Chicken Hot Shots KFC Style – Fried Chicken Commercial KFC Recipe – Kun Foods

Chicken Hot Shots KFC Style – Fried Chicken Commercial KFC Recipe – Kun Foods

“Bismillah Arhamna Raheem” Aslam Alaikum, My name is Afzal Arshad. and today we are here with a new video In today’s video, we are going to complete two requests Two types of people can take benefit from this video many people who wanted to start a fast-food restaurant asked me to teach hot shots recipe chicken popcorn or hot shots ]a boneless piece of 10-11 grams of chicken, which is coated with flour and fried and secondly, many people asked me to teach my secret recipe powder in small quantity inshaAllah we will teach both things today First of all, we need boneless chicken We will make hot shots of one kg chicken and also recipe powder for those one kg hot shots Here I have 1kg of boneless chicken Now I will show you how to cut this chicken to make hot shots I already have shown you the method of cutting the chicken in other videos this will be the same other than change in the size of chicken pieces Firstly remove all the fat from the chicken and now cut the chicken into two pieces many people ask me the recipe of roll pratha the recipe will be same for those who ask recipe of roll pratha this whole strip of chicken is marinated and fried for roll pratha I have already told you in last video this par of chicken which is called a strip, this is used in roll pratha make sure there if there is any bone, remove that now lets cut this breast piece into a slice put the strips aside I will show you a cutting of one breast now place the breast of chicken like in the video make two slices of a breast this is our one hotshot turn the scale on make sure scale is zero 9-11 grams this is the weight of a piece of hotshots two pieces are nearly 18-20 grams lets cut the whole chicken like this these are hotshots if you see closely, our hotshots are ready to marinate now put this chicken in water and add some vinegar lets it rest for a while to remove the smell of chicken, if any don’t add salt, only vinegar and water and let it rest for about 20 minutes now we will make marination recipe of about 2kg of chicken and we will use this recipe powder to marinate our hotshots we will use a scale for accurate measurements I have all the spices in front of me we will make the same recipe as I have told you already in my recipe powder video with detail if you see closely make sue scale is at zero Now I will add all the spices the first spice that we will add is salt I am going to tell you the recipe of 7.5 grams of salt The reference point for this recipe is salt add 7.5 grams of salt in it The second spice that will go in this recipe is red chilli powder tare the scale and add 10 grams of red chilli powder tare the scale The third ingredient is garlic powder we will add 3.5 grams of garlic powder 4th ingredient is ginger powder we will add only 1.5 grams of ginger powder Ginger is used very lightly this scale is not sensitive to detect half grams check yourself and add accordingly take care of that ginger is used for very light flavour and fragrance in this recipe the next thing is 5 gram so ajino moto i am adding ajino moto and making it optional for you as well if you want to enhance flavour, you can add if you see here, now 5 grams of citric acid will go in this recipe this is in the shape of granules next ingredient is chicken powder we will add 3.5 grams of chicken powder you can also use table spoon scale is better anyway almost half table spoon is equal to 3.5 grams of chicken powder chicken powder is added next thing is turmeric powder the quantity of turmeric is 1.5 grams in this recipe very light taste of turmeric next ingredient id mustard powder quantity of mustard powder is also 1.5 grams and now we will add chat masala in this recipe powder 2.5 grams of chat masala will go into this after adding chat masala our recipe is complete now chilli flakes depend on you if you want to add, you can otherwise, these are not mandatory in this recipe here our recipe is complete now this is chicken after soaking with vinegar for 20 minutes this is a recipe that we have made a while ago now measure 35 grams of powder with scale for 1 kg of chicken 35 grams for one kg chicken, that is standard for this recipe put in the bowl to measure and now 35 grams this is the remaining recipe powder and this 35 grams that we measured to marinate our hotshots this quantity is perfect to make at home now put recipe powder in the chicken wash your hands and you can also use gloves and mix well like this drain water before adding recipe because the chicken will also release water after adding spices simply mix this very well don’t add any curd, lemon or vinegar while marinating this is how we marinate our chicken mix well and after that put this chicken in the fridge i always tell you to marinate chicken very well marinate at least 10-12 hours in the refrigerator I will make a video regarding these types of equipment to show you how to operate them how to maintain temperature how to put and take out the oil from this fryer, all things our marination is done, I told you to put this in the fridge now I am recording this video after 24 hours because we want perfect marination I have told you that, the chicken will release water like this some people ask about this water in chicken, whether you have added vinegar or lemon?? this is nothing but water released by the chicken mix it well I already told you the weight of hotshot that it weighs between 10-11 grams we will get 90-100 pieces out of 1 kg chicken we sell one piece for 10 rs now you can calculate the sale price I will also mention the prices of material now we have to do the coating and I will show you how coating or breading is done in the right way our fryer is at 120 Celcius right now while I will do breading, the temperature will also be at 160 degrees if you see closely put this chicken in the flour put 20-25 pieces and let’s do the breading the method of breading is the same as my previous videos gently press and rotate the chicken in flour all the pieces should be in your hands rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise the better way to do breading is with bare hands now rotate anticlockwise if I show you one piece crumbs are forming on chicken pieces this will be very crispy after frying now take out all pieces with the help of a sieve and dip in the water this chicken is with single breading, dip in water and after that, we will do double breading I don’t recommend using gloves while breading because flour enters in gloves wash your hands and use them dip chicken in water for 10 seconds and put again in flour after draining the water completely and do the double breading some people say that they are unable to form crumbs see the perfect crumbs your chicken should be cold while breading for better crumbs now let’s fry these hotshots temperature is reached and we can fry now a sieve is used to take out chicken from flour that I dont have right now hotshots are out of flour you can see the breading here also drop this very gently to the fryer and avoid oil splashes try to avoid dry flout to go to the flour with chicken some people say in the comments that oil gets black due to dry particles of flour, and while using the oil to fry, the flour is floating in the oil and when it is left to sit for a while, oil gets clean back i have turned on the timer 45-50 seconds already gone at 160 temperature approximately we will cook hotshots for a total of five minutes after three minutes you can see the condition very good colour five minutes are gone here is a tip, the chicken starts floating when it is cooked lets dish out them after taking out of the fryer see, our hotshots are ready to eat see the colour texture and breading very nicely cooked this technique is used commercially break one piece to see inside cooked fully and very juicy very delicious taste try this commercial recipe at home but use controlled temperature equipment but you can try medium flame to better results this was method to make hotshot chicken one type of popcorn chicken is made like chicken nuggets also, I will share recipes of both nuggets and popcorn chicken take care till next video remember us in your prayers if you have any question please ask in comments, I will definitely try to reply I will also come live for Q&A may Allah Almighty bless you may Allah help you if you are willing to start a business Take Care of Yourself, Khuda Hafiz

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  2. Bhai aap ny yy sara setup khan sy bnwaya hy… or aap kis city sy hyn… main dykhna chahtaa hon.. Q k mujy apny kaam start krnaa hy fast food ka… so plzZz bhai mujy zurur pura reply kr dyn… or agr aap ka whatsApp nmber mil jaayy to best ho jaayy ga… 03007828156 my whatsApp #.

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