DIY Beauty | Kitchen Products That Make You Gorgeous! Huda Beauty | مكونات تجميلية في مطبخك!

DIY Beauty | Kitchen Products That Make You Gorgeous! Huda Beauty | مكونات تجميلية في مطبخك!

guys so today we wanted to do a really awesome video basically showing you how you could get really beautiful using your household products if you guys have followed my blog for a long time than you guys know from the past I used to do a DIY recipe every single day I used to call it vitamin HB because I just felt like there’s so many things that you could use in your kitchen cupboard that can actually make you more beautiful because of those really expensive products so we’ve grabbed some of our favorite kitchen products right here you can see there’s a ton in there we got some garlic some lemon potatoes apple cider vinegar cooking oil tumeric aspirin and we’re going to show you how these inexpensive very easily to find products can make you super super hot so one of my favorite things to do in the entire world anytime I break out all right get a blemish is to use aspirin and this one is particularly awesome it’s aspirin and vitamin C so it’ll be really great this will help brighten up the blemish too this is not necessarily available everywhere so you can just use a regular aspirin tablet if you want and squeeze a little lemon juice on it’ll be totally fine we’re gonna take the tablet and I’m only gonna use one and the first thing I’m going to do I’m going to actually crush it so I’m going to keep it in its plastic container if you don’t have a container like this you can just put in a bag and smash it that way it’ll totally work fine I’m gonna grab a jar just going to go ahead and smash this so I’m going to open this up I’m going to pour it you can see it’s like powder and I’m just pouring it into this glass it has a little bit of water so you can see it’s already bubbling up if you don’t want to use all but you can just put out a small amount and then actually just put a little bit water with it and then put it on the acne I’m going to mix it with water and show you how it will look afterwards it gets a little foamy and that’s totally fine but you want to be a little pasty I’m just going to go ahead and apply it whatever I see in it see below my chin and I’m just gonna rub it in and then after I rub it and I’m just going to put a small melt and leave it overnight the great thing about aspirin is it has salicylic acid in it and it has a lot of really great factors into that just help kind of dry out acne and also kind of renew the skin so this is really really great to do when you break out its kind of a much less invasive way to get rid of acne as well if you can’t find an aspirin with vitamin C you can definitely use lemon juice instead of water and that will work totally fine and hopefully you guys know how much I love coconut oil I recently colored my hair and it just can’t take bleach for whatever reason and it just always drives my hair out so badly so this is why I don’t color my hair that much but right now I just color here and I know how to treat it really really well to get it back to life I learned this from one of my friends who has been using this forever she said it’s very common in Indian culture you take the coconut oil take a tablespoon out you put it in the microwave or you put it in a glass surrounded by hot water so that it melts and then all you do is you put it in your hair and you just coat enough to where it kind of gets it saturated but not too oily and you let it sit overnight the next morning what you do is just wash it out and your hair will be so silky so smooth and it really does strengthen the hair as well which is really really fantastic and one thing that I love so much are the lemon likes it just like this and I cut it in half and then I just put a little bit of brown sugar on it after you’ve kind of blended the sugar in so that it stays on and then you can use this to scrub your elbows and your knees or you can actually use it to scrub your face and what this does is it helps brighten up your skin but it also helps eliminate any type of dead skin in any areas it really kind of helps exfoliate really naturally and not too intensely and also really helps with large pores around the nose so I actually love to use this around my nose my cheeks my chin my t-zone basically any areas that I have issues like this you can just basically grab it like this it’s so good it literally makes your skin so soft whatever’s left on your skin you can rub in and then eventually wash away but it works so well one of the best things I’ve ever learned from my mom was actually how great garlic can be for your nails my mom used to use it for antifungal so anytime your nail would get like a little fungus she would just use this and rub it on and it was like the best and fastest way to make sure your nails were clean and white and beautiful one of the best things about that as well is that it actually makes your nails grow super strong and beautiful this is a really great technique I talked about this a lot my blog basically all you need to do is take some clear nail polish slice the garlic up as we have here and grab a couple really small slices and put them inside the nail polish and this is clear nail polish and what you’re going to do is you’re going to use this as a meal hardener I usually like to use a whole half clove this is a little bit more but that’s totally fine they’re going to stuff this in shake it up looks like pickled garlic but it’s an at-home nail hardener and you can just use this to coat on top of your nails and you can do it once a week as often as you need it’s great because it also gets rid of the smell of the garlic yeah it smells lino Pasha mangawhai potatoes are one of my favorite ways to lighten your skin I literally use potatoes every single day I keep one next to my bedside and I know that sounds weird but I always use it before I go to bed I just feel like it really has felt me so much I like to use it in the morning when I wake up and actually before I go to bed one thing you can do is you can definitely take potatoes slice it in half and then all you should do is rub it on your knees and your elbows and this helps lighten up those areas I even like to rub it on my knuckles I feel like this helps so much I do this right before I go to bed you can use in your underarms if you have dark areas there potatoes are really really great at lining up skin they just have superpowers for brightening and tightening areas around the eyes you can also take a little bit of Taylor like this cut some slices shape it to your under eye and literally place it here and let it sit for 20 minutes and it will seriously brighten up your eyes potatoes have this super awesome ingredient in them called catechol a and which is this enzyme that basically kind of helps renew the skin and lines it in the process so it’s super awesome for that if you’re somebody that wants to do it on a daily basis instead of cutting the whole potato in half you could totally do that and put in the fridge or you can just chop off the top part and what I basically do is I cut off the top part and I keep going down so the potato is still a little bit fresh as I put it in the areas that I need to line this is a super awesome trick everybody needs to try many of you probably know that I swear by apple cider vinegar it’s one of my favorite things to use for a million reasons one thing I love to do is I actually like to put just a couple drops inside a huge bottle water and I actually use this to rinse my hair when I’m done washing it so after I’ve shampooed and conditioned I rinse with this apple cider vinegar and basically what it does is it makes your hair super shiny super full and it gets rid of any residue so if there’s any residue that’s working on your hair from any product that you’re using it will completely banish it and it makes your hair so so so shiny the only thing you need to take into consideration is it does slightly lighten your hair so if you’ve just recently colored your hair I would avoid easily as I’d probably opt for something like baking soda but this is super great it’s one of my favorite things to use and it’s supernatural it’s also fantastic at managing your peach level for your skin so if you have had like any type of facials anything that you’re a little nervous in might break you out take a little apple cider vinegar and mix it with equal parts of water put had in it and then just rub it on your skin and what it basically will do it’ll help balance out your skin so if your skin’s been a little abrupted this will help kind of relax everything and balance all of the craziness that may happen to your skin one of my favorite ingredients in the world okay I literally take tumeric pills every single day one of the reasons why I love tumeric is it really is so anti-inflammatory and it also has a lot of antioxidants so if you have any inflammation or if you basically just need to balance your whole body out this is your answer and there’s so many different facial masks that we can do some but you can use it to whiten your teeth you can use it to kind of calm your skin down there’s a million and one things if you guys want to see some facials let us know down below any DIY is using turmeric definitely let us know and a great thing about turmeric too is it’s so inexpensive I think this huge tub cost like just a couple of dollars so you know it’s a very inexpensive and super beautifying superfood from the earth so we love it honey is like basically the answer to so many things yes it’s also an anti-inflammatory one of the things I love to do with honey is if I ever have chapped lips the first thing I always reach for if I don’t have access to anything is honey you put it just a little bit of honey on your lips what’s going to happen is it’s just going to help all the inflammation if your lips are chapped and they’re really red it’s going to completely bring that down it’s also going to soothe it’s also going to kind of help there’s any infections it’s amazing a lot of times when I fly on flights my lips get super super dry and this is like one of the first things that I reach for because it’s so easy to get plus if you get a breakout it’s also one of those things that you can put on your breakout use a little Dermaroller put just a drop of honey with a q-tip on any areas where you have acne scarring and it will help fade that out it’s literally another one of those miracles from Earth that is just like incredible you can also use this to bathe with to make sure that you get really nice and clean if you have any kids or babies or anybody with super sensitive skin issues like eczema rosacea this is super awesome because it’s very natural and it’s also an antibacterial too so honey is one of Mother Nature’s like super ingredients and it’s super beautifying I’m gonna show you guys a really awesome facial mask that’s going to help improve radiance also get rid of any acne and just kind of help brighten up my skin so I’m gonna go ahead and take some of that coconut oil and scoop out a tablespoon it’s a little hard when you first take it out but I feel like it starts to get a little softer when it separates and now I’m just going to add a little of that honey into it and I’m mixing about equal parts of everything typically when I di di Weis I don’t really measure a lot of people want exact measurements but I’m just mixing equal parts of the coconut and the honey and then I’m probably going to add about half of that just a dash of the tumeric and I’m will add in as much as we need and you can see this has become a little pasty but once I put on the skin it’s going to be really really softened you know lighten up a lot I’m just gonna take just a small amount of the tomb right because turmeric is really powerful think that might be too much we’re gonna take just a small amount this is essentially a pinch and I’m just mixing everything out that’s when it’s really point you don’t want to add too much – mark – anything you do it’s always great if you go easy and you add more as you need to think about tumor gets it can stay in your skin so don’t put too much if your coconut oil is a little harder a little softer just try to whisk it gently my hair is back and we are going to go ahead and add these ingredients onto my face I’m just using my fingers my fingers are really clean and like I said it’s melting as soon as I put it on to my face once coconut oil just hits your body just kind of like melts right away does the same thing in your hair – it actually feels really really great it feels kind of like a little hydrating after I take this off I know that my skin will be super glowy it’ll be just very hydrated and more even toned and all these ingredients work together to really kind of balance out your skin really really well now I’m going to let this set and I’m just going to rinse it off with some warm water hopefully you guys enjoy this video make sure you guys subscribe check us out on Instagram and snapchat please also comment below if you guys want to see more videos using some DIYs or natural techniques definite let us know because we have a lot of those tips and we’ll see you next time bye guys you

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  1. As an esthetician I can say it's really not good to use pure lemon juice on your facial skin. It's very acidic and can cause other issues with your skin by throwing off the pH.

    Here you can get your beautiful and young skin only in 5 minutes a day without waste your money to buy any product or cream..
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  6. I have been using this mask and it is really amazing…you see the results once you wash your face..and the skin becomes super smooth and hydrated….thank you huda…you are seriously a love 💯

  7. Careful using lemons on your skin. Don’t leave it on for too long, and wash it off reeeeally well. If there is any leftover it will stain you skin, specially if you get sun, it leaves dark spots. And Apple cider vinegar and baking soda are very harsh, they can damages the hair. It is a good rule o thumb to always do more research before following beauty tips.

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  10. If you have acne DONT PUT COCONUT OIL ON YOUR FACE because it is the highest level of comedogenic oils and will clog your pores. Buy FRACTIONATED coconut oil for your face but if you have acne research non comeogenjc oils for your face as comeogenic ones will make you break out 🙂

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  16. I use coconut oil everyday, i use it for my hairs on every night nd I use it as a night moisturizer every day nd I swear I don't get any kind of acne or any skin problem even though I don't use any kind of moisturizer in day not even a sun screen. And u can mix a green tea powder with a milk nd make a semi thick paste nd apply it on face put it on a face for 25/30 mins nd then wash it away, I swear u will get a really glowing skin which doesn't need a makeup at all.

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