Chocolate Marshmallow Spiral Dessert – How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Chocolate Marshmallow Spiral Dessert – How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to HowToCookThat I’m Ann Reardon
and today we are making a yummy chocolate mousse dessert wrapped in a spiral of marshmallow,
sitting on a coconut biscuit with a raspberry jelly in the middle. This week’s notification squad shout out goes
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you have done so. To make the raspberry jelly we need raspberries,
sugar, water and gelatin sheets. I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the website for you in grams and ounces and cups and there is a link to
that below. Add the gelatin sheets to the water and leave
them to soak. Then add the sugar to the raspberries. And blend on high speed until you have a liquid
of yummy fresh raspberry puree. Pour that into a fine sieve and push it through
using the back of a spoon, just stir it around and around, so that you end up with all the
seeds at the top and all of that puree through into the bowl. Pour about 1/3 of that mixture into a pan
and heat it until it just starts to boil. Squeeze the water from the gelatin sheets
and add them into the hot raspberries. And then you just need to stir until they
are dissolved. Tip the hot rasperries into the cold one and
mix together well. By not heating the whole thing, just heating
1/3 of it, that means that it will set a lot quicker for you. Pour that into a tray lined with plastic wrap
or if you don’t have a tray you could use a cardboard box and line that, and then put
that in the freezer for about an hour to set. For the biscuit bases we need 1 egg, desiccated
coconut, flour, baking powder, icing sugar and butter. Put the icing sugar, butter and coconut into
a bowl and mix until it forms a pale coloured paste. Add in the egg and mix that together well
then turn it onto low speed and add in the flour and the baking powder and just keep
mixing those until you can’t see any more flour and it’s all mixed in. Roll out the biscuit dough on some non-stick
baking paper, and I find this easiest to do if I put some plastic wrap over the top while
you are rolling it. Remove the plastic and cut circles about a
centimeter apart from each other. Then just remove the dough from in between
the cookies, slide it onto a baking tray and bake those in the oven until they are golden. Check on your raspberry jelly, mine is just
starting to get icy around the outside. Use a small cookie cutter to cut circles of
jelly and these need to be a little bit smaller than the bases because they will go in the
centre of the desserts. Once you have cut these just cover in plastic
wrap and store in the fridge until you are ready to use them. Now to make our rich chocolate mousse we need
cream, chocolate and I’ve got a mixture of milk and dark chocolate in there. Egg yolks, sugar, water and more water to
bloom the gelatin. Add the gelatin into the water and then whip
the cream to soft peaks so it looks like this. Then place that bowl in the fridge while we
do the next part. Put a pan on the stovetop with a little water
in it and then put a heat-proof bowl on top of that. Into the bowl add water, sugar and egg yolks
and whisk those together, continuing to whisk it over the heat. The steam from the water underneath will heat
the bottom of the bowl As it’s getting hotter add in the gelatin and then keep whisking
it until the sugar and gelatin are dissolved and you’ve got a hot egg yolk mixture that
is frothy and pale. Melt the chocolate in the microwave then stir
in about half of the egg yolk mixture. And once that is smooth, pour it into the
egg yolks and whisk them together. Add 1/3 of the cream to this chocolate mixture
and whisk it through. Then add that into the rest of the cream and
fold it through gently so you keep as much air in your mousse as possible. Pour some mousse into a hemisphere mold, now
if you don’t have a hemisphere mold you can just get creative. Try putting plastic wrap over a bowl or a
cup and pouring some mousse into that. Then add a disc of raspberry jelly in the
middle of each dessert. These look so yummy already. Then level off the tops and place them in
the freezer overnight. To make the marshmallow we need glucose syrup,
water a pinch of cream of tartar, sugar, another bowl of water, plus gelatin sheets. Place the gelatin sheets in the water so they
can soften. And while they are soaking add the sugar,
water and cream of tartar into the saucepan with the glucose syrup. Heat that over high heat. Then add a candy thermometer to the side and
keep heating it until it reaches 114 degrees C. Remove that from the heat and pour into
a mixing bowl. Squeeze out the water from the gelatin and
add that in. And stir it until it is melted and then whisk
on high speed until it goes white and frothy and starts to get sticky. Place that into a piping bag and pipe onto
a tray of desiccated coconut just in lone lines. Now if you don’t like coconut you could use
cornflour here or sprinkles or chopped nuts, whatever you like, you are going to be able
to see it on top so just make it look pretty. Then just leave those at room temperature
to set. To make the glaze we need glucose syrup, cream,
cocoa powder, sugar, powdered gelatin 1/3 cup of water plus more water. Put the 1/3 of a cup of water in with your
gelatin and mix that together quickly. And then just leave that to one side. Then add the water and the cream… and the
sugar into the pan and heat that until it just starts to boil. Remove it from the heat and add in the gelatin,
stirring until it is dissolved. Then shake the cocoa powder through a sieve,
making sure you don’t have any lumps of cocoa powder there, and whisk that into the glaze. Finally for the glaze, we just want to pour
that through a fine sieve again just to make sure there are no lumps. We want the glaze to be totally smooth. Then just leave that to cool to room temperature. Once it is cool it will be thick like this. To thin it down, take a big spoonful and put
it in a separate bowl and heat that up in the microwave. Once it is hot and thin, top it into the rest
and stir it through. And continue to do that a couple of times
until you get a nice thick but pourable consistency like this. Tip the frozen mousse out of the mold, just
pushing it out of the silicon there onto a cooling rack that is sitting over a tray. Then just ladle the glaze over the desserts
letting the excess drip down onto the tray. Carefully, lift up the mousse and place it
onto one of the biscuit bases. Now take a marshmallow and starting at the
top wrap it around your dessert a few times in a spiral finishing at the base. And you can just leave it like that or you
can add a few sprinkles onto the glaze. Allow those to defrost in the fridge for a
few hours and then they are ready to be enjoyed. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more cakes,
chocolates and desserts. Put all of your requests in the comments below,
make it a great week and I’ll see you on Friday.

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  1. * Reardon Bros are doing a GIVEAWAY this week you can check it out here…
    FAQ from this video:
    * can I swap gelatin sheets for powdered? yes it is OK if you swap them. The amount needed will depend on the strength of your gelatin. The sheets I have say on the packet: to set one litre of liquid use 12 leaves of gelatine. The gelatin powder I have says you'll need 4 tsp to set 1 litre. So when comparing these two 1tsp = 3sheets. But do double check on your gelatin packet so you can do the right calculations for the gelatin that you have.
    * Can I use agar: Agar sets at room temp whereas gelatin sets when refrigerated. So agar can only be added to hot ingredients. You could heat all the raspberry gel really hot and add the agar then let it cool and set. But you can't do this with the mousse because you'd loose all the air out of the whipped cream when yo heated it. If you're after a vegan recipe try this one… if you can't use gelatin for religious reasons there are hahal gelatins at the shop now days.

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