Death Railway – Kwai Bridge – Rice field Cafe – Raft House | Kanchanaburi to Erawan Waterfalls VLOG

Death Railway – Kwai Bridge – Rice field Cafe – Raft House | Kanchanaburi to Erawan Waterfalls VLOG

First stop, this random coconut shop in Kanchanaburi It’s just full of coconut and You see today we match. It’s called behind cemetery porridge It’s literally behind the world war II cemetery Kevin has never tried Thai rice porridge before Tastes like chicken dumplings They say,
this is the popular place to come for rice porridge In Kanchanaburi city.. Pretty good Got everything in it Minced pork Liver Intestines Egg Like, you eat raw egg or something Kev, Mango sticky rice! Mango sticky rice place and they totally do this as a family business Sooo mangoes and they have like a ton of this.. This is good. This place.. mango sticky rice Mae Urai also same spot, behind the cemetery So good Kwai bridge in Kanchanaburi. One of the
historic places All the slaves built this There are two sides of the river. On the
other side it’s just so many people Why this place is so popular? There’s a story behind it.. People died! A lot of people died! I will just let Kev explain because he knows more about history than I do It’s just that the Japanese built over
six hundred bridges and Thailand during the war when they allied with them
pretty much whenever the bridges got bombed by the u.s. they used prisoners
of war to repair it Pretty sure it’s hollowed out The Train is coming so we actually have to wait a little bit You guys, we’re lost but then sometimes when you get lost you find something.. You don’t expect to see We randomly found the accommodation again but Going to check it out first if it’s ok It’s literally on the water again (Last night in Kanchanaburi City is also like this!) Nui’s glasses just fell We ended up staying here Some locals recommended this place so we came Do you have catfish in the US Catfish are like this big and it has thicker skin We actually ended up not being able to go
to the Erawan Waterfalls today Because we just stop there
stop here and pretty much just chilled Took our time but tomorrow for sure, we’re going to the Erawan Waterfalls I hope you guys enjoyed this second day of Kanchanaburi vlog Subscribe to Way Beyond Padthai Channel I’ll see you guys in the next
video Cheers guys Morning guys! Look at how awesome Tha Kradan, Kanchanaburi is! See you in the next vlog for Erawan Waterfalls vlog!

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  2. MAAAAN I love sticky mango rice. IT"S DA BOMB!!!!. Can't wait till we get to Thailand in September. Totally psyched

  3. Every time I watch your videos, I want to hop on a plane and fly to Thailand and eat all those delicious food!

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