100 thoughts on “Chinese Street Food Near My Apartment in Chengdu, China | Bedspread Noodles and Hand made Dumplings!

  1. lol I love how the shopkeepers just ignore how hyper this dude gets "MMmmmmmm thats soooo delicious" lol they got their heads down … F**kin Love this guy and he is so fluent in mandarin crazy!

  2. Mr Trevor my family and I will be coming to visit you in the near future! hopefully you will be able to show us around!

  3. same thing.. do you anywhere else except China or Korea like to see what Canada has American foods would be good British food Germany other than the same stuff

  4. Wow. I would make a vacation wrapped around your apartment. I love watching you and and ting travel and fill me in on the flavors around the world. Thanks for everything that you do Trevor.

  5. Come here in the philippines my friend i will show u all the street food and delicious food of all tribes here in philippines

  6. Your personality is such a gift what God put in you how you treat n greet people with warm n love bless you love

  7. https://youtu.be/wEkVkT6IU9M
    Trevor checkout this chef in above link he is awesome got great recipes + food looks awesome hope you like

  8. Hello my friend, this is Jaime, another food lover from Spain, do you still live in China, how is it compared to western countries, is people nice and friendly?

  9. Street vendors need to use gloves 😤 street food should be inside a plastic transparent cabinet, not exposed to dust 😤 also MSG is not healthy

  10. Hey Trevor. One thing is bothering me that everyone everywhere they give food in plastic bags. Is there any way we can get it in paper bags and promote it? Thanks in advance

  11. Trevor James, nothing and no one is bad spoken from your lips, you are a polite Canadian. please accpet my respect to you.

  12. Love the hand made noodles/dumplings!! It is very refreshing to see people open up to somebody these days! All the best, Mr. James!

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  14. the price of china is not cheap anymore, it was increased very much, it wont be easy to live in china, i thought china was underdeveloped country, still the industry of china is poor, but the wage and the price of foods are not cheap anymore, theres inflation , that is why many companies want to leave china cos that country is not attractive anymore, its sad and they need to change and make a good condition if they want to keep the competition to survive,  china is not independent at all, the technology of china is quite terrible and poor, nobody wants to buy and use products of china in industry but cost, just only reason of buying products made by china is cheap price.

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