COSTCO, KROGER’S & WALMART Seafood Boil Grocery Haul Alaskan King Crab, Shrimp & Seasonings

hey Pacey one thing tasty mukbang tasty
must be tasty mukbang tasty must be tasty my plane
tasty money tasty my Fang tasty my face tasty my face tasty tasty tasty tasty my tasty mango eat yo I am here today with
my seafood ball grocery haul this is the things that I need it for my seafood
ball grocery haul this month so ok so I went to three stores I went to Costco I
went to Kroger and I went to Wal Mart so let me show you what I got from Costco I
got a box a two-pound box of King clamps from Costco I got a bag with 25 to 21 to
25 shrimp in it from Costco for $14 the box of king crab was two hundred and $19
onions from Kroger I got some cucumbers these are the same as the other
cucumbers but they’re longer and these were a dollar and fifty cents each so I
thought this is like equal to three in a bag in the little container that they
sell at clover so I thought I got these and plus they’re individually wrapped so
I got three of these and I got my red bell peppers or sweet peppers of course
they were $2.99 I got a dozen of eggs it was 88 cents from Crow bursts we’re not buying normal corn from
nowhere else I’ll expect Kroger and the Kroger brain corn I got the coke bank bag I got this oregano that was on sale
at Kroger you buy one and you get one free so this was 237 for a big thing of
oregano and I got the other one free all I got this is the sun-dried tomatoes
that I’m gonna add to my tasty mukbang eats sauce and this was $6.99 I believe
I got the olive oil and the canola oil which I use in my tasty mukbang eat
sauce and I think that was like $6.99 or 679 something like that I got a bottle
of the Worcestershire sauce from Walmart it was a dollar and I also got this from
this is regular I got this from one more and it was a dollar but now I don’t need
it cuz I got this and I’m gonna tell y’all about this shot I’m thinking about
driving back to Walmart I bought these from Walmart this is the
garlic powder and the garlic salt I mean the garlic powder and onion salt I
shouldn’t either why’s there but I feel like going back in the store but now I’m
feeling like I want to drive all the way there because these are 8.75 ounces and
Kroger head 9.1 ounces on sale for the same prices these and you buy one and
you get one free so I could have got both of these for I could have got two
for the price of one so I could actually go take these back to Walmart including
this because now I don’t need this cuz I got to Lourdes oregano I could take this
back to Walmart and go to Kroger and get me four and give me two
garlic powders and two onion powders for the very same price so no girlfriend
need to say some money so y’all need seasonings all of your spices it would
be a good time to go get them at Kroger because they buy one get one free y’all
I think I need to drive over there what was I thinking about I could’ve just
went back in a meanwhile no one returned it thinking about y’all so anyway daddy
give me at least five more dollars why I could go buy my pack of sausage
girlfriend got to save some money honey so that’s gonna be get for this grocery
haul my seafood boil brought you how I will include the price of everything in
here I’ll add all my receipts up and let you know the price of everything here I
know it was like two maybe two eighty something for everything but I’ll figure
it out and I’ll let you guys know so thank you for watching don’t forget to
thumbs up the video leave lots of comments down below
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