Chicken Hot and Sour Soup – Secret Authentic Commercial Recipe – Kun Foods

Chicken Hot and Sour Soup – Secret Authentic Commercial Recipe – Kun Foods

Aslam Alaikum!! My name is Afzal Arshad. And again we are here with a new recipe you guys love our recipes, that motivate us to make new videos Today’s recipe is according to weather and alot of people requesting for this recipe as well Today we are making hot and sour soup The Falour of this soup is spicy and sour as its name, I will tell you what ingredients will be required for the recipe The main skill in cooking Chinese food is cutting skills, cutting ingredients according to dish Firstly, let’s see how to cut the veggies Only carrot and cabbage will be added from vegetables now chop carrot and cabbage in small cubes cut into slices like this Now cut it into thin slices And chop into cubes if you can see closely Carrot will be choped like this Cabbage will also be choped same like carrot Now i am going to cut cabbage, same like carrot And remove the hard part of the cabbage We need only this quantity Chop finely like I am doing Our vegetables are ready now Cut the big pieces Now we have done with cabbage cutting Now we have to cut the chicken small slices of chicken will be added in this recipe this is how to cut the boneless chicken, this is breast piece Take boneless breast piece and cut into flakes like this See this, this is a flake of chicken If we talk about quantities of vegetables, half carrot, 15gm of chopped cabbage and 40gm of chicken and cut into desired shape after slicing chicken, cut it into half to make small strips The desired size and shape of chicken is like this we do not boil chicken before using in soup Whenever you receive an order in a restaurant, we always use raw chicken Cutting is almost ready After this, we will start making soup, let’s go-to stove Now we are on stove Use high flame for Chinese food The first thing that will go to this is chicken stock if you don’t have stock, you can only use water you can make fresh chicken stock or you can use stock cubes by mixing in water I have chicken stock Put stock into pan Stock is already hot and boiling First thing that will go in is chicken Let it cook 1 or 2 minutes, then we will add vegetables if you see in the pan, chicken is already changing colour to white Let it cook here a while Now we have to make corn flour Take water and mix corn flour in water Mix it well and form sollution, because we will not add powder directly to soup Now water is boiling and chicken is cooked at this time add vegetables Firstly carrot will go in Now cabbage Let it cook here for a while Now we will add vinegar and soy sauce 1 or 1.5 teaspoons of soy sauce will go in a full serving You can see, this much will be enough Because this is sour soup so quantity of vinegar will be high 1 added these 2 big spoons if you want more sourness, you can add more if you can see closely there are some impurities in the form of froth we have to remove this Now we will add spices Put it on high flame and let it cook then we will add spices I will what spices will go, the first thing is salt one teaspoon salt in full serving The second thing is white pepper less than a half teaspoon of white pepper will go now black pepper very less quantity of black pepper will go, you can see one teaspoon of china salt will go into the soup and lastly a teaspoon of sugar No spices will go other than these Add them to the soup and mix While cooking Chinese food your stove should be high pressure and put it on high flame Now we have to add cornflour to the soup Mix it well, add to the soup and stir constantly Now it is gaining thickness of a soup Now you can check the thickness you can see the thickness in video if you want more thickness than add more cornflour Our soup is almost ready Mix it well Now the last ingredient will go and our soup is ready White of an egg we do not use the yolk of an egg in this soup Gently pour the white of egg onto the soup let it cook approximately 10 seconds and don’t stir now stir gently as you can see in video Now you can stir it if you think the thickness is high then you can also add water at this point This is in good consistency I can show you by adding water, it will not affect the soup, put water and mix it well check the consistenct of our hot and soup at this point, you can check salt and other spices if anything is less you can also add now this is final, lets dish out it see it closely, MASHALLAH very appetizing chicken is in the form of chunks, egg very well cooked vegetables are soft and very nice thickness Taste is good MASHALLAH This is an authentic commercial recipe, the same recipe is used in big restaurants INSHALLAH, more videos will come 4 types of sauces go in serving with this soup First one is Vinegar with round cut green chillies and let it sit overnight, that is used to make the soup sourer The second sauce is soy sauce Third is chilli sauce and last sauce which is made with round red chillies I will share the recipe of that sauce also Enjoy this HOT And SOUR Soup Very tasty flavour very easy to cook at home and this is how to make in restaurants INSHALLAH, I will share more recipes This recipe was requested by many friends INSHALLAH i will share, corn soup, hot szechuan soup, Thai Soup and many more Remember us in prayers, ALLAH HAFIZ

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  2. کارن فلور کو تھوڑے پانی میں مکس کر کے پانی کی مکدار بڑھایں ، پانی کا زیادہ ہونا ضروری نہی نہ کارن گلور وزن کر کے ڈلتا ہے جبھ سوپ گھاڑا ہو جاے تو اور شامل نا کیں ورنہ سوپ گڈی جوڑنے والی لیویی بن جاے گا ،

  3. Bhai klindllly thorda guide ker dain kyon k mein b soup ka business start kerna chahti hon kyon k winter start ho gya hai.investment or daily ki earning ka rough idea day dain

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  6. don't use China salt its not gud for health nd usually doesn't available halal…otherwise ur recipe is 👍👍yummy

  7. Dear mr.kun, I think Kun is your name ..anyhow as I suggested you start posting your recipes with English subtitle. Really appreciable. All the best.your way of explanation is very simple and nice. May God bless you and your family. Anblagn.tamilnad.india

  8. بھائی میرے یا تو انگریزی مکمل بولو یا اردو مکمل بولو اپنے آپ کو ارسطو ثابت نہ کرو

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  10. Bro sorry for that hot &SOUR SOUP not like that making than you guys some cutting brod use for chicken not good for your video thanks chef abdul

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