Did This Cannibal Couple Eat 30 People?

Did This Cannibal Couple Eat 30 People?

Today we are adding to Russia’s serial killer
Hall of Infamy, but this episode is somewhat different as it’s a very recent case. While we’ve featured Russia before in this
murky series with the story of the Chessboard Killer, we’ve also talked about Russian
cannibalism in our episode Cannibal Island. But those people on the latter island of death
resorted to eating each other out of sheer starvation and desperation, while the couple
in this video could be said to be the strangest and most sadistic people we’ve ever talked
about. Without further ado, welcome to this episode
of the infographics show, Russia’s horrific cannibal couple. Let’s get right down to it. On September 26, 2017, Time magazine ran a
headline that went, “A Russian ‘Cannibal Couple’ May Have Eaten up to 30 People, Investigators
Say.” The accompanying video told us, “A Russian
couple is accused of sedating, skinning alive and eating parts of as many as thirty people.” Over in Russia, RT started a headline with,
“Selfies with human remains.” But how did the story develop? Who were the couple? How long were they active and what happened
to them? This all started when a road crew in Russia
found a phone on the roadside. Of course, they were a bit nosey and so decided
to look at the gallery. What they found was disturbing to say the
least. The Washington Post tells us those guys did
some swiping and discovered photos of a man “with different parts of a dismembered human
body in his mouth.” They immediately contacted the authorities. This was September 11, 2017. The man and his wife were Natalia Baksheeva
(42) and Dmitry Baksheev (35). They lived at a military academy in the city
of Krasnador, which is around five hours away from the city of Sochi. Sochi is a medium-sized city on the coast
of the Back Sea in southern Russia. There are reports that some of the human meat
they made may have even been served up to the people at that military base, but we’ll
get around to that later. The couple were quick to admit what they had
done, although the BBC tells us that a body of at least one person was found at the base
where they lived. The couple told the cops they had killed as
many as thirty folks. The BBC writes in the second paragraph, “Police
confirmed a number of food and meat items discovered at their home were now being tested
for human DNA.” Then below that, “Caution: contains graphic
content.” It’s said a dismembered body was found at
their apartment, which in pictures and videos is about as messy as an apartment could get. What’s worse of course is what else was
found there, including a photo that was widely published of what looks like human remains
that had been pickled inside a jar. Some remains had not been subjected to pickling. The Investigative Committee of the Krasnodar
Territory were quick to issue a statement, saying, “Food fragments and frozen meat
pieces of unknown origin were seized in the kitchen.” It’s said the couple lured folks to their
place after finding them on dating sites. If you look at the couple the man is lean
and fairly muscular, and older photos show him looking like a man not to be messed with. One photo of Dmitry shows a mean-looking guy
with strong arms holding a hammer and a sickle. A kind of real-life rendition of the Soviet
flag. The wife, certainly in her younger years,
would definitely attract a lot of men. One of the couple’s friends was later interviewed
and she said, “If you put them side by side, they looked like the Beauty and the Beast.” It’s thought they had been killing for around
two decades. The BBC writes, “One photograph is dated
28 December 1999 and appears to show a human head on a serving plate with fruit.” Apparently, that was served for Christmas
dinner. The couple, it’s reported, used the tranquilizer
Corvalol to sedate their victims. Then the victims would be killed, and the
couple would go to work on their body parts. This at least is what investigators believed
they did, the story is not all that clear. One of the couple’s neighbors told the press
that she had not noticed anything unusual about them, only that Natalia had started
drinking more heavily after she lost her job as a medical worker. She said Dimitri was a construction worker. As we said, the couple admitted to the crimes
quickly, but still serial killers can’t always be taken for their word. Investigations did reveal that the number
thirty could well have been real as the police found at least 19 bits of flayed skin around
their apartment. Police also found disturbing photos, one of
which shows the decapitated head of a man with his hand stuffed into his mouth. The police also found a homemade video titled,
“Video lessons for cannibals.” But this information was all in the initial
reports, and then the media went quiet. This is surprising given the extent of the
crimes. Little by little other reports did emerge,
such as stories containing more photos, including the killers kissing and wrapped in an embrace. The Russian media talked about the last of
the victims, who was a 35-year old waitress by the name of Elena Vashrusheva. Apparently, that young woman was murdered
“in a fit of jealous rage” after she had allegedly flirted with Dimitri. Some reports said that inside jail Dimitri
had complained about not being able to see his wife, a person who he dearly loved. “It is obvious that he loves his wife very
much and worries about her,” said one human rights activist in Dmitri’s defense. It was then reported that the couple had retracted
their statements, saying they hadn’t killed as many people. Moreover, they denied eating people. The same activist told the press, “Dmitry
has heard that the newspapers have called him and his wife Natalia cannibals. I would not say that he was angry, his reaction
was more melancholic. But he fully denies having eaten human meat.” Hmm, so what about that head on a platter
and the human remains around the house? RT reports that Dimitri had told a story to
police wherein he had found a dismembered body in a forest. Of course, instead of telling authorities
he did the normal thing and took it home. He then photographed himself with the head,
and also holding a bunch of other body parts and putting some parts in his mouth. That’s how these photos ended up in the
hands of workmen after Dimitri had presumably lost that phone. Later more reports said that a man who went
by the name of Angel, a handsome hunk by all accounts, had been part of the gruesome murders. It’s said he was the lure for lonely women
looking at dating websites. He denied this, and it seems he was never
charged. Fast-forward to August 2018, and Britain’s
popular tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail reported that psychiatrists had declared that Natalia
was sane. That wasn’t too long before we are writing
this, and the Mail reports that the investigation is ongoing. Russian authorities have said that they are
still collecting evidence and as yet they are not willing to say that the couple were
mass murderers or even that they ate their victims. That was the latest report we could find. So, we have a phone with pictures of a dismembered
body starring in selfies with Dimitri. We have a confession of around 30 murders
and then a retraction. We have pickled body parts and 19 bits of
human skin. We have the dead body of a woman and a head
on a platter decorated with lots of oranges. But, you also have a friend of the couple
coming out and saying Dimitri was an “even-minded” guy and eating people just “wasn’t his
style.” She added that it could be like him to find
a dead body and take some pictures with its various parts. Apparently, Dmitri must have been a bit of
a joker, albeit one with a warped sense of humor. So, we’ll turn this over to you now and
ask you one question: What do you think happened here? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to check out our other video
Insane Ways the US Tried To Take Out Fidel Castro. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
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    How would you get out of this mess?

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