Day1/4: Street Food in Athens, Greece: 4 Days, 30 Food Stops… Where to Go, What to Eat!

Day1/4: Street Food in Athens, Greece: 4 Days, 30 Food Stops… Where to Go, What to Eat!

We’re on a new trip I’ve been in Lebanon for 10 days but I wanted to do something so our new trip is to Athens this time there is no famous restaurants we’re going to Athens for 3 days we’ll arrive Thursday, rest for a while. Will spend Friday and Saturday here then go back to Beirut on Sunday so for 3 days in Athens we’ll have street food discoveries, let’s leave it as a surprise I will make a video for anyone traveling to Athens for 3 days, what to do and where to go Mechwar starts now I love Labneh I love traveling in Middle East Airlines just to eat Labneh I don’t know the brand but whoever did this brand should know that it’s one of the best Labeneh I’ve tasted wonderful this video is only for Labneh I finished the first one I took my wife’s dish I’m very happy you can’t imagine how much a Labneh dish makes me happy great job after 2 hours we arrived from Beirut to Athens we’ll take our bags and a taxi then start our trip I took my bags the passport control and very nice I’m surprised the whole process took 3 minutes now we want to take a cab but we have to wait a bit but the line is finishing fast all the cabs are here so we’ll take a cab to the hotel we’ll check-in and settle down then we start our tour here we go we’re staying in Athens for 3 days, leaving back on Sunday night then you can visit the museum food is important, I’m a food blogger so what are the things that I really have to eat anything local traditional lamb if you eat lamb is the any specific place or a name? is there any street food that has been here for many years? traditional? it’s in Monastiraki yes Monastiraki it’s called Bairaktaris I won’t remember any of these but we’re filming so I’m recording them to listen to them later it’s local food with Kabab Greek salad, all of that okay great, that’s great to hear I’m very happy that you speak English I’m very happy that I found someone who speaks English that’s how we start so I’m going to have an amazing 3 days, and my film starts with you thank you very much what’s you name? my name is Yanis welcome to Greece all of you so lets play a game in my language the Lebanese, when you say Mechwar, it means a trip so I want to say my trip starts now so help me do it in my language Mechwar starts now Mechwar starts now excellent Mechwar starts now I arrived early, it’s almost 11:30am so definitely the room is still not ready we’ll come again after an hour, meanwhile I came here a year ago I put places around me on Google I found a Charcuterie, it’s 300m away I’m glad that there are open tour buses passing from here 3 different buses passed by the yellow, blue and red ones meanwhile we’ll make a quick tour, discover around follow me with this lovely music to see the vibes in Athens it’s very hot then we’ll have lunch and continue first stop is just 300m away from the hotel it’s called Evripidou street I didn’t spell it right I guess, I don’t know what the letter “v” stands for what’s nice here is that it’s all spices and smell here, everything is hanged as you can see behind me and there is a couple of shops that they sell cold cuts and cheese so I will go there and taste so our first stop is for street food and food lovers it’s really crowded and the smell is great I will show you the shops as much as I can so many garlic ! as you can see the shop is empty you can’t use a 4 chair table so we had to sit in the corner coz I wanted to show you the view and the fridge so we’re next to the door the table should have only 2 chairs it took me a while to memorize the name I will try Karamanlidika tou Fani it’s a shop on the corner of the street that I was talking to you about a while ago cold cuts Pastrami they are very delicious they don’t smell and don’t have garlic in it homemade bread I ordered cold cuts dish and vine leaves I remember that they are very delicious cheese Pastrami ham this is the main thing, smoked ham very nice this is it this is what they are known for the best Pastrami that I’ve ate was in New York but here they have a different flavor the fat is less it’s spicy and I guess it comes with tomato jam vine leaves with yogurt the lunch is nice and light, it’s a warmup for the trip I won’t eat a lot we’ll continue the tour cos it’s still 11:30 we’ll go try another food woah it’s hot this is good I arrived to the fish market, the meat market is back there by mistake the crowd, the people and the lights are great like Lebanon the fish is laying down some of the meat is in the fridge and some are not anyway the vibes are wonderful I won’t buy anything come check it around with me and colors and the smell is wonderful after a 15min walk we arrived to a place called Just Made 33 I don’t know if he has 33 different kinds of sandwiches or it’s just named like that but their pics on Google maps are good, so why not try amazing vibes great place of course the food is good the vibes, the music and the decor are great the sandwiches look good and the guys here are nice so we’re up and ready it’s really hot after having lunch you’ll have a math exam you back to school as a kid you do your Mental calculation and fast calculation to know how much is your bill thank you I guess we’re right I found a shop called Minus 14 he only put 2 flavors in each cone, so I ordered 2 cones now I’ll have 4 flavors cookies and cream chocolate Mocha and I don’t know what, I was filming very delicious they didn’t add much sugar it’s melting normally, it means it doesn’t have the bad food additives they taste great I heard this voice before man yeah yeah oh hello it’s a small world really I’m not going to interrupt you come stay I can’t believe this happened this guy was standing on the other side he came closer to my voice he said that he knew this voice in this small place in the middle of Athens he opens his shop next to the ice cream place after an hour, but came early today he watches all the episodes so he recognized my voice it’s a really small world this makes me really happy I’m touched what caught my attention is that almost all the shops like the one behind me has the name not written in English even the ice cream place, there was -14 written also the name wasn’t written in English I searched for it on Google maps but didn’t find it so I called someone to find it for me I did the same here until they gave me this card written on it ” Pame tsipouro Pame kafeneio ” it’s not found on Google Maps I recommend anyone visiting Athens to buy a phone that has 4G when they arrive using the 4G you should put login when you arrive to a place so when you go back to the hotel at night you would know the places you visited so I made a list the Google Maps reviews are already shown on the Blog for you to make the same tour if you want so where are we now? We checked in the hotel we’re going to Plaka, it’s know for the streets and restaurants and many more shopping also I really liked this place behind me again it’s called ” Pame tsipouro Pame kafeneio ” I’ll take a local bear and then will continue fried zucchini and potato with a bear on the sidewalk really wonderful the sidewalk and the shop are great and there is the Acropolis of Athens battered like tampura, they put flour usually they put eggs then they fry it it gives it a very nice crunch from the outside but from the inside it would be very moist and soft the potato are cut by hand delicious food local street food, Lukumades it looks like the doughnut or the awamat that we have it is stuffed with either chocolate nutella or white chocolate and white chocolate on top it’s 10 pieces, all for 5 euros very good the second one is with Nutella, its crunchy from the outside and soft from the inside it’s very spongy, it doesn’t have that much oil in it the shop is behind me you should try it the name of the street is … I don’t know use Google Maps I couldn’t stop, it’s very delicious in Milan I was starting to tour the area but I lost my wife and I told you that I found her in a bag store we arrived to the main area that’s called Plaka, it’s all streets shopping and restaurants all green and old houses I will tour all around there is a place for shopping and a place for the old houses let’s have a look this is fresh fruits, it has strong ginger it has Greek yugort balsamic vinegar tasty it has 295 calories in it of course it has a lot of energy so this is a boost for me to continue thanks guys same size while walking I saw a place I heard that he has chocolate soup it’s time for chocolate Ruby chocolate, it’s red like the Ruby it’s trendy now all over the world it’s cold ruby chocolate with hot chocolate on top with a chocolate brownie inside this is a massacre chocolate sauce chocolate brownie it’s good? this is something real special there is still more Mille-feuille and the famous soup everybody told me about chocolate soup I guess it has brownie crumbles chocolate woah! the chocolate is great and hard it’s not moist it’s dark the brownie crumble what is this magic recipe? wow wait you take this you put a bit this is it unbelievable I had a brain goosebumps, unbelievable I’m done, I can go back to Beirut I guess look at the crowd crazy farewell bite 10/10 this place should be on your list when you come to Athens, you go to Acropolis then here you put it as it is you baptize it with chocolate and brownie I can’t find the words to describe no words can describe this feeling it’s crazy let’s continue the tour at the market I thought there wasn’t, but there was Acai Bowls, of course I’ll take one in New York I got introduced to 2 places, one of them is called Pure Green, the other one is called Juice Generation they make Pitaya bowl and Acai bowl they are copy paste they have the same ingredients and made the same way so what is Pitaya bowl? Pitaya bowl is this red thing the bright red that is dragon fruit it’s frozen it’s very healthy it’s really delicious they mix it with banana and almond milk very delicious on top it has some granola to give it a crunchy feeling I really love it I love them cos it’s very fresh and soothing I love them cos they’re very healthy the ingredients that are mixed are great Acai bowl has banana, Goji berries and coconut flakes inside also it’s frozen that’s why its hard wonderful this is Kontosouvli it weighs almost 1 kilogram it’s heavy I guess it’s pork don’t laugh at me coz I didn’t ask yes it’s pork, look at the fat I will cut it in pieces it’s very juicy inside they put tomato with it I really liked it good choice good night

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  1. Wow wow my man Anthony has made his most mouth watering video yet!!!! Excellent excellent and congratulations to yourself and wife on that truly unique country the original Homeland of the Lebanese or should I say Phoenicia. That place had some very unique energy!! Can’t wait to see Part 2 hopefully very soon! Nice music to keep the excitement! I’m curious though you like Lebanese food better or Greek? That’s the golden question????

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    Please keep making more videos in coming future thanks and congrats for winning the blogger's award…. Congrats

  18. Next time try "lukumades" with honey and cinnamon as topik! This is the traditional way ! Greetings mate! Love Lebanon!

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