Cultured Meat

Cultured Meat

– We’ve all been there,
right? In the grocery store. “Oh, I’ll just buy
this… meat.” There it is, and all we have to
do is… buy it. We don’t have to think about
what it took to make that chicken in– in that nice packaging. But the reality of the way
that it came about– it’s incredibly unsustainable. And that’s one of the biggest
problems facing humanity right now. But we figured out a way
to solve it. The whole idea is that,
that chicken, in itself, has an unlimited source of itself, and there is a way where you can
take just a handful of cells and keep growing them
essentially infinitely. For those very first cells,
it was important to us how we got the cells,
not just that we got the cells. We came up with the idea
to use one feather… from the single best chicken
that we could find. – We picked out
a really nice-looking chicken that had really nice,
clean white feathers, a healthy comb and wattle. Caleb happened to have
the infrastructure to create a new chicken coop. So, we put our special little
chicken in there. My first reaction
to this project was like, “What are these people doing?
That’s kind of weird.” But in all honesty,
people are gonna eat meat. And one feather,
from one of my chickens, could be the catalyst
that feeds the world. – The first thing we need to do
is we need to identify a cell that we are going to use
as the basic starter material. And then what we need to do
is find a food for it to grow in. So we have to identify
the right set of nutrients that will cause the cells
to multiply, but not just multiply, but do so
quickly and into high densities. – Those nutrients are gonna be
obtained from plants. Animals in nature eat plants,
right? And, I don’t think
that there’s another company that has this extensive knowledge
base and experience with plants and their protein components that will also be able to test
this in actually growing cells. – It’s a perfect extension
to apply the data that we get from those discoveries and using them in ways
that we’ve never seen used before in the world. One of the biggest points
of comparison between what we’re doing and the old way of doing things
is food safety. And when you make that comparison,
the difference is staggering. To eat real, actual meat,
without causing all this harm to the planet and to animals:
that’s what Clean Meat is. – The chicken
was handed off to me, and, for this first prototype,
I said to myself, “I’m gonna make
the best chicken nuggets ever.” – It was an out-of-body experience
to sit there and… and eat a chicken, but have
the chicken that you’re eating running around in front of you. You don’t imagine doing
something like that. But then, you have
this realization that we’ve figured out
how life really works, and now, we don’t need to cause
death in order to create food. And we’re gonna have to do it, if we want to continue living
on this planet.

96 thoughts on “Cultured Meat

  1. I fully support this, but what about the cholesterol, saturated fats, inflammatory compounds and chronic disease that come from consuming meat? Are those removed?

  2. It's funny how some ppl dislike this whether it' because some extreme vegans who are against this(so many others vegans dont't) but in the next decades it will be this or nothing. if you don't know what i talk about, watch "Cowspiracy" and WAKE UP !this company will be like the microsoft of food and its ceo like bill gates of food.

  3. Honestly, this is really hard to even wrap my brain around. I need to read more on this but it made me think, how much "clean meat" will one feather provide? And are we plucking the feathers off the chickens or waiting for them to fall to make the meat? I'll definitely be reading more on this.

  4. I wish the video explained the process of some simple cells becoming an actual piece of meat. Nonetheless, This would be an amazing solution to end both the suffering of animals and feeding the population.

  5. 4:26 – "But then you have this realization: we figured out how life really works…"
    Uh, no: you didn't. Growing meat doesn't mean you've "figured out how life really works".

  6. No. I won't eat this. We need to stop the neural link in the human brain that connects food to animals. We should not be eating animals. Period. This experiment is an expensive move in the wrong direction.

  7. Soylent Green death diet. The elites will continue to eat organic meat while we chow down on their cancer causing, fertility destroying lab feces.

  8. So you're saying that pretty soon I might get to eat as much chicken or beef from the grocery store as I want without any animals having to die in the process?

    This is why I fucking love science.

  9. Not just on this planet. Livestock seems like it would be kinda hard to raise on a spaceship. This could be huge for long-distance travel.

  10. Here is my odd idea on how to grow meat with bone and skin

  11. I will purchase this wherever it is released. I subscribed so please post updates and let us know where to buy.

  12. I raised this topic to my grandma and great aunt the other day and they were absolutely repulsed by the idea. Tried to explain to them the benefits of clean meat but they were so put off they wouldn’t listen. A lot of people will just continue to eat slaughtered meat regardless.

  13. THIS IS THE MOST APPROPRIATE PLACE TO DROP A "WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS" y'all really gonna change the world

  14. Why did they completely skip the stages that come between picking the cells and it being packaged? What does the chicken look like when it’s “ready” to be sent off for packaging? This sounds so sick, no thanks.

  15. That was interesting. Not going back to chicken because I never. really liked it, but I don't have a problem with what is being put forward here. I would most certainly hope meat eaters enjoy the hell out of clean meat.

  16. This could save the planet! Wow..Science is gonna save us all. Thank you Hampton Creek we support you!

  17. Amazing work guys! I'll have your company in one of my next clean meat videos. Incredible to see this happening in our lifetime!

  18. All vegans should support this! No ethical issues, reduced carbon footprint, safe to eat, and actual meat. A win for everyone! (except the ranchers protesting against this. They’ll just have to adapt and get new jobs unfortunately)

  19. I will eat lab grown meat if they can prove there are no side effects and it is EXACTLY the same as eating real meat.

  20. This could be done in conjunction with indoor hydroponic fish and vegetable growing operations in the old malls and abandoned big box stores of nearly every town. This would spur local prosperity, food redundancy and greatly improve the health of people thus reducing healthcare costs. In addition, the benefits would fold out to other unseen areas such as reductions in animal waste, transport, fuel, and thousands of other things that would improve the environment.
    Yeah, then again: That's exactly why none of what I just mentioned will ever happen. These kinds of changes are very much like what would happen if cannabis were to become as free as red clover, like it should be. (Only 2% of the plants potential is in the drug part) It would interrupt the great profit wheel of the highly connected consumer product empires and reduce the need for their fake republicrat public actors that all work for them.
    Millions of farmers would become the source of materials instead of just a handful of world stage corporations. But: They're simply not going to allow that to happen. Wars and famine will have to happen first. That is unless people suddenly turn off the radio and TV and start studying.

  21. and capitalism will find a way to incorporate this into its product rotation while keeping the entire horrifying meat industry, leading us down a path to total environmental collapse.

  22. Almost 5 minutes and not one single shot of your actual product?

    Instead of telling us how wonderful "Ian" is, how about telling us anything about what you're actually producing? I can see battered chicken nuggets at McDonalds

  23. I'm all for science and discovering new food sources, but cut the crap …
    "we don't have to cause death …." you are so full of sh!t, do you know how many chicken cells you just murdered to make one chicken nugget? LOL If you really don't want to cause death go eat fallen dead leaves, dried grass or something. But as an alternative to growing cells in lab environment that I highly doubt they'd taste anything near the real chicken, you can farm shrimps, fishes and clams (how happier can you be eating the happiest creature that's even happy when you eat it alive because it has no brain or nerve system???). Seafood is a much healthier alternative and with efficient farming in one acre of fish, clam or shrimp farm you can produce the annual protein needed for 1,000s of people without harming any mammal or bird. You can also farm ostrich instead of chicken and by killing one produce as much meat as 1000s of chickens or if you really want to make fake chicken nuggets, make vegan ones because I am sure the taste of that nugget is from flavorings not the feather cells you farmed in lab. It takes a live chicken with its natural fat contents to get real chicken taste.

  24. guys before u get excited the meat has to be grown in a serum made from cells of cow fetuses thats why its not on market yet

  25. This is against ethical vegans. This would be considered plant based NOT vegan. You are still making actual meat. You are just cloning them. You are stealing their DNA and using them to make a profit.

  26. I came here after watching WSJ documentary.

    What people aren't talking about cell cultured meat is, where are the producers going to get all the proteins from to grow the cells?
    Ultimately they will have to use plant based proteins I suppose. Would that be cost effective?

  27. I am 100% for this, in particular since I am an O+ blood type and being vegetarian / vegan doesn't really work for me, even though I tried, really badly. I just got anaemia and various vitamin deficiencies and really sick. At the same time, I definitely don't like looking at dead animals or seeing how much animals are hurt in the process of creating food and also really don't like the destruction of factory farming. It's not good. I think this new technology is therefore really cool. I just hope it's not GMO'd in any way because I'm not cool with auto-immune reactions which are not cool so therefore I really hope it is as cool as it sounds and am wondering also what it tastes like, I guess it tastes less gamey than animals that run around a lot but I guess that's fine.

  28. I don't speak enough English to express what I am feeling now. I am crying… And I do not usually cry, so… Thank you for making me believe in science for the welfare again… It's kind of eleven years now I don't eat meat… I just cannot wait for finding this "chicken" in a grocery store here in Brazil. Thank you is what I wanna say. Success is what I wish you. We gonna see a better world where animals will not be treated as a resource that feel no pain. I'm so excited. Thank you!

  29. The problem is industrial agriculture. If farming went back to a more symbiotic relationship with the animals and plants this would be a no issue. This is why I buy local organic produce when possible.

  30. Not a bad idea, I ain’t vegetarian or vegan, so not a bad idea, but most likely too expensive, and not possible for the whole world to take this in

  31. I won't stop farming quail for myself. I am not going to purchase a product that I can produce myself for free; independence is my highest held virtue. Besides, I've gotta prepare for the inevitable apocalypse that probably won't happen within my lifetime.

    Time to take the quail farm to the basement like cannabis.

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