Cutting-Edge Meat Alternatives for Carnivores Who Want to Save the World | The Daily Show

Cutting-Edge Meat Alternatives for Carnivores Who Want to Save the World | The Daily Show

WOOD: We all know that
Americans love their hamburger, especially this one. But now scientists are trying
to cancel beef. TV REPORTER: Chilling warnings
in a new report… TV REPORTER: Beef and dairy
agriculture are a key cause of the greenhouse gases. WOOD: Michael Pollan,
the Obi-Wan of food writers, says eating beef is as harmful
as burning fossil fuels. Of all the things we do that
contributes to climate change, beef is really right at the top. The animals produce
greenhouse gas. You mean farts?
You can just say farts. You know, they’re not farts,
actually, they’re burps. A burp is a mouth fart.
(burping) All right, uh, we can’t change
the energy system but we can all
slightly modify our diet. You’re asking people
to stop eating something that they’ve been eating
their whole life. You’re gonna make it
a suggestion, just don’t eat a lot. But after that,
the hamburger’s illegal, and then the meat
goes underground. The next thing you know,
you’re sucking (bleep) for a Baconator
behind a Walgreens. Well, uh, maybe. And you don’t think there’s
gonna be no withdrawals? I get the beef sweats
if I miss a burger. I think you’re gonna
have to taper. WOOD: So to save the world,
I got to give up burgers? Hot dogs, steaks, meatballs, roast beef, sirloin tips,
bologna. I’m having a panic attack. I suggest you don’t go
cold turkey. Check out
these plant-based burgers, this new generation of very
sophisticated food science. They create a burger that, uh,
looks a lot like a burger. It’s red in the middle;
it bleeds. And you can get
the kind of taste that we really like in meat. I’m really sorry about this. Mmm. Once I got my fix, I realized
Pollan wasn’t talking about boring old
veggie burgers. The plant-based
Impossible Burger is supposed to be
indistinguishable from meat. You can even buy it
at the carnivore joints. And CEO Pat Brown’s vision
goes a lot further than that. The mission of Impossible Foods is to completely replace animals as a food technology by 2035. WOOD: He’s trying to get us
to give up beef by using high-tech science. The thing that makes meat
taste like meat -is that meat has… -The pain
from the cow dying. Um, that’s one theory, yeah. But it’s actually
a molecule called heme. It’s what catalyzes all the unique flavors
and aromas of meat but we make it
without using animals. So it’s not the marinade. It’s not gas over charcoal. It’s some shit called heme
this whole time. So you’re telling me
my whole life has been a lie. Um, well, that’s not
what I was saying but I guess that’s sort
of true, yeah. And this tastes good? I think you just have
to decide for yourself. -Oh, I will decide.
-Yeah. Yeah. -I will decide.
-You’ll decide. WOOD: First up, a classic
farting cow burger, to set the baseline. Oh, man,
you can’t touch that, bro. And just to be polite,
I went ahead and tried the stupid, nasty-ass
plant sandwich. How you make this
taste like that? How did you make
this plant burger taste like the meat burger? Well, it,
it took a number of years. It’s the devil! You got some fries? Roy, this is great. We’re vegetarian now. This taste just like meat. Don’t listen to him, Roy. There’s no such thing
as a meat plant. And you’re too old
to switch sides. No! What I need is real meat that doesn’t fart up
the environment. Luckily,
another tech company, Just, is working on that
in their top secret lab. What we do is find the best
tasting cows in the world, we take cells from those cows. You put that cell line
in a bioreactor. The bioreactor enables
the cell to double. At the end of it,
you have raw meet. No. No. Mm-mm.
Not real. When you taste it,
you’re gonna see. This is real meat without
all the consequences that come from killing lots
of animals. WOOD: That’s right,
you heard nerd Superman. These guys are growing freakish
clone meat in a lab. If this is real, then it’s time
for a collaboration. You can do me; you can take
one of my cells and we could grow that
in the lab and have Roy meat. We wouldn’t want to do that. I’m delicious. So I’ve been told. We want to focus on stuff that can actually do a lot
of good for the world. Sound like a good plan, man. You’re making the best meat. Let’s go ahead
and get it out there. I love a good
double cheeseburger. What’s your meat cost, about
three, four dollars a pound? -We haven’t done
a hamburger yet. -What? But the chicken nugget that
we make costs about 50 bucks. -For how many nuggets?
-Just one nugget. Oh, shit, you’re crazy. You mean, a six-piece nugget
costs $300. -That’s right.
-Mother(bleep). How good could a $50 clone
chicken nugget taste? More importantly,
is it even safe? (crunching) Let me get a three piece. I… I can’t.
That’s, that’s all we have. Who the (bleep) just make
two nuggets? All this shit in here and all
y’all got is two nuggets? Y’all are lying. Where are the nuggets at? Got to be in here. So the clone burger
is years away and even then, it might cost
as much as a Volvo. Is that an ice cream machine? And sure, you could go
with plant meat, but that still costs more
than a fart burger, and it’s witchcraft. So what are
broke-ass carnivores like me supposed to do if we want
to save the planet? Michael Pollan had the
craziest idea of them all. Have a burger once a week. So only eat meat once a week? Yeah. Try that.
See what happens. (both laughing) -Once a week?
-Yeah. Try it. -Only eat meat once a week?
-Try it. Man, you should be in comedy. (cheers and applause)

100 thoughts on “Cutting-Edge Meat Alternatives for Carnivores Who Want to Save the World | The Daily Show

  1. What I find so funny is the fact that shipping produce from other countries actually produces more carbon than eating meat does. So yeah vegans aren’t that environmentally friendly

  2. Out of all these unnatural solutions these guys came up with, the only intelligent advice was the last guy "eat meat for once a week". That I agree with if you don't eat as much than they won't grow as much.they won't need to rather

  3. End of times are definitely here y’all seriously 😳 without them technology they can’t make shit also they’re saying no to what God Has created for us to eat really so when there’s no electricity & we go back to the old & good days of charcoals how are they gonna survive huh 🤔 tech burger 🍔 & chicken nugget really lol 😂

  4. Factory farmed meat is the opposite of meat raised using Regenerative Agriculture – which it turns out is actually vital to ecosystems like grasslands. Please look into the Savory Institute and the upcoming film "Sacred Cow" & give that movement a voice as well. Thank you. ♡

  5. Or you could just eat things when they're available and stop mass producing stuff. All these hormones are already killing people and now you all want to make fake food in a fucking lab. Good on you. I won't be partaking.

  6. This artical didn't even touch on other methods to reduce the greenhouse emissions from cows such as adding seaweed to their diet.

  7. Vegan options never pan out, always more expensive then the real thing and with a large list of man made ingredients with catastrophic health side effects.

  8. So… it really is just too much to ask? Even with the goddamn biosphere and human civilization at risk, you just can’t go without manically mass murder that also destroys the biosphere? Well then let humanity’s epitaph have a fucking burger on it, because I guess were fucked for nothing but meat laziness.

  9. I tried the one at BK. The taste is ok, but the texture when chewing it is off. It's not chewy and juicy like actual meat.

  10. The fake meat Factory is better for the environment than a cow and a knife. BULLSHIT mass produced anything hurt the environment.

  11. Problem, there's a huge surplus population on the planet.
    Problem, there's a meat shortage in the world.
    People are made of meat, it seems the solution is obvious.
    Tuesday is soylent green day.

  12. Instead of worry about animal farts how about improving high speed rail to eliminate 10% of the cars on the road. Funny piece and part of problem; not focusing on a real solution to greenhouse gas effects.

  13. After 20 years consuming those over processed products, new cancer will hit humans. Stupid. Just eat meat. But in moderation. Life is simple. Don't make it complicated.

  14. This is that type of scenario that will bite deniers in the end. LOL

    The proof is there. Soon it'll be not asking people to change but making them. Like the beginning of seatbelt laws. People felt they should have a choice. Nope. Do it or else. With the environment, it'll be the same way. No more laughs.

  15. I am not interested in cloned meat. Why not give the farmers back the land they need to produce food for human consumption safely?! Animals, humans included, create natural gasses. Stop killing the rain forest, stop burning American green lands to build pop up communities that go bankrupt. Create more green spaces in America. The interest should be in creating products that are recyclable and limiting toxic man made gaseous waste.

  16. How can these people claiming meat is bad…how do they manage to get through life? They overlook the big problems to focus on a very minor "problem", and then find the dumbest solution! Like it is a contest to come up with the worst idea! (Hint: some farmers capture the methane produced by their cows, turning it into renewable energy. But instead of ideas like that, people want to get rid of cows and replace them with highly processed foods…the type of food that is implicated in the diabetes epidemic. And what kind of food is good for people with diabetes? Beef. Horray for capitalism….)

  17. It's only a matter of time for HEME based burger substitutes to cost next to nothing. Mass production is easily possible and the costs will go down with automation and factories.
    Also, keep in mind Impossible and Beyond are 1st generation products, and they're already pretty damn good. In a couple of decades we will have tastier, cheaper, HEME based burgers!

  18. What would be good is if meat eaters could get a mixed burger ( one patty being real beef and the other patty being veggie)

  19. Hey Daily Show. You could send Roy to a Hydroponic Farm/Vertical Farming next time 😉 Plants that are growing faster and harvested more often…… and that all without Soil and the commonly used Poison against pests.
    Sounds like a good Topic for Roy dont you think? ;D

  20. I gotta say, I've been vegetarian for over a decade (I was vegan for four years, and then I accidentally ate a slice of cheese… no going back…), and I don't miss meat. Better yet, meat alternatives have really stepped up their game. Some of them are really good in their own right. :3
    I really want to try that Impossible patti, though. I'm intrigued by it!

    Real talk now. I don't care if y'all eat meat. I personally think it's disgusting and barbaric, but you do you. But seriously, eat less of it. Especially Americans. Good lord, we eat way too much meat as a nation, to the point of being unhealthy. My sister is still a meat eater, but she only has beef once, maybe twice a week, if at all. She's doing just fine. If she can do it, I promise you can too~

  21. The only thing wrong with the Impossible Burger is it costs more than the 'regular' burger.

    They need to make it cheaper/equivalent and then it'd be quite easy to drastically reduce beef consumption.

  22. Oh so eating meat can lead to global warming and us normal people have to compromise . Ok how about the large MNCs try to cut down their production a bit . We will talk after that . VEGANS GET THE FUCK OUT OF THIS COMMENT

  23. Do you know who other is a big emmiter of co2.. humans… let's just reduce them…kill a couple of millions…

  24. Years ago, Catholics had meatless Fridays. During WWII, meat was scarce since it was presumably going to the troops. I mostly eat fish and other seafood, along with vegetables. I don't completely exclude red meat, but there are pescatarians who are vegetarian plus fish and seafood.

  25. Dude they don’t tell you what’s in it because it’s worse then the burger for you. Their goal is just to kill off as many humans as possible. Ron is just amazed it doesn’t taste like a lawn. Do we not understand it’s landfills and guess what, produce in landfills is the most [email protected]#$ed waste.

  26. Animals don't deserve to suffer for our tastebuds. GO VEGAN. You don't need impossible or some cloning shit, all you need some beans, potatoes, and COMPASSION.

  27. Roy Wood is hilarious, love him. All jokes aside, producing meat and dairy is one of the leading causes climate change (at least 24% of GHG emissions) and rapidly depleting our environment. Animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, rainforest destruction, deforestation, habitat destruction, oceanic dead zones. Not to mention a quarter pound hamburger takes 460 gallons of water to produce. Cut back on the meat and dairy guys.

  28. Daaaamn, Roy just keeps getting better & better! This some funny shit. It's amAzing how they can make such a hilarious piece on one of the most important issues facing humanity: our eminent destruction by greenhouse gas emissions from the industrial meat system.

    Mainstream media don't talk about how the meat industry makes more greenhouse gases than all transportation COMBINED. Gotta leave it to a comedy news show to tell the people what's really going on.

  29. The world, the universe does not need saving. All elements are from and go back to the earth and universe, meaning nothing is ever wasted, just recycled, transformed. We should be talking about pollution.
    1. 95-98% of the CO2 is produced by the oceans.
    2. the 5-8% that humans are responsible of is nothing compared to the 95-98% we have no say in it.
    3. Global warming is being created b the globalists using warfare means.
    4. The 3rd world including China will never live like the West does because it is not their lifestyle, and they do not believe this BS. Therefore the West can do all it wants and the 3rd World will cancel out all that the West is doing.
    The above is just only a few of the many problems Climate change BS is

  30. I do NOT trust labo products, I would totally give up on eating meat instead of eating something made in the laboratory that is supposed to taste like meat… they been lyin to us… they at once say don’t eat processed food and yet go ahead to fabricate processed food!!! Shit

  31. Just remember that this people are creating things on lab, they don't have any idea if this will cause any problems in a long term. I eat meet one a week and I think this is already a good start.

  32. heard you like facts: plantbased meat is not more ecological, healthier, sustainable nor ethical choice than all meat. it is possible to produce carbon neutral meat and it is impossible to consume crops and veggies without killing animals in the process. I do agree we need to change the way we produce food and reduce the meat consumption, focusing on whats sustainable and healthy according to peer reviewed studies and facts, not vegan propaganda or meat lobby.

  33. Never been so proud to be a picky eater than when it comes to climate change. To clerify with context, I've never liked burgers.

  34. The most realistic beef-substitutes are hyper-processed food. There is a much higher likelihood of cancer, obesity and other illnesses (we have no clue re. the long-term effects of eating these on a regular basis).
    I would stick with real beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish

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