100 thoughts on “Chinese Street Food Tour in INDIA!!! RARE Look at CHINESE INDIAN Street FOOD in Kolkata, India

  1. Kolkata Street Food is very famous… and many more…. you can get all types of indian food taste in Kolkata…..

  2. Ladies and Gentleman, that is what Kolkata is! A melting pot of different cultures living with each other sharing cultures and values. That's why they call this city as the "City of Joy". ❤

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  4. How do the Hakka Chinese in India know how to speak Mandarin? They've been living in India for over 100 years. I understand if they still spoke Hakka language but why Mandarin?

  5. I'm Kolkatan, awesom video bro. I'm proub to see u in Kolkata.This is one of a vibrant colour of Kolkata's diversity.

  6. Why Cant they keep f.c*n place clean. How do you expect to be amongst the world super powers when you Cant even maintain basic hygiene

  7. I just adore how Trevor has absorbed Chinese language and culture and how he has been a creative ambassador of delicious food from China.

  8. Chinese community in kolkata science city side… If ur going to sialdhah road , I talk abt this road 11:00… Then u see… I'm from college street….

  9. india is good country ( the hindu nation )
    hindu never hurt anybody here lots of community people live in india in hindu country but hindu never hurt anybody expect some bad people

  10. Great video!! 😍 But my salivary glands are tortured badly 😂🤤

    This place is not so far from my home but I am too lazy to travel for an hour to reach there at around 6 o'clock in the morning! 😅😛

  11. Been to Tiretti bazar… it’s really good but do visit on Sunday because there are more vendors and on the other days they just have the basic

  12. Chinese food. Calcutta. Was eating even before we ate Indian food. China food so much popular in Calcutta. Hindi Chini bhai bhai

  13. I have been to tirreti bazaar, and let me tell you. Its terrible. I do understand chinese food is much less spicier than indian. Some of the momos there is undercooked. You can go visit it just for the sake of it, but i bet you wouldnt go there twice. Anyways, great video

  14. Indians can make any country's food more testier than original one by adding our authentic spices & flavours as well as cooking tricks

  15. How can he speak so many languages so easily? Like his hindi accent isnt bad..he went to Pakistan and spoke fluent urdu words …in Bangladesh he spoke bangla…and now mandarin ! And he is a Canadian! Howwwww?

  16. Hi
    Trevor and team!
    I am akansha from india…i keep on following your every food site in india..Today visited the kolkata's authentic chinese Vicky's resturant near chinese kali mandir, tangra..I want to share that the wonton was exceptionally good and authentic…keep discovering such places….love your blogging..

  17. Seriously there are some dumb people here. They have been living in india for years and are the citizens of our country so ofc their habit will be as of the typical indian. They are of chinese heritage. Just like some of the people living outside india protect indian culture even they ve become that country's citizen, same these people do.

  18. Canadian in India speaking Chinese to Chinese people living in India who are speaking to their workers in nepali and hindi that too in Kolkata a bengali dominated city we truly are one diverse happy family. 🙏🏽❤🇮🇳

  19. This is amazing…Canadian guy in the Bengali area of india (Calcutta ) speaking cantanese? (maybe mandarin)……and English too, haha

  20. bro i like ur chinese. u must have spent a fortune to be the food ranger,ur misson in life is to bring togetherness of people of different cultures.take care,god bless u,best wishes from malaysia

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