Chicken Spaghetti – Food Wishes – Chicken Pasta Sauce Recipe

Chicken Spaghetti – Food Wishes – Chicken Pasta Sauce Recipe

hello this is chef john from food wishes
calm web chicken spaghetti that’s right i’m very excited to show you my take on
this delicious pasta dish which should not be confused with a certain casserole
that goes by the same name and I believe features a can of condensed soup but
with this version lacks and hard to pronounce and possibly dangerous
ingredients it more than makes up for by being super easy extremely comforting
and of course very very tasty so with that let’s go ahead get started by
transferring a big old chicken into a pot and actually it doesn’t really have
to be old but it should be big this chicken right here went about 4 and 1/2
pounds and then to this what we’ll do is add 1 24 ounce jar of the finest
store-bought marinara sauce or of course the same amount of homemade and then in
addition to that we’ll add twice as much water as we do sauce which is going to
be very easy to measure if you did use a jarred sauce so we’ll go ahead and fill
that up with nice cold fresh water you give it a little shake to rinse out any
of the sauce left inside and then repeat that one more time with another jar of
nice cold fresh water and then before we head to the stove we will add one more
semi secret ingredient and that would be two fillets of anchovy or as we
sometimes refer to it around here Italian msg and if you’re nervous about
that don’t be you’re not going to be able to taste it this is really only
gonna affect the taste if you don’t put it in and then what we’ll do is head to
the stove and bring this up to a simmer on high heat and yes it’s totally fine
the chicken is not covered in liquid all right as long as you’re coming up to
about the kneecaps you should be in good shape
since we are gonna cook this covered that means gonna get cooked through no
problem but anyway like I said we will bring this up to a simmer at which point
we will back the heat down to medium-low cover this and simmer it exactly 1 hour
and 15 minutes and during that time what I want you to do is absolutely nothing
don’t take off the lid don’t stir it don’t turn it do nothing except maybe
possibly watch it simmer through the glass and after simmering for exactly 65
minutes this is what mine look like and then what we’ll do at this point is
very very carefully grab some tongs and carefully transfer this into a large
bowl to cool and I know it does already look
delicious so we’ll go ahead and very carefully remove our chicken from our
cooking liquid and we’ll simply let it sit in that bowl cooling off until we
can pull that chicken meat off the bones without burning ourselves and what we’ll
do while we’re waiting for that to happen is crank our heat up to
medium-high because we’re gonna want to reduce this sauce or actually I should
say we want to reduce this liquid to make a sauce and I’ll say we want to
reduce this by at least half but it’s probably going to be a little more than
that okay we want to sort of boil this down until it starts to thicken up a
little and of course anytime we’re reducing something like this that had
meat in it we’re almost always going to have some fat floating on the top which
you can certainly spoon off if you so choose and I usually do remove most of
it especially since I’m going to throw a little bit of butter in here later but
anyway we’ll go ahead and let that reduce and while we’re keeping an eye on
that waiting for it to reduce to the perfect thickness we should have just
enough time to do our chicken so assuming this is cool enough to touch
what we’ll do is touch it and by touch I mean tear so we’ll go ahead and remove
that meat from the bone and pull off the skin and any other non meat connective
tissue and we will transfer that into a bowl breaking it up into as small pieces
as we want as we go and as you can see I do like to leave this in some fairly big
pieces and while I’m happy to spend a few minutes trying to pick out every
last scrap of meat I’m not gonna go too nuts because I’m gonna make a stock out
of this and of course it goes without saying that if you get any accumulated
juices in this bowl you will be required to strain those back into your saucepan
which now that our chickens been picked we should probably go back and check and
for me at least this time this is about how far I’m going to reduce it okay it’s
just starting to thicken up a little and then regardless of how thick or thin
we want this mixture to be once it reaches our desired viscosity we will
reduce the heat to low and we will go ahead and add all our beautifully
poached chicken back in along with a little bit of red chili flake to heat
things up and because we’re using this we don’t need any Cayenne that’s
basically cayenne pepper and flake form and it will also toss in a nice big
pinch of salt and we’ll stir all that together and as soon as that chicken
heats through and we’re happy with how this tastes we’re done so we’ll go ahead
and give the sauce a taste and check for salt and other seasoning and while we’re
at it we’ll also taste a piece of chicken to double-check and that’s it
assuming it’s looking and tasting exactly how we want we’ll simply keep
that on low heat while we go ahead and cook our pasta which for me is gonna be
1/2 pound of spaghetti or as your kids might pronounce it pisghetti and I’m
gonna go ahead and cook that in some nicely salted water for about one minute
under the package directions and obviously if you want a different pasta
shape use what you want I mean you are after all the Lawrence
Ferlinghetti of your chicken and spaghetti so if you want to ghal a
different noodle feel free but I am using the pasta that’s in the name but
no matter what shape pasta we’re using once that’s done we’ll go ahead and
drain it and return that back to the stove and place it over low heat and
we’ll go ahead and ladle in as much chicken and sauce as we see fit and by
the way I mentioned I’m doing 8 ounces of pasta but this sauce recipe will make
enough for about a pound to a pound and a half of pasta and then besides our
sauce we’re also going to go ahead and grated some cheese which can be
parmigiano-reggiano but this time I’m using pecorino which for whatever reason
I think pairs a little better with this and then after the cheese what we’ll do
is go sauce segreto on this thing by adding a chiffonade of basil plus a
couple tablespoons of butter so yes you are allowed to steal ideas from your own
videos that you stole from other people’s recipes totally legal and we’ll
go ahead and straw that together over a low heat for about a minute or until the
butter melts and while we’re doing this our pasta is gonna be absorbing all that
goodness from the sauce which is why by the way we never want to dump cook pasta
in a bowl and then just ladle the sauce over the top okay as science has proven
that’s just not going to be as good and then what we’ll do as soon as that
butters melted is turn off the heat and then we’ll grate in one more addition to
cheese before performing the old cover and wait alright so what we’re gonna do
with the heat off is stir in that cheese and then we’re gonna cover this and let
it sit for one minute and for me that 60 seconds well-spent and that’s it after a
minute we’ll uncover it and give it one last stir and assuming we’re happy with
how it’s tasting we’ll go ahead and serve that up which as usual we will do
in a warm bowl and we’ll make sure we’re getting plenty of chicken as well as
that simple but gorgeous sauce and maybe we’ll top that little little more cheese
and maybe a little more basil and that’s it what we’re calling chicken spaghetti
is done so let me grab a fork and spoon and dig in and even though this sauce is
relatively light texture wise it is still extremely flavorful and very
satisfying so that’s one reason I love this dish and the other reason is that
incredibly moist succulent tender chicken because we poached that first
and then just added it back to the sauce at the end we don’t have to worry about
any tough dry meat and yes you’ll be happy to know I eventually figured out
which side of the spoon to use turns out the concave side is the one to twirl the
pasta in see I’m one of these people that never reads the owner’s manual and
by the way that butter and basil we added at the end were optional but for
me really ties this simple pasta together so I really did love how this
came out and it really is a beautiful alternative to your more standard meat
sauces so whether you do this for some fancy Sunday supper or just maybe some
cold rainy weeknights I really do hope you give this easy and delicious chicken
spaghetti a try soon so head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient
amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you you

100 thoughts on “Chicken Spaghetti – Food Wishes – Chicken Pasta Sauce Recipe

  1. I love playing your vids for my husband cause he says your voice is so soothing it makes him fall asleep 😆, but other than that we love your videos and recipes 🙂

  2. Yum but the way u talk sounds kinda weird, like you are ending your sentences but u keep continuing – don't get me wrong love the vid 🍝🍝

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  4. Did I hear you say "chicken" spaghetti? No no no. It's meatballs. It will always be meatballs. It's one of those things that just makes the universe right. Please don't break the universe.

  5. Thank you, Chef John- this recipe is *delicious*! We've made it 2x since you posted it (we rarely make the same recipe again that quickly) and each person commented on how they only wish they had a second stomach so they could eat more 🙂 High compliments! Thanks so very much for sharing so many terrific recipes- and for making them so much fun in the process.

  6. I truly love watching you cook and of stealing your recipes acting like it was mine all along. No I tell everyone about you. What I would really like to how you make is a chicken and beef stock. So far I have not come across those videos if you have already made them. Thank you so much for all these wonderful cooking videos.

  7. When I read "Chicken Spaghetti" all I could think about was Mrs. Pruitts' condensed mushroom soup, velveeta and overcooked noodles "chicken spaghetti". (I lowkey love it.) I never thought it would be this grand production!

  8. I have been trying to come up with a recipe with chicken as the protein with a light sauce and of a different sauce without being spaghetti sauce. This I will make tomorrow my chicken is ready in the ice box. I am making a small amount so I am using chicken parts I know I'll eat. I am not a meat person especially chicken. I'll let you know how it comes out! I ordered sour dough bread from San Francisco and this is so perfect. Thank you!

  9. il parmigiano era l'originale ? prima di chiamarlo parmigiano assicurati che arrivi dall Italia ed essere di quella zona dell italia cioè dal parmense o reggiano

    non sbagliate la cottura assaggiatela ne colla ne dura al dente
    la pasta e semplice da fare ma è un attimo rovinarla

  10. Want a simpler less messy preparation for chicken pasta?

    Just roast a chicken your favorite way.
    Carve off the bits you want and dice.
    Add to warmed-through sauce (marinara or any) in pot.
    Pour over pasta (or mixed in.)

    Chicken roasted not poached.
    Don't need to stick fingers in.
    Leftover roast chicken pieces for stock and tomorrows sandwiches.

    Admittedly by poaching in sauce, Chef John's version releases more chicken flavor into his marinara. But having said that, my version retains more flavor in the chicken meat itself.

  11. I don’t want to be a hater but it feels like you are intentionally accentuating your voice like at every 8th syllable and it drives me fucking crazy. But I didn’t have to watch the video I guess man.

  12. Chef John, would you consider to make a version of this using Instant Pot? I feel it can make the cooking so much faster.

  13. I've got to say the other version of Chicken Spaghetti you mentioned at the beginning of the video is my all time hated food. Everyone in my family called me defective and said "You just haven't had it cooked right" All versions are the same terrible mess of what was supposed to be food.
    BUT. This version looks absolutely amazing and I think I'll be making it some time.

  14. Woke up and watched this vid and by 3:30 PM I was knuckles deep in separating chicken meat from a whole hen. I'll never make traditional spaghetti again. Thanks chef!

  15. My beloved grandmother cooked spaghetti for us this way 50 yrs ago, we had a poultry farm so most of her recipes had chicken. Thanks !

  16. @ChefJohn can you use chicken breast instead of a whole chicken? Like for example the same way you boil chicken breast for making homemade chicken noodle soup where you boil the chicken in broth and just shred the chicken(with a fork and knife)

  17. Pardon my forthcoming ignorance… but what happens to the 2 anchovies? Do they just break down and mix in with the sauce? Also, the part where you cover the finished pasta with the chicken and sauce at the end, and let it sit for 1min… what exactly is the point of that step? Nothing but pure & innocent curiosity from a long time fan! Looked like a great pasta dish! Thanks for sharing!

    p.s. to any other viewers, feel free to answer either of those questions! It would be equally appreciated!

  18. My goodness, that looks so tasty. I love Italian food and I have found that the best recipes are simple, yet full of flavor. I love watching your channel and will continue to do so!🍝

  19. As a heads up to package cooking directions, take note I'm only 28 metres up from sea level and I find I need to cook pasta for nearly twice as long as recommended on the package to acchieve my preferred, just past "al dente", state of "doneness".

    An "al dente" noodle is defined as a noodle where it takes slightly more effort to bite through the centre of the noodle when biting through said noodle at its given level of doneness…. this seems to lead to package instructions and certain regions of Italy into serving pasta borderline crunchy, which is not what one wants.

    I, personally, find that, deliberately undercooking pasta, given package instructions, because it will cook some more given the rest of the recipe, is a croc-o-shit. Given it takes almost twice as long to cook it properly anyway in its plain form.

  20. Whenever I have stomach troubles, what gets me through is a student version of this recipe. Well, fist full of angel hair pasta, LOTS of butter, garlic salt, and (if there is any leftover in the fridge) tomato paste. A shake of parsley flakes for colour and to honour our forefathers.

  21. I never eat spaghetti at a restaurant because every cunt that thinks they are Gordan Ramsey ladles the sauce over naked noodles. Despicable!

  22. Just made this today after gathering the ingredients. I love the texture and the taste of the sauce. Kudos.

  23. mmm that looks mouth watering. I can't wait to give it a try. I make a really good chicken spaghetti but I've never made it with a whole chicken. My recipe uses chicken tenderloins or a boneless skinless chicken breasts that I slice. I'm putting a whole chicken on my shopping list right now.

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  25. The last time I made pasta sauce from scratch I forgot the crushed red pepper and it tasted flat and boring, it adds a tingle to your tongue that I believe wakes up your taste buds.

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  27. There are two reasons why people think that they hate anchovies. Number one people buying terrible anchovies those Rusty colored things in a jar or a can are not proper for anchovies. Easily you can find some nice whiter ones in most grocery. The second reason is that they have no idea what anchovies taste like when they're cooked. Anchovies don't taste like fish anyway they mostly taste like salt to me but if you buy the nasty anchovies they're going to smell. When anchovies come into contact with heat and cook these taste like salty nuts. The flavor completely changes to a more complex salted nut flavor and it's delicious! I was somebody who was not a fan of anchovies from some bad Caesar salads. But if you mash the anchovies on a Caesar salad it's just a salt component like soy sauce. I jumped on the anchovy train when someone made a dish with them and didn't tell me. It was more tasty than usual and it was the anchovies. So think of them as a condiment or a seasoning rather than a fish with a few little hairs sticking up and they're not hairs they're fibers. I recommend that people sought a them the first time they cook with them with some onions and garlic whatever is in your dish that you would cook in the frying pan add a couple of anchovies and stir frequently because they will completely and utterly break apart and you can't see them anymore at all. Then put in the rest of your ingredients and finish your dish you will be so surprised! 🙂

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