Chicago’s Best Seafood: Elliott’s Seafood Grille & Chop House

Chicago’s Best Seafood: Elliott’s Seafood Grille & Chop House

(upbeat music) – Sometimes a restaurant
just calls out your name and you guys clearly agreed. Who else do you
think my producers would send out to Edison Park to an establishment
with this name? Look Ma, my name
finally up in lights. And it’s not on 90
with a picture of my
face with a warrant. (jazzy music) Let’s get this
straight, there’s only one way you should
spell the name Elliott. – E-L-L-I-O-T-T. – Correct, with
two Ls and two Ts. – Correct. – Two Ls, two Ts. – God, I love that. Do you get different spellings? – I do. – L-O-V-E. Love. – Awww! – One L, two Ts, two Ls, one T, one L, one T. – Yeah. – The I and the O are
the wrong way round. – Yeah. – We share a kinship. (jazz music) – Great people in
this neighborhood, a lot of first responders,
we’re very proud to be able to serve them,
because they serve us. – Staff here treats
you tremendously well, they treat you as family. – Everyone’s very
nice, very great food. – The only thing
that’s better than the atmosphere is the food. – [AE] This was preached
to me by my father since I was a little
boy, he told me always buy the best product you
can find on the market, prepare it correctly, take
good care of your staff, don’t ever try and cheat
your customer, you got a good chance to win then. – Plus you got the best damn
name in the business as well. – Right! – That’s a fact. (jazz music) – The roughy’s great, the way
they season it, it’s the best. – It’s soft, it’s flaky,
melts in your mouth, it’s really, really good. – And underneath the
roughy on your menu has a line of words which are? – [AE] Elliott’s secret recipe. – I’m family you can share
that secret recipe with me. – Exactly, to the rest
of the family, I can say, well, I gave it to an Elliott. – [EB] Can we do something else? Can we double up for a change? – [AE] I think we should
do our Chilean Sea Bass. – I think we’ve
covered all bases. (upbeat music) – So this is our
roughy, this boy comes with a bad reputation
of being kinda bland. – [AE] That’s why
you’ll see the different combination that we put on here. – You’re not just sharing the
secret family recipe with me, you’re sharing it
with all these guys. So basically everyone is an
honorary Elliott for the day. Welcome to the clan. – Great. – [EB] We start with soy sauce,
a house-made vinaigrette, sprinkle on some
parm, add a dash or two of paprika,
then melted butter. We’re getting this roughy
started, Elliott style. How long does our little roughy
friend need to be in there? – [AE] Oh, about 15 minutes. – Time for us to
prepare the sea bass? – [AE] Correct. (jazz music) – [EB] While the sea bass cooks, we get our sauce on
with tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs and of
course, some butter. – [AE] Everything’s
better with butter. – [EB] Everything’s
better with two Elliotts. – There you go man,
Elliott squared. – [EB] I can probably leave
this in your capable hands. Elliott hands off the
tongs to the other Elliott. And I’ll meet you outside
at the Elliott table. – They’re all Elliott tables. (jazz music) – Two fishes, two Elliott’s. – Can’t beat it. – Two hungry men, so we should
start with roughy, right? The Elliott secret recipe. If I didn’t know better,
I would question why roughy has a reputation
for being a bland fish. – [AE] This is how
you change that deal. – You guys have redefined
how it should taste. The crusted top, thick
flakes, nice amount of butter and it
stands on it’s own. Any fish that you can
serve with nothing else, it does all the
talking for itself. Let’s move on to one of the
kings of the sea, the sea bass. (jazz music) It just flakes off. If you want some kick-ass sauce, it is swimming in
this sea right here, this ocean, you just have to
reel it in with this fork. This is the catch of the day. Now you’ve left me
with a tough dilemma. – Which one? – Right, or is it a tie
and Elliott always wins? – Elliott always wins. – That’s the way it should be. To that Sir, I say cheers. (glasses clink) Two Elliott’s, two fishes, two
happy men and two Ls, two Ts. (laughs) – [AE] That’s the
key, E-L-L-I-O-T-T. – You could sing that
till the cows come home and people will
still screw it up. (laughs) – [AE] They do! (rock music)

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  1. food looks great, but it will prolly take a week's pay check to eat there looks pretty fancy. thanks for posting

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