Dad cooked brown sugar bubble tea rice [The Return of Superman/2019.10.06]

Dad cooked brown sugar bubble tea rice [The Return of Superman/2019.10.06]

The sky is clear in autumn. What are Gunhoo and Naeun doing in Ulsan? It’s early in the morning, – and he is reading. / – Is he reading? (Gunhoo is making an effort to graduate from babbling.) (Gunhoo’s book-reading campaign) (Let’s nourish the soul.) (He lies on his back and reads.) (He lies on his stomach and reads.) (The book is upside down.) (He reads diligently.) – Isn’t the book upside down? / – Yes. He is reading diligently. I know. He is reading for a long time. (Yawning) He read for a long time. (It always makes me drowsy.) (He flips all the pages.) (When you are tired from reading,) (there is one thing you need to do.) (Clean up your surroundings.) When he is tired of reading, he sweeps the yard. (You concentrate better in a clean environment.) That’s right. You clean up your surroundings… – when you don’t want to study. / – That’s right. “I can only study in a clean environment.” Some people study for ten minutes and clean up for an hour. (That’s right.) (Slipping) (Excuse me.) – Is he going in there? / – Where is he going? It must be a tight fit. (I will do it.) – Will he clean up? / – Is this room service? (He checks the cleanliness.) (He checks the nooks and crannies.) (He scans like a hawk.) (It’s pretty clean.) All done. All done. All done. He is satisfied. (He finished checking.) (It’s very, very clean, right?) (You are happy, right?) (He applauds himself.) (All done!) (Good job.) (Let’s praise Park Gunhoo.) He is praising himself – for cleaning up nicely. / – “Good job.” (That’s right!) (I didn’t clean up to avoid studying.) He is rationalizing. (I concentrate better in a clean environment.) All done! (What should I do now?) (Staring) (Excuse me, Uncle.) (What should I do now?) He plays well by himself. (Uncle, what is that?) He is going in there again. (He hasn’t seen Uncle’s new hat.) What kind of a hat is that? It’s colorful. It’s eye-catching. It caught Gunhoo’s eyes. (He takes the hat.) (Happy) (It’s my style.) (Where did he get this fascinating item?) (Blowing) (This three-year-old is fascinated by the new hat.) (Do you like it that much?) Gunhoo, what are you doing? (Naeun, look at this.) Naeun, Gunhoo took my hat. (I borrowed it for a second because it’s fascinating.) It’s okay. I will lend you a hat. – I have a hat. / – That’s right. He didn’t need to tell on Gunhoo. I can lend my hat. – What do you think? / – That’s the answer! – Thank you. / – She is like Solomon. Should I lend you the apartment? (The rich girl in Ulsan, Naeun) (It’s okay.) (Naeun, thank you.) (I have a good idea.) (Naeun brings a bag of snacks.) (She pours the snacks into the hat.) It’s Uncle’s hat. (I put snacks inside to thank you.) Uncle, thank you. Are you hungry? To thank him for lending Gunhoo the hat, – she gave him the snack. / – You must chew your food. She doesn’t want Uncle to choke. I will go and give it to the other uncles. Please eat this. Thank you. (Naeun gives without hesitation.) (Approaching) (Isn’t there any for me?) (I want some too.) (She gets a refill for Gunhoo.) Come here. (Let’s eat together.) (Eating) (Listen to the chewing sound.) I guess they bought the snack recently. – The sound is loud. / – It’s crunchy. (Crunchy) It must be delicious. (An unexpected morning ASMR) (It’s tastier this way.) (Gunhoo is eating with gusto.) (In that case…) Here. (Spilling) (Did you spill all the snacks?) (You know what I like.) (It’s a snack party.) (Naeun, you are the best.) It’s fun to spread everything out and eat. (He offers a snack as a compliment.) I wonder how it tastes. You can pick it up once and lick it once for fun. They feed each other. It’s a lovely sight. (Touching) Hold on. He touched between his toes. – Naeun. / – She didn’t see it. (You washed your feet, right?) He touched his hair and feet. – Yes. / – I wonder how that snack tastes. (That’s right!) (Uncle, eat some more.) He is nice. (Gunhoo, eat up.) (A heartwarming snack party in front of the tents) (Naeun dusts off the hat.) Here you go. – They used it well. / – I dusted it off. Uncle, thank you for lending us your hat. She is so pretty. Her voice is pretty too. Jooho is cooking. Dad, what are you doing? – I’m making something new. / – Something new? I don’t know about his skills, – but he’s passionate. / – I know. Naeun, watch. I’ll add to the rice… This bubble tea is popular. Brown sugar bubble tea. (Here comes the brown sugar bubble tea.) Let’s keep the golden ratio. – Stop… / – Should I add it? Stop when I tell you. He keeps learning new recipes. What are they adding? – Okay. That’s good. / – Seriously? – Let’s put this in here. / – That’s very sweet. – Will he make rice that way? / – It goes in here. Press the button for mixed grains. – Mixed grains? / – All done! – You will love it. / – How will they eat that? Play with Gunhoo. – I wonder how it tastes. / – I’ll call when it’s done. Okay. Play with Gunhoo. I will call you when it’s done. – Okay. / – He should get off the Internet. (Gunhoo, come here.) (What is it?) Let’s eat this. – What is it? / – What is it? Why did it come out of the closet? Isn’t that dried seaweed? I guess they hid some dried seaweed in the closet. (I love dried seaweed.) (He takes a big fistful.) (Eating) Is it tasty? (I heard that Dad is cooking.) (Gunhoo, let’s hurry up and eat.) Jooho is preparing breakfast. If they eat salty seaweed… The children… Completely unaware, Jooho diligently makes the side dishes for children. (His knife skills show his effort.) He cracks eggs with one hand as seen on the Internet. (Park Jooho, a dad who is obsessed with cooking) He struggles to pan-fry sausages. (The frying pan is small.) The frying pan is too small. It looks delicious. The kids will like it, right? (Swallowing) It sounds delicious. A recipe passed down for generations is never wrong. Jooho is always full of confidence. The presentation is as important as the cooking process. I will plate them nicely. (The suspicious rice) The rice is ready. I think it will taste nice. It smells nice. Please add sparkles here. – Computer graphics? / – Computer graphics? Ta-da! It looks delicious, right? I looked up the recipe. – The noodles I made / – All the dishes he makes – became very popular. / – become popular. I don’t know. You don’t know? Of course, you don’t. – Let’s try this. / – Okay. – Here you go. / – The color looks okay. (Pan-fried sausage and eggs) Dad, enjoy the food. Let’s hear the verdict. (He takes a bite of the brown sugar bubble tea rice.) – It’s tasty. / – Really? It tastes a bit like yakbap. – Yakbap. / – I knew it would taste similar. If Naeun says it’s tasty, I will believe Jooho. She frowned a bit. You want more, right? I told you so. (The taste is unbelievable.) Is it good? Really? I will show you how to eat it. – Is there a way to eat it? / – It’s a tip. Watch. – A TV? / – No. That’s a dad joke. Put the rice over the fried sausages and eggs. – Then sprinkle some seaweed. / – It sure looks tasty. – It looks tasty. / – Then eat it. – Sausages and seaweed never fail. / – Is that a TV? – Yes. / – It’s a tip. Make me a TV. Put fried sausages, eggs, and seaweed on top, and done. Open wide. Try it. – How does it taste? / – It tastes good. – It tastes good, right? / – It tastes good. – Do you think it will be popular? / – Yes. (Dad, you are a good cook.) – She is eating with gusto. / – It’s tasty, right? What is Gunhoo doing? (He is playing peek-a-boo.) (I don’t need rice.) (You can’t see me, right?) Gunhoo, this is the brown sugar bubble tea rice. Why won’t he eat? Right, Gunhoo ate seaweed earlier. He ate a lot. – It expands in your stomach. / – That’s right. He doesn’t care about popular recipes. Jooho should just prepare seaweed and rice next time. (Dad, I am sorry.) (I’ll eat next time.)

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  1. Remember, this is the same rich girl who went to spent money on drinks for all cameraman. So it's no wonder she lent him, her apartment lmao 🤣🤣

  2. I think Jooho's cooking skill has improved, but little Gunhoo has an issue eating the dish Jooho made. Remember when Jooho said tasty but the children said otherwise 😁😁

  3. Brown sugar bubble tea is really popular where I live in Canada and I've been hooked on it for the past month! I've been considering making a batch myself because I've been having so much, but I can't really justify buying all that tapioca starch 😅

  4. Naeun's face 10:40–10:44 hehehe
    It's funny how naeun dragging gunhoo to her bedroom, secretly eating, and she even mind to close the door~! Hehhehe

  5. I stumbled upon Naeun and Gunhoo's videos by accident and now I am hooked to them!Love how kind and thoughtful the kids are to the cameraman 😍. The parents are doing a good job raising these kids ❤

    I’ve tried rice with tea and coffee (hot) but a bubble milk tea? Hmmmm??🤔 has anyone tried it

  7. I hope he doesn't feed them that too much , brown sugar milk tea / bubble tea is the unhealthiest bubble tea and has the highest content of sugar , 18.5 Teaspoon of sugar ( 92.5g ) … while a can of cola only has 7 teaspoon of sugar

  8. Bubbletea rice😂😂 this is the first time I see any parents preparing this for their kids haha Dk should I praise the dad for being a new generation of cool parent or just adventurous in his cooking 🤣🤣

  9. May i know why viewers mentioned their mother a lot more than other families? I mean i usually see in the comments her name being mentioned a lot. Is she famous or something?

  10. We had that bubble tea and rice thing the other day 😅😅 a friend made it for us and it’s delicious

  11. "some people study for 10 minutes and clean for an hour" literally me right now except im watching this instead of cleaning 😝

  12. These aren't narrators, they're commentators! They're critics even, especially to Jooho, I noticed. They don't stop blabbering. I find their comments, especially Do Kyung Wan's, disrespectful at times. I wish they'll bring back their old narrators. Those at least don't interfere with what you're watching with all the useless comments.

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