100 thoughts on “Chinese Street Food Tour in Chengdu, Sichuan | BEST Street Food in China

  1. I have a vacation on Chengdu and when i go home i can't feel my lips any more because how spicy and numbing the food is and I'm a spicy lover

  2. Your videos of Chengdu look simply amazing. You've really shown us so many off the beaten track stops. Not sure about the blood soup and intestines though. We're in Chengdu in about 3weeks times. There for one week so plenty of time to roam the streets.

  3. awesom…and lots of street food…thumps up to food ranger.fantastic….enjoy eating…hope the food ranger come to the philippines to eat…specially in zamboanga city…to eat satti.

  4. Thanks for all the videos. They have been very helpful for our travels to China. Really liked your website: you posted all the restaurants' information (address) and what and how to order (in Chinese and English!). You also made them available in google maps. Nice. This is an indispensable resource.

  5. I watching this video for a tutorial purposes as a Chinese person who is going to Chengdu in 2 days! yaaay excited. a bit weird tho

  6. Jesus, I admire you, you know a lot of different language and fluently I’m Chinese and I think your Chinese are splendid

  7. I just bought some Sichuan Flavour Seasoning – a packet containing lots of different spices seeds and chilli peppers.

    The first ingredient is listed as "hawthorn" – all the others are easily identified as flavourings but I cannot see any information about what it contributes. Any suggestions? Jeff

  8. I will not eat intestines, stomach, offal and pig's blood!  I certainly wouldn't eat stinky tofu, mutton, frog, reptile, chicken feet, rabbit and duck's head, brains or raw pork. If I came to china I would be guided by you. I love noodles! Helena.

  9. Going to Chengdu within a month so this video was really interesting for me. Thanks a lot!

    If anyone has insider tips for my visit to Chengdu, feel free to share. 🙂

  10. When he says "that's awesome" in Chinese and they giggle at him and repeat what he says, that means 'lol that's a silly outdated way of saying what you're intending to say' but he never picks up on it. Anyone who speaks a second language and has traveled abroad in that country can attest to this.

    Google translate says "That's great" translates to "Nà hěn bàng"
    "Awesome" translates to "Zhēn bàng"
    "That's awesome" translates to "Bàng jíle"

    What he's saying isn't wrong, but obviously what he's saying is outdated or something. Everyone he says it to giggles at him uncomfortably!

  11. 太好了 太好了 太好了太好了太好了太好了 太好了 太好了太好了太好了太好了 太好了 太好了太好了太好了

  12. The first store he got the bun from, I would want to pay way more because 23 cents for a delicious steamed bun doesn't seem fair. Has meat, veggies, and other substances which have their own price as well as handmade effort put into them

  13. My favorite Chinese food is mandoo or you say dumplings I love a lot of different🍤🍣🍡🍢🍙 kinds of food but that's my favorite one☝

  14. China doesn't deserve the respect the world have given to them.they basically sworming of illeterate, uneducate, naieve , gypsy like people.

  15. MSG is awesome. All the BS you heard about MSG is just that; BS. There's nothing wrong with MSG and its purpose is to bring more umami flavor.

  16. Just noticed that u graduated from UBC in 2014. That’s exactly when I started my studies at UBC. LOL. Wish u shot more videos about Chengdu, my hometown

  17. food is cheap yeah 1.5 buck, but 1000ft apartment will cost ya 1 million$ in Shanghai, our magic realism china

  18. Everything looked great………….until you got to the pigs blood. Think you can have my share. Otherwise, great video.

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  20. Hi mate, could you please return to you older style of vidios? The list of characteristics is misleadening. Cheers 🙂

  21. most of the food are oily and noodles seems good to eat but lots of carbohydrates may bring person sugar levels.

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