cooking with remi + new furniture!!

cooking with remi + new furniture!!

hi guys welcome to the log welcome back to LA so if you guys saw my last blog Eli and I and Alicia and TK and a bunch of us went with Sheehan to Anguilla we are back home now and if you guys want to see what we got up to then you should watch the last vlog I also do have some clips from the rest of the day so I'm just gonna throw them in this one because I just want to get back to vlog you on here you know yes I'm up it is Monday morning I am very tired so I'm making my second coffee right now and yesterday I got my life together and went grocery shopping and I'll show you guys everything that I got but one of the things that I found was this banana milk if they had strawberry chocolate I think I got the regular original and then I think there was like another one basically it's nut free dairy free milk made from bananas with cinnamon and I wanted to try it on camera for you guys I'm gonna try and put some of my coffee if I like it too oh you know I just realized banana no it's not that weird is it they like chocolate milk straw me Malcolm banana nut from like you know like the little nest so that weird for some reason the grocery store I was losing my mind alright just realize it's not that crazy but still oh I live alone and I'm only gonna be drinking this so I'm gonna drink out of it whew it tastes like banana bread not bad at all okay I'm gonna add some to my coffee just thought I'd show you guys a little little taste test add some stevia so yeah it's Monday today we have quite a bit of work to do Eli and I are working on a new video getting that out it's the one that we've been working on for literally a month I thought it was so funny I saw a comment that was like how is that you guys work on videos all the time but you only uploaded like once in three weeks no I get it I get it we were working so hard on this one it took so long to film but it's gonna be so good nothing and then today because it was the fourth of July and the next week our producer is living out of town we are going to record two episodes of PV so that's gonna take up quite a bit of my day and then have some other stuff going on today by the way you like the new Jim here they redid the Jim of my apartment you guys it's insane it's it's so good and all I thought was like I can't wait to do workout videos there because I can't film in my gym normally and then if we film we've to film with my trainer Chris and then there's like people there this gym is always empty and there's so much stuff there's like 50 well we'll go to a little toilet it's insane so expect tons of more fitness content for you guys I want to start just doing like even vlogs I've workout in my day and like things that I do like by myself at the gym because I've never been able to do that before so very excited and I should probably start off loading on my fitness Instagram again that would probably be smart bouncing even was shopping for a dress for the Lion King premiere tomorrow so that's what's happening we're gonna get to work and I will oh wait first before that I want to do it on boxing this package arrived this morning I wanted to do an unboxing with you guys so basically in Anguilla we were walking on the beach and stas was walking in front of me and she was holding these in her hands and I felt really creepy but I was like trying to like figure out what brand they were because I've been looking for a new pair of these or something similar because I own a pair and I've just worn them to dad like they're pretty to ask you know so I decided to treat myself and get them for myself I might need to get a different size but I figured these are the perfect summer shoes they're really cool sunset in its bent then I wear my white slides constantly and the brand guy bought them from I got the from Nordstrom I think it was called greats or something they stopped selling them and I've been looking for them forever and so what I saw she was holding these I was like I must try so I'm gonna try these on she's big fit but that was a nice little surprise to come home to this morning and yes I wanna get working and I'll see you guys very sick alright guys so I'm back on my grind and I'm making myself a breakfast smoothie my new favorite combination is a frozen banana with ice half of a peach its peach season it's summertime they're so good and then I'm also adding in spinach and then instead of doing the almond butter which I usually always do like a little spoonful of that look at all the stuff I got from the grocery store I'm very hyped about it I'll show you guys in a second I've actually switched over to using almond milk instead of the almond butter and it's really good I feel like it's a little creamier and smoother so that's what I've been doing let me show you guys everything I got yesterday at the grocery store I went ham I also reorganized my fridge down here we have all my meats I'm gonna make some like tacos later with these jicama tortillas but I got chicken I've ground turkey I have shrimp and salmon I've got all my milk alternatives here that like banana milk oat milk there's chocolate oat milk I've got my unsweetened green tea from the Korean grocery store on the milk and then coconut milk back there I've got so many milk alternatives we've got romaine lettuce cotton candy grapes are back you guys I'm so stoked about these I got carrot sticks some mushrooms some boys at one of those blackberries strawberries tomatoes look how big these tomatoes are our goalie is shaking they're like bigger than my head and we got some lines I need to go get some lemons today we got zucchini some spring mix eggs oh my god I got these eggs at the store and look how pretty they are they're blue and they're so yummy I'm really into them aren't they cool they look white but they're blue I made some roasted veggies yesterday or like boiled veggies I have some salmon i boiled some eggs here and then in here I have all my veggies I've got onions cucumbers tomatoes what is its bok choy green onions olive stuff here is my fruit we've got massive Fuji apples from the Korean grocery store I got a papaya I got my peaches and my nectarines my plums I love summer produce so I'm super stoked over here I've got some iced coffee some move these are all my salad dressings and my like soy sauce and my soy sauce alternatives like coconut aminos and stuff up here I got like garlic and ginger I have some like curry paste that I used last night and then I stocked up on tons of sriracha cuz I finished my massive bottle so I've got lots going here but no to this shake I want to throw in my spinach some protein powder and then my almond milk and then blend it all up and it is so good I highly recommend the peach and actually I got the idea from Alicia's mom so shout out to mrs. McDonald I'm very excited about it alright guys I've got my shake mMmmm I also hello by the way I never showed you guys my new couch it's not fully done yet a third of its still coming but I got a new couch I'm obsessed with it it is so comfortable and to couch my dreams I always get worried I'm gonna spill on it though and I also forgot I have all that in Cola footage so I will insert that all in no good morning guys look at this view look why am i showing you me when we're looking at this look at this this is what we just woke up to we're doing some shots in front of this flower wall thing so I'll put you guys down can you see there we go okay let's get good money I got bread with Nutella ate a lot of fruit already oh hell yeah we are on the books yeah it's so hot broke we're trying to fix boat now yeah you specifically yes we just you and actually do and I'll only I don't know what's happening in the middle of the ocean we have relocated to a new boat now get on it to get on another boat I really like this hat very cute I think right where's the boat that we're going to go straight ahead right there we're getting on that boat right there reunited are you having fun yes I'm having up a lot that we just got we made it onto the bigger boat I fell asleep again but now we're at this island where apparently the food is incredible and we're gonna eat eli 20 because the food sounds that good let's go look how clear this water is we see this I want to swim I'm like a water baby I am a water baby are you ready oh my god I cannot believe this my god oh my God look how cute she is hello we are back there's new stuff oh my god I need this I love this child is my new glam team the same time very excited oh my gosh okay I got my makeup and my hair done over by the girls and they were so so sweet I had so much fun with them at my makeup looks amazing I actually changed into this romper that I grabbed over there at the little pop-up shop – just because dinners a little fancier than I thought and then I also go bags of stuff for like me and Sarah and Bree and they're all super excited so now we're gonna have to dinner let's go this is so cool I'm gonna build a sandcastle how do you feel TK she feels fantastic who's gonna do the net I want to sit in the chair thing and get pulled that was like so much fun oh my god I cannot wait okay we're all migrating this way this is behind the scenes we got a drone up there TK is taking photos by the way these horses just pooped over there you can't see but there's floating poop we were instructed to come sander alright guys hope you enjoyed seeing that footage from Anguilla we're gonna get to working again and oils so exciting for that video and I'll keep you guys updated you guys are also they've never tried cotton candy grapes so we're about to all try them together I need to see their reactions okay ready 3 2 1 hey hi hello hello we are recording pretty basic I crushed this monster I've got ample energy now ample hi guys okay so we finished recording PB we did 2 episodes today because we're just getting caught up on everything but I'm now in what is Hollywood and I'm going to a store called house of CB anytime I have an event or a premiere or anything I just get dresses from them because they're really cute and super easy and they a store here so let's go get something for the Lion King oh it's very all right we have arrived I don't know what vibe I'm going for oh these are cute though that body suit is so cute this little like dress thing boo there's like pastels oh my god the Dalmatian I died okay let's go a pink I love it all this is so cute this I need I literally need this I'm obsessive that okay all the colors I love them all I'm about to pop off on this neon okay BRB I'll show you guys any options I pick we'll try them on in the dressing room oh my god I can't breathe because of my boobs oh my god the cute other way all right guys dresses acquired I'm not gonna tell you guys which one I'm gonna wear but coincidentally I wanted to come to the Century City Mall which is like pretty close by coincidentally Dakota had a doctor's appointment here so we're meeting up I am super hungry and meet some food and I need to find some shoes for the premiere so that is next on the agenda and I love jessalyn I'm so hungry let's go where's my food she's not here where she oh look at the glasses for reunited he's broken I'm so sad broken we were supposed to go to class tonight are you happy so this is all I wanted hmm you're all I wanted to thank you so much that's right this chocolate store they have a serial to the Lucky Charms that one's a fruit cocktail oh these little truffles and then my mouth actually started everything's like strawberry shortcake campfire and s'mores they're all so beautifully packaged – potato chip this churros and or shut that Wow what's the drive in from I got milk chocolate and popcorn you guys there's a dark chocolate with like circus animal cookies let them eat cake is white chocolate with video I don't know if this is interesting anymore but I'm losing rush there right now oh my god what is this cinnamon toast beautiful oh my god they're beautifully made – I'm sorry I'm really excited oh my god also two pieces of chocolate $10 that is absurd I'm going home now here's the Cape one now that's so pretty I mean look at this one all right guys we got coming to be very sick I think six I got four for Olli for his birthday which I'm still putting together all his gift but it's gonna be great and then one for you I went for Sarah to Surprise them tomorrow oh my god that's so cute they could have stopped us because they have alcohol chocolate that he wants to try all right we're moving on we haven't been shopping in between we got them what are these oils essential for never eating again we have all these toppings and we're getting compressed fries boo boo girl dance our work work I don't think that's what whoo I don't know what I want all right we're going to try the pineapple as not bad Lamar move I had chocolate vanilla swirl with the charism he got chocolate okay hi guys so it is the next day I think whoa I didn't realize that this is not a hard said it was like a normal ledge and I could sit on it okay so gonna use this new couch I had no idea I thought this side of the couch is like hard it's not in case you're wondering let's sit in a chair let's let's figure this out good better okay this is salted this is looking good alright so it is the next morning and I'm sorry this clip has been everywhere pretty sure I last talked to you guys at the mall I'm thinking after I hung it look to Kota for a little bit that was a very strong hair flip after I hung out with Dakota I came home and I what did I do I got some work done not a ton to be honest though made some dinner I went to the gym I went to the gym made some dinner ate that and then I got a spray tan last night because I love being tan and I feel like with the dress that I'm wearing tonight for the premiere I just want to be extra dim so when I got it at 10 o'clock and then I came home went to bed and the spray tan that I got is the express one which you can only leave on for one to four hours if you leave it on any longer then it starts to turn green but I had to get that one because if I got the normal one I would have had to leave it on for like nine hours and I didn't have time for that because I had to get up and get ready to go to the office to get work done so I got the Express one and my crazy self set an alarm for 2 a.m. woke up don't really remember it I was like half asleep still showered it off went back to bed and now it's the next morning I'm also gonna be honest I booked a 6 a.m. cell cycle class woke up at like 5:20 to go and was like yeah not today so I skipped out on Pat and I don't think I've tried to make it the gym today but it's all good I definitely needed a little more sleep woke up I just got ready I did my makeup this is the makeup that I'm gonna wear to the premiere because I've got a lot of stuff to do today and didn't have time later to redo my makeup so I'll just touch this up later I need to go do my hair but we're going to the office right now and we are going to film a couple videos we've a ton of work to get done today and then later on Alicia and I are going to go record Kenzi Elizabeth podcasters called I love you so much I her podcast right in the beginning I think I was like one of the first episodes she released a thing like the third episode or so it's so crazy I actually recorded that before we had ever even recorded pretty basic yet so I was like my first podcast ever and then today we're doing it with Alicia so it's exciting so ever you go do that and then we've to come home get ready is it annoying when I walk you through my plans I have a lot of energy right now I'm always like a person to like always talk through my day and it's more so like me talking to myself but yeah we'll carry on for today tonight we have the Mucca premiere I don't know how much I don't want to film though because you know I'm bringing someone that I'm like not ready to put on the blog's you know so make of that what you will so we'll see how much I get at the premiere but we'll get ready together it's gonna be so fun and this dog is so cute she's coming to the office today look at that face hi hello hello oh my god you're so cute okay so I got all my bags packed I've got like tons of stuff you can't eat anything got tons of stuff packed we're gonna go and I will see you guys when we get to the office hi guys okay I've arrived at the office and I just did my hair it's nice and curly now I used a I think this is a 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron and I had like these like waves all over which I think will actually look good for the premiere tonight but Sarah just organized all the bikinis that I'm doing for the hall and I have to show you guys it looks insane out here check this out we have so many bikinis here from coolin aki-nee's we have some from evolve we have some from Chien I'm just doing a massive haul of ones that I've kept forever and I'm very excited about it so yes also I forgot to give them their surprises that I got yesterday stairs in the bathroom so wait but I got her the dark chocolate with pretzels fine eh what did she do did you go potty in your pad but a princess smart doggy except you're standing on my clothes okay I'm waiting for Sarah then I have a surprise for you guys oh I like your sweatshirt okay I have a surprise for you guys I went shopping and I found these and I thought of you it sounds for you this one's for you it's chocolate cookies I know doesn't it just scream you and you liked our Chuck do you like they're good also guys this vlog is not sponsored by I am doing a video on my main channel with premier protein these this is the cookies and cream flavor I've been using the in place of my shake sometimes when I'm here I usually keep them in the fridge at the office I put this instead of the protein powder now it was so good with like a banana and spinach it tastes like a milkshake but it pretty much has like the same protein as my protein powder but makes it creamier I'm obsessed with it and I highly recommend this flavor this wonder the chocolate is my fave but yes we're getting to fill me now she's eating enjoying her breakfast just took her food from the bowl and then walked over to the bikinis to eat it Oh back to the football okay yeah hi guys okay work is done at the office we filmed two video it's got another video I did we are working on a lot of stuff it's going well I'm now eating a peach and driving over to Deer media studios we're gonna record the pod the thing is yelling at me I got my Starbucks I'm drinking a passion Tango tea okay unsweetened okay gotta go hi we're recording a podcast with tens I love you so much I need to talked about it earlier but we're here can I tell you the last time I was here we had never even done a pretty basic yet ever and I remember it was like my third round of being like I'm done with him hi guys okay so I'm home from recording the podcast it went great currently watching Serie schultzy and I have 50 minutes before I need to be ready to go for the premiere luckily my hair and my makeup are grit and makeup I need a touch-up hair I need a touch-up me to change but before then I need to eat some lunch don't I yes I am super hungry I'm making some tacos right now I got these like jicama tortillas the other day at Trader Joe's oh no no no Whole Foods I see these all the time at the beginning of my whole like weight-loss journey and I found them again I was like oh my god these are so good so I've got some jicama tortillas they're literally made from a jicama root they're delicious and then to go with that I'm gonna make like a little salsa but I also got tomato we got cucumbers avocado little sriracha cooking up some chicken right now yes we're keeping it pretty well maybe some like lime juice for the little salsa that I'm making I don't know we're gonna see how this goes what else jack up carrots mushrooms I really have too much time so I'm gonna chop all this up make a little salsa throw everything together and I'll catch you guys after alright guys I made my lunch I've got the tortillas some chicken avocado my little salsa which is literally it's nothing it's like cucumber and tomato that's it and then I assembled it with some sriracha on top got my water I'm going to eat this I feet pretty fast actually and then get changed and I'll see you guys after hi guys it is the next day it's actually the next night I did not do the best job at vlogging yesterday actually was in such a rush to get out the door last night for the premiere I didn't even get like an outfit shot for you guys so I'm sorry but I did pick up a couple clips honestly not much but I will put those in now I just saw Beyonce with my own two eyes all right we're at the after-party and there's a thing of go-gurt and the cereal look I already had a big bowl of Reese's puffs and I'm probably gonna go in for some caffeine no no what does that cinnamon toast crunch soon see ya I had such a fun time at the premiere the movie was so cute I seriously stirred a crime within the first five minutes because the baby Simba seen during the circle of life when Rafiki lifts up Simba over like the whole animal kingdom he reminded me of how I hold Daisy also update the rest of my couch came it looks so good I'm obsessed with it but I just made myself some dinner I need to update you guys on one happen because my life is insane that I'm so excited okay so yes yesterday I got to the premiere and if he did not know Donald Glover slash childish gambino is the voice of Simba so I knew he was gonna be there and I was so excited you guys I was so close to Beyonce I waited on the carpet for like two hours just to like see her in person it was insane then we watched the movie it was so cute and amazing and then on the way out we were all leaving and like everybody from the theater was just like funneling out to the after-party I'm not over it I kid you not I was speechless I looked to my right Donald lover and his wife were walking out I looked to my left chance the rapper was holding Kinsley and walking out and I like stopped and like let him pass in front of me and I like I couldn't breathe by far best night of my life definitely peaked it's all downhill from here it was insane and so cool and I can't believe I gotta thank you so much to Disney for letting me come to the premiere and let me see all my favorite people in the entire world all in one room and it was insane I highly recommend checking out the movie it was so cute honestly really really well done but now it's the next day today I hung out with a friend got a lot of work done and then I took to SoulCycle classes because Dakota asked me to double and I'm a good friend and did that and I just got home and now I'm making dinner and my hair looks whack I need a shower I need to just you know clean up myself but for dinner I've been so obsessed with the jicama tortilla and then on top of my tacos I got some medium salsa I did salmon I've got some avocado and then I sauteed up some onions and peppers and garlic like fajita style gaggi I'm gonna eat this with my sriracha duh but yeah I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog thank you so so much for watching I am going to end it here I love you guys and I'll see you the next one bye

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