Dahi Sandwich/ Yogurt Sandwich- Low calorie, Weight Loss Veg recipe

Dahi Sandwich/ Yogurt Sandwich- Low calorie, Weight Loss Veg recipe

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel and today we are gonna learn a very simple and easy to make recipe that is Dahi ke sandwich or yogurt sandwich Its a very healthy, tasty and nutritious and a low calorie recipe and can be a great option for a morning healthy breakfast or evening snack so lets quickly learn how to make it. So the very first thing that we need is curd Here we have used hung curd or very thick curd and this is about 100 gm for 6 breads coming to the next here we will use sliced onions, tomatoes capsicum grated carrot cucumber and green chilli for spices here we have used Salt roasted cumin powder and black pepper powder and for bread I have used whole wheat bread and now will put all the spices in it salt as per your taste pinch of black pepper powder and cumin powder now give it a mix mix it properly So all the working mothers out there what you can do is that you can cut all the veggies in the previous night itself and can keep it in an airtight container and for the next day’s breakfast you can make it quickly So people you don’t have a sandwich maker can even use their Tawa So the sandwich is ready this is the one we have toasted in the toaster and this is one which we have toasted in the tawa this is ready to be served I recommend you not to have it with any sauce or dips Please try this recipe and share your feedback with me and for your reference I am putting the calorie chart in the description box Like, share and subscribe to my channel and please continue watching

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  1. slow and steady wins race dont losse u r morale u ar giving greatfull information and doing wonderfull job keep going make more videos

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