eat a disgusting paella and cheap sangría.


  8. About time there was someone who really appreciates the Spanish way of life and eating and drinking. For me there is nothing that can compare. I am English by birth and I would not swap Spain for England ever…..

  9. Hello, James. I'm Seokhyun.
    I'm from South Korea.

    This video is so nice. I'd like to go spain and eat Tapas.

    Thank you for upload.
    I'll waiting for the next video.
    Have a good day.

  10. Really liked your video, particularly the other Madrid tapas video.

    Going to Madrid on Saturday and want to go to the cebada market. I’ve seen conflicting info in a few places, but will I be able to get cooked seafood after 14:30? Thanks

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  12. I don’t know how I missed this one, James! Going to the Mercado de la Cebada on Sat. afternoon for sure. Good tip!

  13. I love your videos! Visiting Madrid next month and I'm beyond excited to visit the places you've recommended! Thank you for your videos

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