Crispy chicken  chinese style/crispy chicken in tamil / Chicken Recipes | Non-Veg Starters

Crispy chicken chinese style/crispy chicken in tamil / Chicken Recipes | Non-Veg Starters

halo friends,welcome to secret of samayal today we are going to see crispy chicken recipe this is little different frommanchurian and chilli chicken this will be crispy to eat going to fry the chicken crisp and toss in some sauces let’s see how to make it cut the chicken into thin lengthy strips like this i have chopped from breast piece add 1/4 tsp ginger garlic paste 1/2 tsp chilli powder 2 tblsp corn flour in this recipe we are using only corn flour add required salt pinch of cooking soda add little water and mix well batter should be thin ,just to coat the chicken lightly in a cup 1 tblsp tomato sauce 1/2 tblsp soya sauce red chilli sauce 1 tblsp pinch of red chilli powder add little water no need to add corn flour to thicken, we are just going to toss the chicken in this sauce add 1/4 tsp vinegar add little salt,the sauces has salt in it i have chopped 1 onion 10 garlic cloves fine chopped heat oil for deep frying put the chicken in hot oil turn and fry till crisp and golden we have chopped the chicken very thin,it will get fried fast fried crisp now remove from oil fry all the chicken like this you can serve like this itself,this too will be tasty we are going to give a toss with some sauce for extra taste heat 2 tsp oil in a pan oil should be nicely hot add the chopped garlic add the onions fry for some time now add the sauce mix let the sauce to reduce now add the fried chicken toss on high flame don’t fry for long time,then the chicken will loose its crispness add some coriander leaves can add sprin onions instead our crispy chicken is done now switch off the stove try this tasty crispy chicken and give me feedback if you like this video,please subscribe my channel

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