Chekkalu – Rice Cracker – By VahChef @

Chekkalu – Rice Cracker – By VahChef @

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at You know during the festival time we all love to
make some kind of snacks and a couple of you have requested me to make Chekkalu that is another kind of rice cracker that is specially made in Andhra yeah during the festival times we make
it a lot. So to make this chekkalu, I’ve taken around you know one cup of
rice flour making this chekkalu used to be very tiresome you know when I was a kid my mom used to soak rice and then make the powder of freshly soaked rice and then make these
chekkalu. But it is very easy you don’t have to go through that kind of
procedure i’ll show you a very simple procedure where you can just make it
with dry rice flour, add a pinch of salt. In the ding chik I put little bit of curry leaves , little bit of ginger and green chilies what you do is make into a fine paste
you can even put it in a blender and make a fine paste since i’m making such a small quantity
i’m making it in my ding chik ding chik ok this one and mix it I have soaked some channa dal in the water here is a little bit of channa dal just put some channa dal ok if you want to add more of channa dal
you can add; to this add 1 tablespoon of butter and just mix it up
because there is some amount of moisture in the butter in the green chillies and
curry leaves paste we added and even little bit on channa dal. so you have to add very little water do
not put a lot of water just a few drops and that’s it you know see this should be more than
enough. Lot of people do a mistake of adding a lot of water and that is
what is the problem it should be just barely enough it has to be very tight dough.. ok… maybe
a few more drops of water ok and just to need the dough ok now let me
make a small ball out of this okay and if i press the edges should crack; you know that is when the dough is good see if edges don’t crack that means you added too much water into this mixture and one more thing is do not keep this dough for long you know when you make the dough make it in small batches and make it as soon as possible and finish the dough if you keep
this dough for a long time these chekkalu will get lot of color but
they will not get cooked and they can remain soft; now the dough ready just put it on a polythene sheet like
this and then cover it and then press it ok and see how all the edges have cracked see that is when the dough is perfect so put it in the oil one more time see if your dough good if you just break it should break in
it should break open like this you know it’s kind of powdering it is not
soft or it’s not like chapati dough there is; because we added nice butter and make it into a shortcrust it’ll break easily and as less amount of water that you added
into the dough will make excellent chekkalu, so just put it under the polythene cover just press it ok you can make it a
little bit thin you can make it a little bit thick the way you want and every time you will
get a perfect chekkalu if there is a lot of water in the dough even this chekkalu can puff up and they break open that is not good at all sometimes people try to boil a little
water add rice flour to it and add these ingredients you don’t have to do all that because
that will never give you a good chekkalu and one important point is not ever fry
in hot oil always use little low flame to fry your
chekkalu ok when you see your channa dal nicely
colored little bit that’s good enough remove them off and
you can try this chekkalu huh hmm huh so dear friends i hope you enjoyed to
learn how to make this Chekkalu along with your VahChef at vahrehvah.cok but remember vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your
recipes and cooking tips so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you yeah

67 thoughts on “Chekkalu – Rice Cracker – By VahChef @

  1. I tried these fewdays back and they really came out good. I gave some of chekkalu to my friends nd they were thinking that i bought from store nd didnt believe that i made them myself.

  2. hey chef .. i hated cooking untill i hv seen ur vidoes .. now i m big fan or urs …i m learning new recipe for ur vidoes every day & know wht every one in my home says my cooking is vah-re-vah … thanks to u

  3. thanks sanjay for all ur excellent recipies…i have been following your videos sincerely and all of them came out very well…keep posting new recipies..thanks once again….

  4. sakinaalu etla cheyyale? miram kooda

    mana telangana la doriki nattu boondi prapancham la ekkada dorkadu..
    avi etla cheyyalno cheppanna, nee banchan

  5. Hello Sanjaygaru,
    I tried this chekkalu the taste is good but its almost white light brown even after keeping for loong time dont know why it cooked really well and chana dal is golden colour even tried to refry same colour any idea why

  6. Hello Sanjaygaru,

    I tried this chekkalu this time and it came so well like a professional…I followed your procedure but instead of a ziplock i used a tortilla marker with a wax paper and it was so so perfect all of the same size and so thin..My husband was amazed with the look and the taste of chekkalu…thank you so so much for this receipe last time it was soft and the reason it was soft was because of the thickness of the chekkalu…Love your receipes thank you once again

  7. Hi sanjay,
    I am so glad to watch your all receipes and habituated to try at home. Well i tried this chekkalu, it came out very crispy, i cant believe that i became a perfectionist in preparing chekkalu… All credit goes to you.
    Thanks a lot sanjay ji. You are amazing!!.. Thank you. Have a Nice day.

  8. Hi Vah Chef thanks for this video…we tried and chakkalu were awesome…….keep coming up with such wonderful recipes…..

  9. are chekkalu same as chuppulu …..i am not sure coz he adds chana dal to it and i am familiar to sesame seeds instead of chana dal in it….. anyways if it not chuppulu ..then how to make it? i am suffering with a major chuppulu craving.

  10. Hello Mr. Sanjay , your videos are excellent ! whenever i have a doubt about a recipe i refer to your video. Your videos simply clear all the doubts. Your narration about preparing, making and about common mistakes people do are so clear and leave me beyond doubt. All the rice dishes and some others i try after viewing your videos come super good. Thanks a lot!

  11. I tried these yesterday and they came perfect.. Thanks chef for sharing this. The best part here is, you not only say what is good, but also mention what is bad method or the bad steps where we usually go wrong.. really really useful tips.. Thumbs Up !!

  12. wow Sanjay Sir.I always love the way you teach.I made chekkalu today by just blindly following your way.It turns out very well.Thank you…

  13. sir! ur dish has been cooked to gud the problem its not crispy! wat would u like suggest to make it crispy after its done ( appalu) Dish

  14. Have tried,used roasted chana(putnalu) instead of chana Dall, didn't add soda, came out very tasty and crispy,was a hit in our family,Thank you.

  15. Like dink Chik. U told when n what to do. Thanks.. when to add butter, how much water needed , cracks when we press d dough.. much needed info… Thanks

  16. I tried them and the taste was good..But they were not crispy..Is that due to adding more chana dal??

  17. Hello chef….can I add besan to the flour…will
    It make it soft…I want to
    Make it little soft for my 4 yrs old daughter who is gluten allergic?

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