CUPCAKE MARSHMALLOW POPS – Bounce Patrol kids & Charli’s Crafty Kitchen baking

– Welcome to Charli’s Crafty Kitchen,
where you can eat what you make. Welcome to Charli’s Crafty Kitchen. Today we’re making
cupcake marshmallow pops. Today we’ve got Bounce Patrol
with us as our special guests. This is: – Hi, I’m Alyssa. – I’m Jacinta. – I’m Rachel. – Today our ingredients
are some pop sticks, some sprinkles and… – Melted white chocolate. – And some M&Ms. – And patty pan cases. – And Ashley? – And some marshmallows
and some skewers. – Well done! – Great! – First we need to get
our cake pop stick, dip it into
the white melted chocolate, then stick on our marshmallow. Good. Stick it in. Now we’re going to stick it in
the white melted chocolate. And then tap off the excess. Now we’re going to
dip it into the sprinkles. – Perfect. Good job. – Just like that. – Wow! Jacinta: Looks good, Charlie. Alyssa: That looks delicious! – Alright, chocolate first, right? – Yep, chocolate first. – Perfect. – Then you can choose a marshmallow. – You going to choose a white one
for me, and then Charlie and I both have
a white one. All: Yay! – And then what happens? – Back in the chocolate? Ashley: Into the chocolate. Jacinta: Into the chocolate, great. – And then you have to
put in the sprinkles. – Alright. – Whoa! – Tada!
All: Wow. – That looks good.
– That looks so good. Alright. Hopefully I can do as good tap
as what you did. – Yeah, you might want to
do it a bit longer. – Do it a bit longer? Alright. What do you think?
Do you think that’s ready? Yeah?
Ashley, do you think that’s ready? – Two more taps. – You reckon two more? Okay. I did four. Whoa! What do you reckon? – Yum!
– Alright, yeah? Awesome, good job. – Am I doing the tapping right? – Good. Alyssa: Just twirl it a bit. – I think that’s going to be good. – Alright. – I love this bit. – Me too. – Okay, we’re just going to have
to wait for it to dry a bit. All: Okay. – Now we’re going to get our skewer. I’m going to dip it into
the white melted chocolate, and get our red M&M. It has to be red
so it looks like a cherry. Now I have to stick it on top. – Okay. – After Ash, it’s all of your turn. – Right. Charlie: Alright, your turn. Alyssa: Yep,
I think it’s Rachel’s turn. – Supposed to be red, okay. – You can’t choose another colour ’cause it’s supposed to be like
a cherry. – Okay, alright. – Just leave it to dry
for about maybe two minutes? – Okay. Okay. – Is that a good amount? – Yep, that one looks good. – No? Should I put more? More? Oh, alright. Aw, whoa! That’s enough, right? Rachel: That should stick it on. – Now we’re going to get
our skewer… and poke a hole
through the patty pan. Poke it through the middle. – Good work. – Then we’re going to stick
it on our popsicle stick. Cake pop stick. – Oh, wow! – Oh, Charli, that looks fantastic! – Thank you.
– Good job! Jacinta: Yay! – Now you push it up. – Do you want to give Rachel
a colour? – Um…sure. I think she might
like red, do you reckon? – Yep, sounds good. Matches my apron. Charli: And your toenails. (laughter) ‘Cause you have red nail polish on. – It’s true.
– Right. Charli: I think Alyssa should go next ’cause she’s been waiting last
and she held my thing. – She did. She’s been very helpful.
– Thanks, Charli. – What colour do you think
she should have? – Um…yellow? – Yellow?
Alright, I’ll go for yellow. Poke a hole through the middle. – Great. – I’ll give this toothpick
to Jacinta for hers. – Yep, and you need your colour. – What colour? – Purple. – Great colour.
I’ll check if there’s one… Yeah. Rachel: Oh, look at that.
Charli: Yellow looks good. – That looks really good. (laughter) – Alright. – Oh, what’s next, Ash?
– Are we ready? Hang on. Ready…
– Almost there. – Muscles! – What’s next, Ash? – Now for the taste test. All: Cheers! Melissa: That’s alright,
Ash has already eaten hers. Charlie: Let’s take ours off
and eat it. – Ah, okay.
– Looks so good! – What do you think, Ash? – Really good. – Yay! – Don’t forget to subscribe and… – Like us on Facebook. – And also,
please subscribe to Bounce Patrol. – Thanks, Charli! – Bye!
– Bye YouTubes! Charli: If you like this video, please share and give us a thumbs up. Please! Jacinta: Oh! (laughter) – A big load of mine just fell off. – Were you bouncing with the tapping? – I was bouncing with the tapping. – Four more.
– Four more? (laughter) Charli: You didn’t tap the excess
for long enough. – Oh, no! – Oh that’s… – That’s a good amount. (laughter) – Good job, Ashley. (laughter) – You’ve got some dripping.

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