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  1. eating birds turned out to be absolute worst for loosing weight and slightly better (less) cholesterol than cows and you guessed it: pigs
    Tho you should watch like the game changers on netflix or smth :)) ((:

  2. I looked her up and turns out she co-founded the company where she dances and serves as its executive director. A smart cookie with lots of willpower. Big up!

  3. I have been trying to find motivation to calorie count bc I’ve been making it complicated bc I get weight loss surgery in a few months but this literally motivated me to change my life.

  4. I may be in love with this woman. She eats corn dogs, steak, and does ice baths. She also finishes her night with a bowl of cereal which is what I do almost every night LOL.

  5. Glad she doesn't deprive herself of calorie rich foods, but a damn corn dog for breakfast? That has none of the nutrition required for a healthy start to your day, let alone as a high-performance athlete. Idk man.

  6. The tricky part, to me, is the knowing how many calories are in something. Or even how many calories an exercise expended! If you use pre-prep meals like this, you have much more info than if you're cooking a lot fresh. She has a scale and knows things like calories in a tablespoon of olive oil. It all just gets really complicated from there. Haven't figured out a great system for it.

  7. She restricts her diet to processed and frozen food almost entirely for the comfort of easy calorie counting on boxes. That's pretty bad for your health at the end to eat so many processed foods. No thanks

  8. this is probably the most mentally healthy calorie counting I’ve ever seen. I expected something crazy healthy but this was super relatable.

  9. After my second baby I lost weight counting calories and it worked great. After my third I lost it by “going vegan” 🙄 I lost my breast milk and I’m still suffering digestion issues for that decision- and now he’s 2! Counting calories is the way to go

  10. I am not a dancer (I weight lift) but I love revisiting this video to readjust my mindset in regards to healthful/mindful eating towards what my goals are and what they should be (ie not that I want my body to look a certain way but I want it to perform a certain way).

  11. Lincoln and Theresa used to teach ballet at my dance studio back in like 2004/2005 she was always so graceful and disciplined

  12. 1500 kcal is not enough for her height (yes she ate more, but she also burnt more so she should've eaten around 1800/2000 to keep her in the same shape she is in now)

  13. I clicked on this video with a preconceived idea and was ready to bash in the comments. than shes in her apartment shes walking around like a man and pulls out a corndog out the freezer and is sitting camping style eating it. instantly fell in love

  14. I like how completely honest she is with what she eats. She's not like these other videos of girls making these green juices with salmon and salads 🙄

  15. The thing is: she eats something she can measure in calories. It is a corn dog with a nutritional table. This is difficult when you eat , lets say, an organic vegan homemade blueberry cake bought at a cafe or farmers market. They don't have a nutrition fact label with calories and all that info. That is the only downside of counting calories.

  16. Im a climber, and I do this too. People worry a TON about diet and stuff in this era, and the fact is you really don't have to be too concerned about it. Depending on what i do during the day, i need to intake about 2000-2110 calories to keep at 175- What i feel comfortable with. Literally, if you're counting calories, all you have to realize is this:
    1. Eat what fits inside your caloric requirements
    2. Eat alot of filling/whole foods- Stuff like veggies, lots of veggies, certain fruits help me more than others, grains like muesli and granola, meats like chicken thighs/breasts and steak
    3. Cut down on junk food. I ate like total shit for **years**, and that had alot of long lasting negative impacts. Some people say that you have to cut out on junkfood entirely, but its just not true. If you eat pretty well for alot of the week, then a pizza or hamburger or bag of chips occasionally will not kill you.
    *The most important piece of knowledge is to eat what youre supposed to and not eat like total shit. Veggies make you full, theyre not calorically dense, and they have vital nutrients. Starving yourself and eating a 1000+ calorie deficit then eating an entire bag of dorritos or three microwave pizzas will get you nowhere, and you will feel like shit. Trust me. Eating good makes you feel good, and thats just a fact.*

  17. Seeing sweat makes me feel more comfortable when doing my ballet classes because I never see my friends sweating when dancing . I now feel confident

  18. dude I just wanted to exercise that much in a day 😭😭
    or even in a whole fucking WEEK I probably exercise less than her in only a day…..

  19. So I just watched this episode and I'm wondering if Theresa here has heard of the paleo or keto diet. Her diet is gonna cause all kinds of problems with her health. I'm surprised she hasn't had health problems already.

  20. looking good does not mean the person is healthy. Clearly she has an unballanced diet, with a lot of salt, sugar and processed foods

  21. how pathetic is this. The woman is already 25 pounds underweight (at least) for her height, and she is still eating at a deficit.

    When she is 40, she will be osteoporetic and her body will be ruined. Great.

  22. The downside is that calories become more difficult to estimate if you're cooking or eating out. Versus having a pre-packaged meal with a nutrition label on the back.

  23. I've never had a corn dog, but isn't it something that should be refrigerated? It came from a package on a shelf. And yuck on the frosted shredded wheat cereal. Much tastier just plain shredded wheat. But I wouldn't be able to sleep well with that cereal sloshing around my insides. Amazing dancer, and so difficult to do gracefully and well.

  24. She has a different DNA makeup that allows her to eat corn dogs (sugar), Kind bars (more sugar), and brown sugar cereal(good Lord!). The counting calories is nice but everyone cannot eat sugary foods and lose weight.

  25. I find it very interesting that she, with a seemingly healthy relationship with food, says "you only need to cut out 2 tablespoons of olive oil," where as I, who's been struggling with disordered eating for a while, said "it only takes 2 tablespoons of olive oil to ruin everything."

  26. Your video inspired me to lose weight. I realized calorie counting is the easiest way to maintain weight loss. Thank-you as I have lost 22 pounds in four months and feeling so much better about myself.

  27. isn’t it crazy how most people count calories to help not eat, but this girl uses it to eat ENOUGH.
    She’s amazing, I love this woman.

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