Crispy Lechon Belly

Crispy Lechon Belly

hey guys, let’s cook crispy lechon belly I know you’re excited! here’s the complete list of ingredients with measurements if you’re ready, let’s start combine all the seasonings: salt, garlic powder and ground black pepper mix well then sprinkle on top of lechon belly make sure it’s well distributed because this will give the flavor for our lechon belly rub fill it it with lemon grass it’s pounded to give off flavor and aroma here’s the scallion place it at the middle of pork belly then roll make sure it’s compactly rolled tie and secure using kitchen twine at this point, pork belly is ready get a roasting pan add star anise red onion, add water at this point, the oven should be pre heat 400 deg F place the roasting rack on the roasting pan then cover with aluminum foil to make sure the steam won’t come out we covered it with foil because the steam can easily go out instead of the steam going out, the foil will trap it inside making the pork belly tender plus the flavor from star anise and onion it’s more flavorful while tenderizing after steaming for 2 hours, here’s how it looks like at this point, it’s flavored with star anise and tender we’re not yet done, we’ll increase the heat to 400 deg F and roast it before that, we’ll remove the water, onion and star anise from the pan 1.5 hours of roasting it’s a bit long but it’s worth it after roasting, here’s how it looks like remove string and slice transfer to a serving plate and serve guys, thank you for watching, I hope it helps if you like our video, please give us a thumbs up here’s our crispy lechon belly let’s eat!

47 thoughts on “Crispy Lechon Belly

  1. Sir masarap sana yong crispy lechon belly. kasi lng dko magagawa waka kming oven dfo.meron maliit dito toaster lng 250degrees lng.Any way natutuhzn ko kung oaani mg kechon ng potk belly.Ecxellent demo Sir Thanks po.

  2. boss san ka nakabili ng butcher's twine and scallions? spring onionsm lang nakikita ko sa sm hypemarket eh. tnx

  3. Parang may napanood na po ako sainyong pork belly. Or iba un. Hehe. Meron po bang alternative way kasi wala kami oven po e

  4. Hello po. Question lang po, hypothetical na wala po akong ganyang oven.. pwede ko bang isteam over regular pan and roast in turbo? Thank you

  5. this con be used for torturing suspects in admitting to a crime. starve them then have them watch you cook live.. oh my!!

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing. ask ko lang di ko nakita nag rub ka ng asin sa skin ng belly? Nag rub rub ka ba nag asin nyan o wala na? Thanks.

  7. Ok lng ba yung mantika from lechon belly pumuputok putok sya inside the oven diba un dlikado?snunod kopo tong recipe nyo ..your my idol

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