Chicken Adobo Fried Rice and Tortang Corned Beef

Chicken Adobo Fried Rice and Tortang Corned Beef

Check the video description for the complete recipe written in English. hey how are you? I’m Vanjo Merano of we’re here in Chicago. We just got back from Philippines. If you haven’t watched our videos in Philippines, check my Youtube where we cooked different dishes we cooked Tuyo and Danggit (dried fish) and garlic fried rice. My wife and I ate those I love Philippines We just arrived in Chicago, still in jet lag but I’m so awake I’m thinking of cooking for breakfast. We have a lot of left overs. We have chicken adobo we have left over rice and corned beef. I added potato in the sauted corned beef we have a lot of left overs. So I came up with the idea of making Chicken Adobo Fried Rice and Corned Beef Omelet it sounds plausible, so let’s start all ingredients will come from the refrigerator, let’s see if it’s complete. So let’s start let’s prepare our ingredients here we go here’s the sauted corned beef with potato here’s the chicken adobo. We need tto separate the meat from the bones here’s the left over rice. I keep this inside the refrigerator to make it a bit hard so the rice can easily separate once we stir fry it I think our ingredients are complete so I’ll just prepare garlic for our chicken adobo fried rice. Oh wait, I need egg because we’ll be cooking omelet prepare the ingredients then let’s cook first we need to prepare the fried rice. I’ll wear gloves so I won’t need to wash my hands later this is refrigerated to harden let’s sperate the rice from each other. It’s easier because starch won’t be sticky if it’s cold add salt I’m adding salt prior to stir frying so we can distribute it well then it’s ready to stir fry. But let’s prepare first the garlic crush the garlic using mortar and pestle if you’re in a hurry, you may just crush the garlic. But it’s better if you minced it but for this recipe, just crush it if we’re cooking an ordinary fried rice, this is done but since we have our left over chicken adobo, so we’re done. Set aside let’s prepare the left over chicken adobo place a bowl here and we’ll separate the meat from the bones transfer here we have small amount of left over rice, so we’ll not shred all of it maybe 2-3 drumsticks is enough then we’ll slice this later place the shredded chicken on a chopping board we want this finely chopped, not unless you prefer it to be chunks (you may go directly to stir frying) i prefer this to be chopped be careful in handling the knife I’m chopping this because I prefer this to be chopped. Chopped only, not minced. There you go then put this back in the bowl then prepare the corned beef omelet add ground black pepper in the sauted corned beef. That’s all I’m not adding salt anymore because I already salted it when it was sauted, so let’s add 1 egg crack it ad it directly here, that’s all it’s already sauted but we added kick in our omelet by adding ground black pepper mix well make sure the ground black pepper and egg is well distributed we’re ready let’s start cooking pre heat wok or frying pan add cooking oil distribute the cooking oil by swirling set in high heat to warm up the cooking oil once cooking oil is hot, put the corned beef mixture scoop how much you want then adjust the heat to low we don’t want this to burn after 1 min., check the sides once you can slide the patty, it’s ready. Flip by the shortcut method, see? cook for 1-1.5 min. in medium heat our corned beef omelet is ready. I’m lifting it upwards to remove excess oil notice the dripping oil. There you go so our corned beef patty will not be that oily then transfer to a plate and continue cooking the remaining corned beef then let’s cook our chicken adobo fried rice add another oil and since this is chicken adobo fried rice, let’s add crushed garlic this is easy, just saute the garlic until it’s brown I place together the oil and garlic on the side of the pan to cook it faster once brown, add the chopped chicken adobo this is our left over chicken adobo I’m cooking the chicken adobo again so it can have texture then add the rice we prepared earlier after adding the rice, stir fry it we’re not adding anymore ingredient, it’s that simple. This is very flavorful because of the cooked chicken adobo plus the garlic and salt stir fry and make sure all the ingredients is distributed. cook for 3-5 min. it’s ready mix for the last time it’s so fragrant transfer to a plate and top with corned beef omelet and eat. I’m starving there you go! It’s ready I’ll add Sriracha Mayo some of you might find this condiment unusual but this is one of my favorite but I’ll also add ketchup I like sriracaha mayo because it has the creaminess of mayo plus kick of hot sauce that’s why it’s orangey in color that’s it let’s decorate this. Let’s ping-ping-ping I’ll add chopped parsley to make it look more appetizing it’s ready! Let’s have a taste wait a minute, I forgot something. I forgot the ketchup I’ll get ketchup, wait I cannot start eating without ketchup that’s banana ketchup there’s no better than our Filipino banana ketchup ok let’s fight! mmm~ if you have left overs like corned beef or chicken adobo, give this recipe a try I’m sure you’ll love this. Very easy and simple I’m want to finish this now but before that, I want to thank you for watching this video if you haven’t subscribe yet, please subscribe by clicking the button below if you have recipe request, please tell me if you have feedback or comment, please post in the comment box to send me your messages hmm what else? Oh, we’re on instagram, if you haven’t followed yet just search in instagram PanlasangPinoy ok, let me finish this because I’m starving. Let’s eat!

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