CHINESE PORK CHOPS (The Family Recipe)

CHINESE PORK CHOPS (The Family Recipe)

Smile for the camera for a second. I’ll make a still of that. I’m at my mom’s house in New Jersey, sitting on the floor, as I do. And we are about to make my father’s pork chops. I haven’t had them in a really long time,
my father passed away 4 years ago, so we are going to recreate his recipe right now. I can hear my mom slamming stuff around in the kitchen, let’s go join her. This is my mother! Mom, say hi! Hello. Pan fried pork chops, that is what we’re making. Mom is already at work, she is chopping scallions. A lot of scanions. My mom says “Scanion” but she means “Scallion.” What do you say? Scallion. Scallion. Scallion. Do you want me to do something, Mom? That’s all right. I mean, I do know how to cook, but…my mom’s kitchen, my mom’s rules. So that’s 7 scallions, that my mom just chopped. Pork Loin, about 2 pounds, center cut chops. My mom just used her knife to whack the garlic on the side, and that lets the cloves separate really easily from their skins. I have two cloves. Two cloves? It looks like four to me. As you can see, there’s no actual like measuring, or anything, it’s just do what you will. It’s too thick? I have to cut it. I used to use this mallet when I was a kid to pound these for my dad. Feels really cool in my hands, I feel very powerful with this mallet. Tenderizing the meat. Flip. Do the other side. It was once this thick, now, it’s this thick. You want to get them nice and thin. She just put on about I’d say 3 tablespoons soy sauce, about 2 tablespoons of sesame oil, and about I would say a teaspoon of black pepper. More? More. Okay, 3 tablespoons. Okay. That’s fine. 3 tablespoons of cornstarch. So cornstarch helps to tenderize the meat, so we got a lot of meat tenderizing going on here between the mallet and the cornstarch and my mom’s hands. We’re going to sit for 5 minutes. She’s going to wash her hands cause who wants porky hands? I should wash my hands too because I have porky hands. We’ve let the pork sit for about 5 minutes,
my mom added another tablespoon so that’s now 4 tablespoons of soy sauce, and she just took out some oil, what is this, canola oil? No, this is olive oil. Why do you not use a wok? Too heavy. She doesn’t use a wok because it’s too heavy. You heard it here first. High. High heat. This is mise en place, everything in it’s
place, everything is prepped beforehand. So pork is ready to go, scallions and
garlic are ready to go, those are pretty much the ingredients. The oil has been heated up, and my mom is adding the pork one by one, with her chopsticks. I think she may fit all of these pieces into
the pan. She did it. That’s amazing. Nice and brown. And here come the scallions. Garlic and scallions, together. Mmm, it smells like my childhood right now. Cooking through another minute, adding another 3 tablespoons of soy sauce. So we cooked the pork 2 minutes on each side, and now my mom’s covered it up, making it steam and cook all the way through, and that’s been another minute or so. And turn off – and then you turn off the heat. What are you looking for? I want to put some vegetable under, so it looks better. You know what’s great about this dish is you just leave it covered, and it’s ready when you are. Use the sauce, cook the broccoli! This would be good with some greens, some cabbage, some cauliflower, some bok choy would be excellent. But I do like broccoli and so if you are a
big fan of beef with broccoli and you’re looking for something else to try at home, I recommend this dish. Stir fry the broccoli a little bit in all
of the leftover juices for about 2 minutes now we’re covering it up, cooking it until it’s done, I would say another minute or so. Mom, how do you time these things out? I don’t know, I never time anything. I just look. She just looks, she feels it in her gut. Yeah. I do not want them to cook too soft, so I
want to eat it very crispy. And plus, it retains a lot of the nutrients
when you don’t cook it for too long. Here we have the broccoli, all done, and on top, just place all of the pork chops. I would like everyone to notice my mom’s apron, which we gave her, obviously cause our dog is on it. Julius. This is how much my mom loves to eat – there’s a dining room table here, and then, a smaller table over there. Nonstop eating. This is dad’s dish. How did he learn to make it? I don’t know how he learned it but I think
your dad made much better than I do. Really? Did he teach you how to make this? Well, I saw him did it – you didn’t ask him
for the recipe. Okay. Mmm. Mmm, Mom, so good. It tastes like Dad’s. And that took no time, right? That took less than 20 minutes. For sure. You can totally make this. Thanks, Mom. You’re welcome. Do you want to see me cook more Chinese food with my mom? If so, just leave a comment. Here. Oh, ooh! Bun. Just flour, salt, and scallion. Or, scanion.

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