27 thoughts on “Chicken 65 Recipe | Easy Chicken Snack Recipe By Our Grandpa

  1. ग्राण्ड पा आप जो भी बनाते हो बोहत मजेदार होता है मे भी आप को देख देख कर बनाता हु बोहत मजा आता है खाने मे,, आप का बोहत बोहत धन्यवाद,, पा

  2. I went to an Indian restaurant yesterday and ordered this dish for a starter, brilliant, then I had a butter chicken biryani, delicious, and I finished the meal with some gulab jamun, it felt like I was living in a Grandpa Kitchen episode, so much high-quality, authentic Indian cuisine. I told the owner that ‘I feel like I’ve eaten a meal fit for a maharajah’

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