Chicago’s Best Sausage: Joseph’s Finest Meats

Chicago’s Best Sausage: Joseph’s Finest Meats

sometimes on Chicago’s best places fly
under the radar and that’s exactly what happened with Joseph finest meets a
place that’s been serving the neighborhood since the 1970s thanks to
Janice we’re gonna set the record straight
this one it’s for all you meat lovers out it’s a joke yes this is this is your
place tell me where old started when I came
from mother was 1951 my idea that that was a little trade learn something about
the meat I was fortunate enough to work with real old timers they show me all
the tricks in 1977 I opened my own pleasures there’s something special
about the meat here the cutters know how to cut it okay all high quality it is
Chicago’s best and finest weiu Chicago’s best without a small old-fashioned
ricochet all I hanging beef you don’t shoot that anymore nowhere
you give it a personal touch the people they’ve come here they’re like a family
to it Joe and his wife they’re wonderful they’ve given me
recipes they know my kids they know my grandkids it’s family and Joan feeds his
family right with some old-school staples roast beef meatball I won’t meet
Italian sausage this is a classic old family recipe it’s Sicilian style I want
to get the whole family experience here today make yourself at home I want to
jump in back get my hands dirty wait a minute everything is good as
living his purpose you know everybody’s beautiful in his own way everybody’s
beautiful Lena don’t wait right now it’s time for me to make some beautiful meat
music with Joe’s son Ben we’re gonna carry the cork printer out
to the table Oh are we up yes oh my god uh-huh we got faithfully the inside of a
cow right this is your shanks that’s my shanks hello right there we’re
not gonna call her up right no I’m just checking take it right off at the joint
here and now you’re gonna use the answer that’s right thank you nice and so the
sharing next step we’re gonna take the skirt steaks of kind of when it makes me
a sausage I heard a lot about sausage sure we’re teaching this cow to find out
how the sausage is made I poached grind down yes ground down
grind down ground down grain did it grow up work is brown grounded I’ll post
grind down this blend of seasonings of salt black pepper a fennel soup the
quick mix and it’s time to stuff feeling the pressure I’m feeling Oh No there we
go Oh No oh yeah and just as bad as making
puppet animals but oh no that was bad sausage making your brother’s firing up
the grill outside right yes okay eating I’m so good at Oh Sal this is my speed my friend you’re
talking my language a couple of guys hanging outside the butcher so the best
part of like tossing em around that’s true
I’m hungry let’s eat let’s do it I
I appreciate you guys throwing this little impromptu barbecue together
there’s no way we could leave here without trying this first oh absolutely
salut oh yeah I’m a fan of that coarse-grained real chunks of pork in
there still taste the meat and the blend of spices the pop of the fennel I’m
loving that and we didn’t just stop the sausage you guys decided to top it with
even more me our homemade Italian beef in our own Jordan era meat lovers unite
this is Italian sausage right here

19 thoughts on “Chicago’s Best Sausage: Joseph’s Finest Meats

  1. Sausage? Processed meat? Thats fucking gross. If you don't want chronic diseases later in life move to a plant-based diet. Educate yourself and see the damage you're doing to the planet and yourself.

  2. Absolutely the best.. I miss the Italian beef so much..There is nothing like it in the world. Also the best breakfast sausage patties. YUM!!

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