Degi Chana Pulao | White Gram Rice Recipe by Mr.  Chef (Urdu/Hindi) With English Subtitle

Degi Chana Pulao | White Gram Rice Recipe by Mr. Chef (Urdu/Hindi) With English Subtitle

Today’s special recipe is Cauldron white Chickpea (Gram) rice. Everyone loves White gram rice cooked in Cauldron, but its very hard to cook same taste rice at home. watch and follow today’s recipe, and enjoy white gram rice with same taste at home. it has very simple ingredients, these are 125gm white gram, dip in water for 6-12 hours and after that boiled before rice cooking. 1 normal size onion, 2 tomatoes, 3 to 4 green chili, all cut in small pieces. ginger paste, red chili crush, salt and ground spices as per your taste. first of all, get the onion fry brown in 1/2 cup hot oil for 2 to 3 minutes. then we will go for the next steps. onion has got brown, now add tomato, ginger paste and green chili, and get it mix well for 2 to 3 minutes. recipe mixture is crushed well. now add red chili and salt as per your taste, i have added 1 spoon red chili and 2 spoon salt. recipe mixture is ready now, its time to add boiled white grams. add it and mix it well. after 5 to 7 minutes fry, its time to add water. use the same water in which white grams were boiled, and add more water if necessary. water added now as per rice quantity. dont add extra water. after adding water, taste the salt and chili, i need to add some more salt as per my taste. after 2 to 3 minutes, when water get boiled, its time to add rice now. 1/2 kg rice, dip in water for 30 minutes before cooking, will be added in recipe now. add water level to the rice. dont add over level water. when water gets little dry, add mixed ground spices, so that it smells well in rice when cooked. water is dumped in rice now, its time to add dry grapes now. and close it at low level burner for final stage cooking for 15 minutes. open the cover after 15 minutes, now recipe is completed perfectly. same taste as cauldron white gram rice. today’s lunch meal is ready, i will enjoy it with my guest and family. get this meal with yogurt curd. you can add any food item extra in this recipe as per your taste, and make it more tasty for your meal. if you like my video, please share and like it, and also subscribe my Chanel to get up to date with new videos.

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