Creamy Ricotta Pasta Sauce – Food Wishes

Creamy Ricotta Pasta Sauce – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with creamy ricotta pasta sauce that’s right despite the fact this
creamy pasta sauce contains no cream it is actually creamier than cream sauces
that contain cream by the way I sure hope you’re not playing that if he says
cream drinking game but anyway if you’re wondering how that’s possible it’s
because we’re gonna use some ricotta plus one secret ingredient I don’t want
to give away yet but I’ll give you a hint its calorie free so we’ll keep you
in suspense for a little while while we go ahead and get started by cooking our
pasta and of course for that we’re gonna need some nice cold fresh water that
will bring to a boil over high heat and as always we’re gonna generously salt
that since you want your pasta not to be bland and it’s not an accident that I’m
using a strainer to stir that in since this is not a recipe we’re gonna drain
the pasta okay for this we’re gonna need to scoop that pasta out of the water and
transfer it into that pan you see next to it and that’s where all the magic is
gonna happen and I mean that literally so we’ll go ahead and bring our water to
a boil and then transfer our pasta in and today what I’ll be using is 8 ounces
of or Ketty pasta which our Italian friends think look like little ears
and this shape is going to work very well for this recipe because that cup
shape is really gonna help hold on to the sauce but legally I have to tell you
that any other pasta shape will work and what we’ll do once our pasta water is
boiling is go ahead and transfer that in and we’ll set our timer but we want to
cook this about 1 minute less than the package directions because that pasta
will cook a little more when we finish it in the sauce later so we’ll go ahead
and set our timer and this is where things get really exciting and that’s
because we have to hustle and finish our sauce ingredients before the timer rings
which is fine because it’s only gonna take a couple minutes and our sauce is
gonna start with about a half a cup of beautiful fresh ricotta cheese to which
we’ll add 1 large egg and by the way I said fresh ricotta cheese because later
you’re gonna see some non fresh ricotta cheese so stay tuned for that but in the
meantime let’s continue on with some kosher salt as well as some freshly
ground black pepper and then one optional ingredient that I would
consider mandatory and that’ll be a little bit of freshly grated lemon zest
which as you know is how we add lemon flavor to something when we don’t want
the acidity from the juice so we’ll go ahead and grate in the zest of one lemon
and then finish up with a little shake of cayenne and then we’ll take a whisk
and give this a mix until it’s smooth or at least until it looks a little
something like this at which point it’s time to add our
secret ingredients a couple ladles of our boiling pasta water oh yeah we’re
gonna go ahead and take a little of that and quickly whisk it in and don’t worry
it’s not gonna scramble the eggs unless you’re afraid and the mixture can sense
fear but don’t be scared just go ahead and whisk that in and then as soon as
that’s been mixed in we’ll go ahead and whisk in another half ladle or so and
basically what we’ve done here is what they call in the business tempering the
egg since we’ve not only thin that mixture out but we’ve also increased the
temperature so that when we stir it into our hot pasta there’s not going to be an
equation and basically that’s it the base for our creamy ricotta pasta sauce
is done and we will simply set that aside until our timer rings which mine
just did once that happens what we’ll do is use our strainer and go ahead and
transfer that pasta into the pan letting most but not all the water drain
off okay we do want a little bit of pasta water in there and by the way you
will want to reserve that water in case you have to add more later but anyway
we’ll transfer our pasta into our pan at which point we can transfer our sauce
mixture in while at the same time turning our heat on medium and then all
we’re gonna do is stir this together over medium heat for a minute or two or
until our mixture thickens up and resembles heavy cream and as our pasta
keeps absorbing liquid and the heat tightens up the eggs in our mixture
you’ll notice this sauce taking on a beautiful luxurious consistency which
should be just thick enough to coat that pasta and of course if yours gets too
thick just add another splash of pasta water to the pan and technically at this
point your creamy ricotta pasta sauce is done and could certainly be seasoned and
served as is but as you probably saw from the intro picture I’m gonna go
ahead and add some pesto to mine and stir that in and while that is
absolutely stellar in this sauce so are like a hundred other things which I will
try to give a few examples of on the blog but today
I was in sort of a pesto mood so that’s what I went with but feel free to flavor
yours any way you see fit I mean you are after all the chef
boyardee of whether to copy me and then once whatever we’re adding to this has
been stirred in and everything’s nicely heated through we are of course going to
taste it for seasoning and it would not be unusual at all that we have to add
another pinch of salt which I did and that’s it once we’re happy with how
that’s seasoned we will go ahead and transfer that into a warm bowl and if we
wanted we could eat it just like this it is definitely delicious enough and
certainly beautiful enough but I’m recommending we don’t and instead top
this by grading on a second kind of ricotta known as ricotta salata which is
basically fresh ricotta that they salt and press in aged for about three months
or so which produces this beautiful snowy white gradable ricotta that has a
more intense saltier concentrated ricotta flavor and for me the absolute
perfect garnish for this pasta but of course having said that any and all of
your favorite pasta cheeses will work here but if you’ve never tried this
check it out speaking of which let me go ahead and grab a spoon and check this
out and that my friends is one amazing creamy pasta sauce and it’s not that I
don’t like the traditional cream sauce method but reducing heavy cream for this
makes it a lot richer as opposed to this which has a remarkably similar texture
but as lower fat not quite so decadent and filling not to mention because we
use Mirko de the sauce has a little bit of that cheesy Tanous that we don’t get
with heavy cream so I really do love this technique and I know it is a little
bit weird we didn’t use any parmigiano-reggiano here but like I said
this ricotta salata is magnificent in this and even if you don’t end up trying
to make this sauce at the very least I hope you buy and try some of that cheese
but anyway that’s it what I’m calling creamy ricotta pasta sauce not only do I
think this looks taste and feels better than nutritional cream sauce the entire
recipe only takes like 10 minutes so for those reasons and more I really do hope
you give this a try soon head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient
amounts wonderful as usual and as always enjoy you

100 thoughts on “Creamy Ricotta Pasta Sauce – Food Wishes

  1. You are a wonderful chef and teacher, chef John. However, your pronunciation of ricotta has made at least 214,373 Italian Grandmothers roll over in their graves. In fact, a few who are still living rolled over, just because they could not help themselves… There is no such thing as "Rick-coat-a" cheese. Say it slowly now, "Ree-coTH-a" or if you really want to go full-Brooklyn here, "Reegoth"" Rest peacefully Nona…

  2. Chef, I have a request! Kind of out of season for a soup request but have you ever seen a recipe for a scallop and Bay leaf soup? My grandfather used to make it and I've been trying to find it for years. It wasn't thick like a chowder more brothy. He would serve it in a cup. Figure it's worth a shot to pick your brain. Thanks

  3. Fresh ricotta you say? Was wondering what else to do with it aside from lasagna. One batch of BA's Brad and Babish's ricotta coming right up… Thanks Chef!

  4. Thanks.

    This reminds me of one of the first ad hoc pasta dishes that got me into cooking as a teen aged student. We used conchiglie and melted cream cheese in the hot pasta (usually the cheese was a branded one called Boursin which had chives and garlic etc in) if it was plain cream cheese adding green pesto otherwise. Folded the cheese into the hot pasta adding little measurements of pasta water to loosen it up if it got too stodgy (the reason for that was simply because the water was already hot, not particulary as a thickener from the starch as some chefs suggest). Usually crumbled up some crispy bacon over the top or diced fried mushrooms depending on what there was. Less than 20 minuses and you're ready to go out for the night. You could use low fat cream cheese I don't think there's much difference in fat or calories unless you're really counting, slightly more.

    I'm certainly going to try your recipe with Ricotta now though.

  5. 2 hints for anybody making this: 1) Don't skimp on the pasta water, it will thicken up like crazy. 2) Get the freshest ricotta you can find, anything other than the freshest of the fresh will taste like cottage cheese.

  6. About 100 perfect recipes in of yours, and I feel like I should be sending you and your family a yearly Christmas card at the very least. This was fantastic. Thank you!

  7. Tonight we made Chef John's tribute dish to Julia Child… A whole chicken roasted in lemon and garlic, with Rosemary, olive oil, Kosher salt and pepper, on a bed of greens! I added butter…. This one-dish meal, with roasted potatoes, onions, and carrots, blew everybody at the table away! Chef John makes me look good! I love that!

  8. Mine kinda went a bit grainy when I heated it with the pasta. Maybe I didn't temper it enough with pasta water first? Too hot?

  9. Chef – totally unrelated to the post but please could you add a video of authentic ricotta gnudi with brown butter sage sauce? I have tried to find decent video or recipe but none of them look convincing…or detailed enough… thanks a tonne!

  10. I've been on a mission, since I first discovered your Channel, to recreate every recipe you publish. I did dodge the cauliflower fries though, after your opinions about them in your own video. Anyways, so looks like I'm making this for dinner tonight. But man, I've never been much of a fan of the powdery sort of taste with Ricotta. I prefer mascarpone and will sub it out whenever possible. So I'm going to make this tonight using mascarpone instead, although I'll get a small amount of ricotta salata for the grating. Keep up the great work, Chef John!

  11. If I heard correctly from the video, one of the differences of fresh and "non-fresh" ricotta is the texture? one is softer than the other?
    I always found the ricotta here in a plastic box

  12. I will make this tonight. My in-laws are coming over and I think this with roasted chicken will make everyone's tummy happy 🙂

  13. This was so good!! I made this with some grilled chicken and sauteed asparagus for my parents party, everyone loved it lol

  14. Don't usually do this but your pronunciation is a little off .. The "cot" in ricotta is pronounced. . Like it is, cot. . Not "coat "
    Great recipie, like I like !

  15. I really really want to enjoy your channel, I love the production and the recipes but your speech pattern grates me man, your inflections go up and down like a rollercoaster

  16. I tried this and made several poor decisions that resulted in me throwing out the whole thing. First, I thought I'd try adding some browned ground sausage to the pasta. Mistake. Then I added too much cracked black pepper to the ricotta. Mistake. Then I used some shells that were just too thick and toothy imo. Mistake. I couldn't stomach it. 🙁 I'm trying to like ricotta, but it doesn't want to let me.

  17. pasta sauce has always been the problem with me and pasta. Dry pasta lasts forever. Boil water and dump it in. No problem. But the sauce is what it's always about. I don't think I'll ever have fresh ricotta on hand to do this one though. That's just a one off strange ingredient for me to buy. Much less ready to go pesto. Sometimes I try to make my own cheese sauce with just heated milk, some flour and butter for thickness and then add grated cheese. Most of the time it comes out a bit too thick and not very cheesy tasting.

  18. It works!
    It lives and…
    It's yummy.
    Oh my goodness me…
    ( yep I'm British )
    Chef John this is delicious ..And the lemon zest is a magic ingredient…not to be missed.
    Sooo good.
    Thank you so much

  19. Just made this and it came out completely wrong lol. Still tasted pretty good though not gotta lie

  20. How do I get the instructions for your recipes? I have searched Allrecipes and Google for this recipe to get written instructions. Watching a video each time I want to make your recipes isn't very practical.

  21. "I sure hope you're not playing the 'If He Says Cream,' drinking game."
    Grabs whiskey and starts video over

  22. I made this last night, it was so so good. Added thyme and sauteed dandelion greens, since I had it on hand. Would definitely make it again, thanks Chef John!

  23. Chef is it possible to add some seafood? Maybe some shrimps with parsley and capers fried just a while in the same pan, before throwing in pasta? Just an idea 🙂

  24. Tried making this but it turned into scrambled egg. Pasta water too hot?
    I well definitely try to make it again.

  25. Hey Chef. I made this dish today and added mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes. Also got your strawberry semifreddo dish in the freezer as we speak. Thanks for these!

  26. I couldn’t find all the ingredients, so i made a bunch of substitutions. I used ur technique chef john! It was absolutely delicious!!! Cream cheese pesto pasta ears!!! Will be making this again!

  27. I can’t stand the way he finishes his sentences but this recipe seems beautiful so I guess I’ll have to get over it

  28. Very light and Airy, it had a nice taste to it. However, I'm allergic to both tree nuts and pine nuts so I made it without pine nuts. Would someone please recommend a good replacement for this ingredient that provides a taste similar to pine nuts (since I don't know what they taste like)? thanks in advance

  29. Chef John,
    thanks… i really appreciate your posts and this looks great.
    Question… is there any chance of you offering your take on a pasta cacio e pepe ?

  30. I did some blackened chicken, and it paired really well with the suggested mushrooms on the blog. For some reason I added the ricotta/egg mixture to a hot pan and basically scrambled the egg, it still tasted great but looked a little weird.

  31. Greetings, Chef John I need your help. I have looked an long time for the "Spider" strainer that you have used in so many of your videos. I haven't been able to fine it . Please post a source if you have one. I've tried all the cooking stores, our restaurant supply and online. Does it have a special name or source that hides it away form me. Help please. Thank you. pax, PL

  32. Yum. I knew you'd have a recipe for my extra ricotta. No cream no problem, I don't have any and it's raining, I'm not leaving…so thank you for simple deeleesous receipt I don't have to leave the house for.

  33. Reminds me of this:
    – melt some gorgonzola
    – stir cream into
    – put salmon there (maybe from the oven, irrelevant actually)
    – serve with noodles

  34. Holy shit when your hand came into the top of the frame at 1:11 , I legit thought someone was putting their hand over my actual phone in real life. I almost just had a heart attack! 😱

  35. Woooow love that I came across this the day after I just happened to buy those little ear pastas and ricotta salata. I know what I’m making for dinner tomorrow!

  36. I've been making variations of this for over 40 years. Some of the differences are that I will mince 1-2 small cloves of garlic, zest some lemon and add it to the ricotta in a food processor — you can also add a little grated cinnamon (if you want a sweeter and distinctive sauce) or grated nutmeg, then ladle some pasta water and blend until you've reached your desired consistency. Transfer to a pan and then add your slightly undercooked pasta, toss and transfer to a dish. I normally add grated parmigiano although I like your idea of the ricotta salata. PS: I don't think the egg is necessary.

  37. I used part skim ricotta and the texture was good but the flavor not as creamy as I would have liked. Next time I will add a little heavy cream to it. And I went a little heavy handed with the lemon rind – I wouldn't rind the whole lemon just part of it.

  38. I was literally just at the grocery store and put back the ricotta because I wasn't sure what I was going to make with it…and then I come home to this tasty video. Dammit, back to the store!

  39. I really have to be in the mood for basil pesto.
    I’d add nutmeg and garlic to the sauce and more ricotta and just a small pinch of cayenne. No pesto.
    This would probably be good with some seafood too, scallops, lobster or shrimp.

  40. I gave this recipe a go. I felt the ricotto tasted a bit bland and needed to be cooked more for it to be tastier but that would curd it. Anyone have advice for me?

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