100 thoughts on “Creed Eats a Potato – The Office

  1. Creed is one of those people that once you meet him, no matter what he says or asks you, your answer is always, "Yes!"

  2. This is definitely deleted I have never seen it: when Kevin is saying “hours and hours and hours” the camera usually spins in on the other girl way ealiee

  3. 1. that damn bite sounded better than the apple


    so nobody's gonna mention the fact how smooth Jim switched the apple and potato?

  4. Pam : “Well, is that really a priority?”
    Michael : “Is it a priority? Oh, I don't know.
    What if there's a tornado, Pam? People's legs are crushed under rubble? Please, would you be so kind as to call my wife? No, I can't, because we don't have any emergency contact information, because Pam said it wasn't a priority.

  5. I love the side bets Jim and Pam get in on, the fact that they were confident Kelly would say awesome and mention romcoms is the best.

  6. Can we just sit here and admire how good Creeds teeth still are. Not even dentures would be able to make a chomp like that.

  7. Creed's like "they're going to give me back the apple afterward or they're going to put it in the garbage. Either way, I've got my apple, and a free potato."

  8. What an awesome video!! So funny! Me and my step dad laughed at this video for hours. We couldn't contain our emotions. It made us LOL. Keep making these videos! #InstantClassic

  9. How much Netflix has changed. They used to send you the things you wanted to watch, then you could just stream what you wanted to watch any time, and now when you want to watch something you search for it and it isn't there. Progress.

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