Cooking Tips : How to Broil Seafood

Cooking Tips : How to Broil Seafood

To broil fish and shrimp, first you want to
start off with your oven set to 450 or 500 degrees. Next you’re going to put your product
on to a sheet pan and you can put a baking rack underneath it or place it directly on
aluminum foil. Go ahead and season it and place it into your oven. For every one inch
thickness, you’re going to want to let it cook for about six to seven minutes, but make
sure you watch your fish so that it doesn’t burn. And that is how you broil fish and shrimp.

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  1. @jassianup Easiest place to find them is probably if you cant find them near your cooking supply stores or food markets. =)

  2. I wish you would try making videos a little slower and explaining a little better. Like maybe you could tell us how long to cook it, or a little more about the process itself. You make way to many assumptions about the cooking knowledge of your audience.

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