Chinese Street Food – RARE Muslim Wedding in Islamic China + 9 WHOLE LAMB!!  NEVER SEEN Before!

Chinese Street Food – RARE Muslim Wedding in Islamic China + 9 WHOLE LAMB!! NEVER SEEN Before!

– Looking really thick. (crowd chattering)
(banging) (instruments banging) All right, check it out guys,
it’s Trevor James and Ting. – Hi! – And we are deep in rural Hunan province, making our way to a local Hui Chinese, Muslim Chinese, wedding. (upbeat music) Today we’re bringing you in
for a rarely seen occasion, a Hui Muslim Chinese wedding. Starting out by driving
deep into the countryside to film the warehouse-style kitchen for the whole cooking process. And then, the next morning,
we’re waking up super early to watch the steaming on the
street and attend the wedding. So make sure to watch all
the way until then end. ‘Cause you’re gonna love this super rare Chinese
Hui Muslim wedding. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language)
(laughing) – (speaking foreign language) – And this is a super peaceful,
little Hui neighborhood. Now here comes the meat, wow! (speaking foreign language) There’s the rou, we’re going right in. So this is just one of the varieties of Chinese Muslim food
that we’re gonna be having. Oh, and here we go. (pan clattering) (speaking foreign language) (laughs) (speaking foreign language) So we just walked in and Ma
Chufu here is rockin’ it. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – Wow, and you can see we
are all filming away here. Dalei and Shaway and Ting. We’re gettin’ all the
shots for this video. Ma Chufu here has allowed us to come film, which is super lucky to experience because we’ve never been to a
Hui wedding in China before. And this is gonna be really special. And here comes the meat guys. All different yangrou. So we’re gonna be making many dishes. And the first is the rou wan, yangrou wan. That’s what we’re making. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – [Chef Ma] (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) So it’s eggs and (speaking
foreign language), eggs and starch and yangrou. – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) the loin. So it’s a little bit more lean. So we’ve got the two Ma Chafus here, working away at these rou wan. – (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] 90 sheep in
all of this meat here for six or 700 people that
are gonna eat tomorrow. (speaking foreign language) – [Chef Ma] (speaking foreign language) – Oh and there they are. Those are really (speaking
foreign language). The lamb aroma, when it’s fried, it just gets that supreme smell. Oh, and here comes the rou wan. There they are, wow. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) Wow, look at those, wow, those are hot. (speaking foreign language) (laughing) (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) It has a little ginger, a little, maybe just slightly peppery. But it really is about the yangrou. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) And here we go, we’re
gonna start making these (speaking foreign language). That’s what it’s all about. (speaking foreign language)
(laughing) – (speaking foreign language) – Good ingredients. And now we’re frying up the
(speaking foreign language). The big lamb chunks. And look at the smoke, the
steam just billowing out from this fried yangrou, lamb. Super cool to see with our own eyes. (clattering) There it is. So we’ve got the fried meatballs and now we’ve got the fried lamb. And Ma Chufu is just telling
us we can take a piece. Right there we’ve got the
(speaking foreign language) (chattering) Crispy fried lamb, it’s
like upgraded fried chicken. (shouts) And there we go. (speaking foreign language) And we’re just putting in
these thin slices of yangrou. They’re just covered in that starch, egg, and a little bit of ginger, as well. So Ma Chufu is just frying up two different cuts of the yang. We’ve got the (speaking
foreign language) here, literally the small, fried yangrou, lamb. And then over here, we’ve got the (speaking foreign language),
big cuts of fried lamb. Oh, and there it is, just
a thin slice of lamb. (speaking foreign language) And here we go, the meat chips are done. (laughs) There they are. And it’s a mountain of literal, thin-sliced yangrou, deep fried. (speaking foreign
language), really aromatic. It’s first fried. Oh wow, (speaking foreign language). And here we go. These meatballs are gonna be
steamed after they’re fried. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) This is super cool to see. – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) So cool, this is 85 tables,
(speaking foreign language). And we’ve got the rou wan, the meatballs. But we’re also gonna be steaming this (speaking foreign language). So there’s a variety of
different steamed dishes to try. Oh, and here’s the cutting board. I think that’s the biggest
cutting board I’ve ever seen. And here comes that meat. (speaking foreign language). – (speaking foreign language) We’re gonna cut it on
this cutting board here. (laughs) Look at that. (clattering) It’s just like chicharron
in Mexico except it’s lamb. And it’s gonna be put
into these bowls of spice. Oh yeah, fatty. You can really smell that lamb. Crispy on the outside. And you can see it, just a little fatty. Yeah, quite lean as well. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – You can do so much
with the cleaver, guys. (clattering) One, two, three, four, five,
boom, super fast skill. And you can see it’s a giant warehouse of steamers and woks just frying up meat. What a dream to come here. – (speaking foreign language) And Ma Chufu here is
just explaining to us, the sheep are just hung right here. Oh, and Ma Chufu is just
bringing us to see, the lamb. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) And look at this. We’re also making a giant fruit salad. Oh, and here we go, adding
a little jube jube on top for the final touch of the salad. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) (laughs) Yeah, it’s very (speaking foreign
language), very beautiful. Look at that, so many fruits
in there, apples and dates. Couple different types of beans actually. Oh, it’s lookin’ delicious. Oh, and this is it. We’ve also put zhimayou,
sesame oil, in with this salad. And we’re just adding dates on top, too. (speaking foreign
language) is just mixing up that fruit salad now with some rice porridge and white sugar. That is gonna be good. (speaking foreign language) And we’re gonna steam that as well, (speaking foreign language). And we’re just gonna add
in tons of sugar here. Oh, look at that, guys. That is gonna be steamed. The rice is just half-cooked right now. Wow, scooping it on
top of the fruit salad. So we’ve got a layer on the bottom and a bunch of that rice
fruit salad mixture on top. And there we go. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) (laughing) (speaking foreign language) – Yeah, beautiful,
(speaking foreign language). And the next morning we
got up bright and early to watch the whole steaming process. A rare sight to see with
10 main dishes to try and hundreds of people
joining the celebration. (drumming music) (speaking foreign language) And here’s all the
steamers ready to steam. Oh, (speaking foreign language). – Good morning. So it’s seven in the
morning and there’s a big, this is like a congratulations
ceremony, right? – Yes, yeah, ceremony. – To celebrate the bride and the groom. This is where we’re gonna be steaming. All of the steamers and these
big guos, these big woks. So you can see behind us here, there’s this massive stack of steamers. We’ve just started boiling
the water to steam them with. We are bright and early, guys,
it’s 7:30 in the morning. This whole street is gonna be lined with tables this afternoon. This is it, we’re gonna
start steaming, whoa. These are the meatballs from yesterday. And this is super cool to witness. We’ve got Dalei and Shaway here with us. We’re all filming this super cool scene. We’re filling up these
rou wan with yang tang, the lamb stock. Just load it up, a little salt. And here’s the da su rou, this
is the big chunks of lamb. And we’re just throwing
salt and MSG on this one, just on the top. And then here comes the stock, wow. And there’s so many
steamers we’re lining up. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – Oh, we’re just stacking
them up right now. Super cool. – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) He can pinch the salt and
take the right amount. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – Oh, and they’re just stacking up here. – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language),
decades of experience. And the chefs are on chairs
now, adding the stock. It’s getting taller and taller. Soaking all night, guys. The rice, fan, the bao baifan. And it’s going, look how
tall it is now. (laughs) And here’s one more guo,
one more big steamer. There it is and here we go. Loadin’ it up, another one. And we are halfway through
laying down the steamers now. ‘Cause we’ve got this half
truck left of giant steamers. And we are loading up the next batch. They’re just laying in more
stock, more salt, and MSG. Onto the steamers here and
it’s gonna be very special. (speaking foreign language), it’s so tall. Look at this. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – 600 people are gonna eat this. And Ma Chufu has been working hard. – (speaking foreign language) (laughing) Oh, and this is where we’re
gonna set up the woks. We got more cooking. And we are making soup now. We’ve added in some chili, this
is yangrou tang, lamb stock. We’ve added in some
(speaking foreign language). Chili and green onion. And then right here is the real magic. The (speaking foreign
language), the day lily. There it is, guys, the (speaking foreign
language), the day lily. Going right into the
yangrou tang, look at that. That’s magic. Just adding a little wood-ear mushroom in. (speaking foreign language) Oh, and here comes the
rou, going right in. So you got three different
types of yangrou tang here. This is (speaking foreign language), stomach and the lungs of the lamb. And then this here is the
(speaking foreign language), literal just slices of lamb in a lamb stock with chili and onion. And then over here, the (speaking foreign
language), the day lily. And they’re all gonna be
unique in their own way. You can see we’ve got all
of these fried fish here. And I think we’re gonna put them in this big pot of water over here. We got wood-ear mushrooms, ginger, (speaking foreign language),
star anise, chili, (speaking foreign language), black pepper. And it’s all going in. And people are starting to arrive now. This is the money station
where you give the money. (drumming music) And they’re almost done steaming now. And (speaking foreign language). We got a big wedding and
it’s actually happening right in here in this courtyard,
traditional Chinese courtyard. We’re gonna go sit down
and have a big feast. (speaking foreign language) Wow, and these are all
getting brought right down. And they’re gonna be transported right into the courtyard there. And here we go. It’s all starting, wow. That’s ji rou, chicken with
lamb stock over top of a bed. You can actually see
all the spices in there. And that’s going right
into the courtyard here. Check this out. We are gonna be sitting in any minute. This is the first food being
brought to this courtyard here. And we got a bunch coming along. We’re gonna be sitting down and enjoying this food any second. But you can just see
how traditional this is and (speaking foreign language). It’s very aromatic. And (speaking foreign language). And as we were plating
all of these specialties, the deal is there’s 10 dishes. (speaking foreign language), 10 big bowls. So there’s 85 tables
and every table gets 10 of these dishes. We’ve just put out the
(speaking foreign language), the chicken dish. We’re putting out the
(speaking foreign language), and there’s also some stocks back here, some soup back here we’re putting out. Oh, and this one is looking so delicious. That is what I wanna try the most. This is the (speaking
foreign language), guys, the finely chopped lamb. And I just love how it’s
all in that rich lamb stock. And we’re just pulling
out fish by fish here. Look at that. A little (speaking foreign language) on there to finish it, little coriander. That’s the (speaking foreign
language) there, the lung and the stomach of the lamb. Oh, and this is the
(speaking foreign language), look at that. Right over the bottom is the best part. All the fruits are shiny and colorful. And now it’s time to eat. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – Okay, let’s go try it out. (speaking foreign language) And it’s all here,
(speaking foreign language). – (speaking foreign language). – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) The day lily, (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) So it’s in the lamb stock. (speaking foreign language) That’s the small chunks of yangrou. (speaking foreign language),
that’s the chicken. – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] Chicken chunks. (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] Clear boiled yangrou. (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) Lamb slices. (speaking foreign language),
the stomach and the lungs. – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] Oh the special
(speaking foreign language). – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] Those were the big chunks, (speaking foreign language). The big ones we saw yesterday. – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – [Trevor] (speaking foreign language) And then the real special here,
(speaking foreign language). – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) (gentle upbeat music) – (speaking foreign language) Wow, that is delicious. Got the (speaking foreign language), you can taste all the
spices, the star anise. Try the rou wan. Mm. – (speaking foreign language) – It’s a beautiful scene
here in the courtyard. Everyone’s eating delicious food. (speaking foreign language) The (speaking foreign
language), eat the meat first. (laughing) (speaking foreign language) The meat is the most important
and I love the flavor that it gets from the spices that were in the bottom of the bowl. That’s what it’s all about, the
(speaking foreign language). – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – It’s extremely tender. (speaking foreign language) And I just absolutely
love how soft the rou is. (speaking foreign language) – [Dalei] (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) That’s less than $40 for all of this. – (speaking foreign language) – $30, (speaking foreign language) This is what I really wanna try here, (speaking foreign language) There is so much flavor
in all of this food. (gentle upbeat music) Mm, oh yeah. (speaking foreign language) That is so special, it’s spicy and it’s got this lily, floral fragrance. Like from a field of
lilies with chilies, too. And all I can say is that this is one of the nicest meals
I’ve ever had in China. The yangrou is extremely delicious. Ting, what do you think, good stuff? Incredible, all those
(speaking foreign language) that they put in the
bowls when they steam them makes it even better than it already is. (laughing) (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) Thank you, (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) (laughs) – (speaking foreign language) Really delicious, you guys can check out Dalei’s channel in
the description below. Go subscribe, (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language) – Thanks guys. – (speaking foreign language) – Thank you, (speaking foreign language) Thanks a lot guys. And please leave us a comment
in the description below. (speaking foreign language) – (speaking foreign language)

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