Creamy Wild Rice Soup: Vegan Vitamix Recipe!

Creamy Wild Rice Soup: Vegan Vitamix Recipe!

Today we’re going to talk about our most popular recipe on our website our creamy vegan wild rice soup. It has five stars and 150 plus comments and it is distinctly Minnesotan. This soup used to be served at Byerlys, a fancy specialty grocery store that neither Lenny or I could afford growing up. It was their chicken wild rice soup. So we decided to recreate it. Make it a comfort food for our plant-based lifestyle. So the first thing you’re going to do is soak one cup of cashews. If you can overnight, great. If not as soon as you can. Then you’re going to chop your veggies. This is the hardest part by far but it’s strangely cathartic if you think of it. You’re going to chop one cup of carrots four ribs of celery a half an onion four to six cloves of garlic and eight ounces of mushrooms. We’re gonna be using 64 ounces of veggie broth, but you’re going to want to reserve one cup on the side. And then you’re gonna heat up your broth. Add one cup of wild rice but make sure that you rinse it off a couple of times first. Reserve your mushrooms on the side but add all the rest of the veggies. So you’re going to add your carrots your celery your onion and then if you run out of time like I did here you can always do a garlic cheat which is to use the pre chopped instead of using fresh cloves. And then you’re going to add in your spices. So you’re going to use one tablespoon of thyme, two bay leaves, and then two teaspoons of salt. You can add more later. While your soup is heating up, you’re going to start making your cashew cream. So you’re going to dump a 15-ounce can of cannellini beans. You’re going to drain those cashews that you soaked. Add those to the Vitamix and then add the cup of broth that you reserved. You’re going to blend that up for one minute and you can see how creamy and thick and decadent this soup base is going to become. Then take your lid off carefully. You don’t want to burn your hands and you also don’t want to fog up your glasses. And you’re going to add this cream as well as your mushrooms. So once you’ve got the broth and veggies the mushrooms and the cream all in your pot put the lid back on. Lower the heat and cook it for another 15 minutes or so. You’ll know that your soup is done when you try the wild rice and it’s a little bit chewy. Serve the soup piping hot to your vegan, whole-food plant-based, vegetarian, pescetarian, whatever, omnivore friends. If you peruse the comments it’s unquestionably enjoyed by everyone and it’s already made it into several familes’ heavy rotation. So you should add it to yours! Thanks so much for watching. Hit that like button if you appreciate recipe videos like this. And you guys, leave a comment, let us know what you want us to make next. Subscribe if you haven’t already and we’ll see you in our next one. Thanks so much, bye!

12 thoughts on “Creamy Wild Rice Soup: Vegan Vitamix Recipe!

  1. I used to live in Edina. In FL now. Loved Byerlys soups. Will try this and report back. Excited you guys put this up – Thanks

  2. I love this recipe! I have made it many times, even a resounding success when I took it to work for soup day. I like to sauté the mushrooms while the rice is cooking and I use Penzey’s Bavarian spice blend instead of thyme because we’re not fans of thyme. It is so rich and creamy.

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