100 thoughts on “DeAndre Jordan Tries to Keep Up with a Professional Chef | Back-to-Back Chef | Bon Appétit

  1. OMG I want him to do this again but more he is so good!! He was so concerned about the cooking but he was so attentive and focused ! omg hopefully he can have more confidence to cook more!

  2. Can you PLEASE get Tegan & Sara on next? It could be like a double blind challenge where they can’t see each other’s either!!

  3. He's so nice and tried so hard and was like "how did I do? Is it too spicy?"

    He should be on Back-to-Back Chef. Bless him.

  4. I'm tall enough that the short-ness of everyday objects, including cooking counters, is a pain in the lower back. I do not envy this guy.

  5. The fact that Carla says "wouster sauce" bothers me. Worcestershire should be pronounced similarly to "worst-cher-sheer"

  6. i was so confused i literally got an ad for this video before this video so i was like wait why am i watching a trailer of the video??

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