100 thoughts on “Chili Oil Fried Rice | 고추기름 볶음밥

  1. That chilli oil is addictive and you can find it in any chinese/asian supermarket in your area. This sauce is the work of a goddess!.

  2. I found out about the chili oil from my friends almost a decade ago (great for gyoza/dumplings sauce) , and have been buying a jar at least once a year since. It's so good.

  3. I discovered your videos with the fish pancakes and since then I've been making them once a week! Always glad to see a new recipe from you 🙂 I discovered this chili oil a couple years ago and I can't live without it

  4. New to the channel…. 😂😂kinda like the Game Concept with quest and inventory…and I kinda like this Channel by just watching two video….💕💕💕

  5. trust me everything with Lao gan ma will be freaking amazing! Thats what I am doing when I was make fried rice and also noodles^^

  6. when he finished every bite i thought awwww what a good boy finishing his food 🥰 why this provokes motherly feelings in me idk i don't even have a driving license

  7. Your videos are the best, seriously. I can’t watch anyone else’s recipes at 2am (while not hungry either) and still be entertained and inclined to watch another. (I’ve watched them all how I might add) I like the new game- style you did for the Inventory/ingredient list too! They keep the recipes super fun 👍

  8. I'm so lucky to live close to an Uwajimaya store; I found the chili sauce on sale 😎🙏 I can't wait to make this!!! 😩👌💕

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