CRANBERRY WALNUT BREAD | Festive Quick Bread | DIY Demonstration Recipe

CRANBERRY WALNUT BREAD | Festive Quick Bread | DIY Demonstration Recipe

Welcome!! Deronda here with foods 101.
The holidays are here and I want to show you how to make this Cranberry Pecan or
Pecan bread. Absolutely festive for the Thanksgiving Day season, as well as your
Christmas season. The ingredients you’re going to need for this is one (1) cup of
sour cream, one (1) and a half (1/2) cups of butter at room temperature, three (3) eggs,
three (3) cups of all-purpose flour, one (1) and a half (1/2) cups of granulated sugar, one (1) teaspoon of pure vanilla extract 1 (1) teaspoon of pure lemon extract, one (1) teaspoon of baking powder, one (1) teaspoon of salt, and a half (1/2) teaspoon of baking soda. The star of the show are these fresh whole cranberries. You can purchase these in the produce section of your supermarket, and you’re going to need 2 cups. Make sure you rinse them well under fresh clean running tap water and be
sure to dry your cranberries on fresh clean paper towels. And a half (1/2) cup of pecans or pecans. However you want to say it… it’s alright. If you’d like to switch
this out with walnuts you may, or if you’d like to leave the nuts out
altogether you may. Let me show you how we’re gonna get this started. Add your salt, baking powder, and baking soda into the flour. Whisk it around
until all these ingredients are well blended. If you’d like to use a fork
you may. Set this off to the side. I’m adding my butter here into a large
mixing bowl. You see how soft that butter is? That’s what you’re looking for.
To get it that soft you can nuke it in the microwave 5 or 10 seconds at a time till you get this softness on your butter. Add all that sugar. With a
hand mixer or a Kitchen Aid you want to beat this on medium-high until it’s
nice and fluffy. And looking like this. Make sure that you
scrape down the sides of your bowl. Add all three eggs and go back up to
medium-high speed. Make sure you incorporate your eggs very well with
your butter and sugar mixture. This should take about one (1) minute. Scrape down your side of your bowl. Add all that sour cream. I love using a spatula because you want to get
all of that goodness out of your bowls. Add your vanilla extract and your lemon
extract. If you’d like to substitute lemon extract with orange extract
you may in this recipe. Continue beating on medium high until all these ingredients
are well incorporated. Be sure you scrape down the bowl as you go. After a
minute we’re going to add a third of our flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt at a time. Start on low and we’re going to incorporate this flour into those wet
ingredients until you can no longer see the flour. If you start off on high speed
you’re gonna end up with the flour shower, because all this flour is gonna
go flying everywhere and you definitely don’t want to be cleaning that up in
your kitchen. Once you can no longer see the flour you can increase your speed
and you’re gonna mix this for about fifteen seconds. Add the additional third
of that flour. Start on low speed. Then increase your speed for about 15 seconds. Scrape down the sides of your bowl. Add the last of your flour and do the same
thing. That looks fantastic. We’re going to fold in those whole cranberries with
our nuts. By folding it in we’re just going to roll the batter over these two
ingredients until it’s well blended. At this time you want your oven preheated to 350
degrees Fahrenheit. I’m baking my bread in two (2) 4-inch by 6-inch loaf pans. I’ve
greased and floured them very well. If you want to use a cooking spray you
may, but I love the technique of just greasing and flouring my pans. I think it
helps your bread to rise evenly here on the sides of your
pan. Generously going to divide the dough in half. We want to take the batter all the
way to the top. You may want to push it down in here so you don’t get any little air
bubbles. It’s a durable dough so you’re not gonna hurt it. I can smell
that vanilla extract and lemon extract. Wow…it’s gonna be a fantastic
moist bread. I can already tell by the texture of the batter. Before baking I
love to garnish the tops of my bread with the flavors the bread carries
throughout. I’m going to garnish with some pecans. This way before you cut into it you’re going to know the wonderful ingredients in this delicious
bread. Smash it right down into your bread. Now it won’t come tumbling off once it’s
baked. This is off to that preheated oven. On the middle rack for one hour. Use your
timer and no peeking. Taking my bread out of the oven. This
baked exactly one (1) hour. To make sure it’s completely baked you’re gonna insert a
toothpick. Pull it out. There’s no dough on that toothpick so these are
completely baked. I’ll let these cool in their pan for 15 minutes before we remove them. Fifteen (15) minutes are up. We’re just gonna jiggle this pan until they’re loose.
Since this is foil pans we can just kind of pull it out around the sides. This
should come out very nicely, because it was greased and floured. Yes…look at the
steam coming up. We’re gonna let this sit here for an additional 30 minutes to cool. Then I’ll cut into it. I’ll tell you what it tastes like. Look how
beautiful that is. Make sure you grease and flour your pans
very well. I can’t wait to show you what this looks like on the inside.
When you’re cutting into your bread you always want to make sure you use a
serrated knife. You see those little teeth? That’ll make all the difference in
how you get these slices on your bread. It’s still really super warm so it’s
probably gonna crumble and fall apart. Oh my YUMMIES!! Look at that. Looky there on the
inside. Alright, we gotta give it a try. It’s still Super Duper warm. You may even
be able to see steam. Wow!! Look at that cranberry. Yum Yum Yum. We got to
give this a try. Here goes…Wow…moist. Love that crunch from the pecan. That tart cranberry. The fresh cranberries with that lemon extract
and the vanilla extract. Delicious!! It’s out of this world. Look how moist this is.
Yum!! It just springs right back. Yes, it’s still very warm. I’m Deronda
with foods 101. Leave me a comment. Give me thumbs up. Hit that notification
bell to be the first to get my new Youtube food videos. I’ll catch you all
back here the first Saturday of December to show you how to make these delicious
edible Christmas gifts. Happy Happy Thanksgiving!! Thanks a million for
watching. I’ll catch you lovely people later…

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  2. A flower shower I never heard of that one that's a good one love your videos keep them up I watched your pizza dough video and I'm hooked

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