Chonburi Thailand Vlog 2: Angsila Seafood Market and Handmade Thai Mortar & Pestle

Chonburi Thailand Vlog 2: Angsila Seafood Market and Handmade Thai Mortar & Pestle

Hey guys, we are in Pattaya, hanging out with my sister. I don’t know two completely, different dishes. but also again, very tender very superior, i really recommend this place. You can see, my mouth is happy. My face is happy. I’ll be burning for a little while longer. I’ve got a couple, more chicken feet, in the bowl there. but we’re going to get the bill get out of here, and rest up before, a big day tomorrow. Good morning, you all. We are about to get out of this room. We’re packing our crap up. It’s gonna, be really hard to leave, this beautiful view behind. I woke up sneezing, and the bed is pretty hard. and we got to get the hell, out of here mostly to be honest. The Wi-Fi didn’t work. So that’s the biggest, problem. But what can say man. It’s like local thai hotel. I think it’s pretty nice, for what we paid which is probably, about fifteen dollars. It does the job. We slept here, stuffy nose but we’re going, to deck out of here and get into the market, show you a little bit of Chonburi. Alright guys, it’s a little bit overcast today. We’re headed out to the “Talat Anglia” its the Old Market “Angsila” of course, is the famous area. where they could make the mortars, and pestles, mostly out of granite. So we’re going, to go check that out, see if we can buy, a couple for the kids, and see. What else they’ve got in the market. I’m sure they got plenty, of seafood, and plenty, of snack on. So stay tuned a little overcast today. now we’re out of that hotel I think we’re both didn’t get moving, and ready to explore. Don’t you guys worry. My sinuses have opened up smelling, all of this fish soon, as we got out of the car is really, strong. So if you’re in here, you’re gonna smell, both the fresh fish.There’s also dried shrimp, and dried squid, that they’ve got here for sale. It’s all over the place. And all in your nose. So you can’t really avoid that, but that’s the cool, thing about this market, is right next to the Sea. There’s a fisherman here. Who just kind of pull right, up with all of their crab, and fish, and everything. You can kind of walk, right up and just stopped, by what you want. So i think the prices, are pretty reasonable. We’re not grabbing, anything fresh today. There is a second section, of the market that does have a lot, of like handicraft, goods and stuff. So we’ll go and check, out that part, of the market next. If you’re familiar, with Thai fish cakes. We did spot one place in the main section of the market, that is doing like, a kind of a meatball of fish cake. There selling on a stick like three meatballs, on a stick, that looks interesting. It’s looks a little, bit tasty. I will give it a try, with strange, little bit. They don’t serve it with any kind of sauce, or anything. So I’m afraid, it might be dry, but let’s go ahead, and give it a bite it, and i’ll tell you what it’s like. Oh that’s surprisingly good. Its juicy not dry at all. Has a really, good flavour can taste, some of the herbs, that they put in here you go see that. So it tastes like chilli, tastes a little, bit of lemongrass, there’s definitely, some basil, in here and like a curry paste, that has a really good flavour. So each one of these, is about 15 Baht. Three little meatballs on it. I think that’s a pretty, good deal. I’m surprised because, i’m really picky about my fish cakes, and I don’t not a fan of most of them. This one’s pretty quality, a nice little buy in the market. Think we’re on the hunt, for a little bit harder food. and also we gotta, find the place. Where they’re making, some mortars and pestles, if we can. Noise in here this is where they’re actually getting down to business, in here. So i got uncle on the hammer, and Auntie she’s got this little old school hammer. i’m gonna show up to you. This little chisel basically. so that’s what she’s using to actually just kind of Hammer the outside edge to kind of smooth it out. If you look closely, on the stone. You can see all the little nodules, in it is not perfect, you can tell, us not machine-made I kind of appreciate, that she’s kinda telling us. How it works, and how, it was when she first started basically. She’s been working, clock on. Since she was a little girl, and even before they really, had a street paved, through “Anglia” which is a little, town that were in. So I’m really impressed. kind of cool to see the all tools, see the old school, way that is being done this is kind of a thing that’s dying, out because it’s mostly made by machine now. So getting, a big one from her, also smaller one. I got a vision, to also start doing, some classes, with the smaller, children n the community. So we’re going, to get a smaller one in there, to see. If they can a help out with making curry paste. and everything, that we’re going, to be grinding, up in the courageous kitchen. Alright guys. So we got our clocks, in the back of the car. Now there’s still one more market, that we want to visit. So we’re driving through this little, town cute little place. Headed there it’s called “Nong Mon market” let’s check it out. So we just jumped, out of the car. We happen to be right, by this sort of Chinese temple guess, a lot of a “Chonburi” as old Chinese community. So yeah it’s kind of pretty, here taking in the sights, and then we’re gonna head right into “Nong Mon market” which is a connected, just right here.

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  1. I really like when you speak Thai, your voice is softer than when you speak english and your pronunciation is clear 🙂

  2. Love the mortar and pestle shop and commentary. 👍 Looks like you're making your way up the coast. No visit to Rayong this trip, eh?

  3. Been watching few videos now, was just about to complain to you that you hardly mention prices…. but finally you did in this video. People want value for money mate !! its important, opinions of flavour can differ but the price you paid doesnt 😀 Keep it up!

  4. Fish balls name is Jang lon.. My favorite food . Eat with rice. Great job and good to see you in my home town. Thanks.

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