Do You Want Me Back? | Eating With My Ex: Bogdan & Sarah

Do You Want Me Back? | Eating With My Ex: Bogdan & Sarah

To be honest, I think that we can
maybe pick up from where we left
Hmm.Sarah and I were together
for about a year and a half.
He is a very handsome man,
when I first met him, very tall.
And he’s got a nice, slim physique.And obviously I couldn’t help but
admire her curves, all that cookie
You know what I’m saying?I was
like, “Oh, I could get used to
We broke up towards
the end of last summer.
I was working three, four jobs.It was just quite hard
separating the time
and having time for everything.Looks good.I just felt like something
had to change.
I did think in the future that we
would get married,
so maybe that might be something
that we discuss.
Now that it’s been just over a year,maybe things have
changed on his side.
I definitely think it has
changed on my side.
I’m going to hope for the best,
let’s say.
Would you say that I was the right
person at the wrong time?
Of course, you were always
the right person, you know,
I’ve still got the bracelet
that you got me.
You did make a massive difference
in me when we were together,
especially because it was just
after my accident.
Just before I met Bogdan, I was
involved in an accident, which
resulted in this scar on my chin.I believe that everyone should feel
comfortable in the body that
they’re in.
One of the first things he said to
me was, “I really found your
scar beautiful.”
And I was, like, so shocked because,
during that time,
I did have some
insecurities about it.
I don’t even notice it any more.And I do actually think, “Oh,
kind of adds a little bit of danger
“to bubbly Sarah.”
We were perfect for each other,
but it’s a shame that it was just
wrong timing.Obviously we had a lot
of things going on at the same
time as trying to
build our relationship.
That’s true.We didn’t have enough
time for each other,
and I don’t think that’s acceptable,
But I feel like that’s
part of a relationship, like,
things are unpredictable,
things happen.
Maybe we could have made each
other a priority.
Yeah, but I kind of thought,
like, towards the end,
the last couple of months, like,
the trust thing was kind of breaking
Trust was the main issue.I would say, yes, I am a jealous
person, I can be at times.
It drove me crazy because I can’t…
I honestly can’t be with
someone that doesn’t
have 100% trust in me.
But I do get worried that somebody
else might steal my man, I guess.
Jealousy isn’t something that
I take lightly.
Like, you shouldn’t be jealous,
I shouldn’t be jealous.
Obviously I know I was going to
a lot more parties, and obviously I
know that I was kind of interacting
with females, let’s just say.
But I always tried to assure
you that there was, like, a limit.
Any girl is going to be
worried about her handsome boyfriend
being around all these gorgeous
other models and actors, because
just, maybe just my own
insecurities, but really and truly,
I did trust you.
I didn’t feel that, though,
I honestly didn’t feel that, like.
Wow, thank you.
This is nice, thank you.
What do you think, honestly, that we
could have done better?
I don’t really think that you have a
lot of negatives.
You might as well split one out.
What do you mean?
If I really have to say!Go on.Your negatives are your big feet.Negatives, yeah? OK, OK, OK.Trying to make me feel awkward now,
Do you think we have any issues
in our relationship? Any big issues?
Honestly?Careful. I’ve got a fork.SHE LAUGHSI think, to be honest,
you are quite judgmental.
Bogdan mentioned that
I was quite judgmental, and I was
kind of taken aback because I feel
like I’m such an open book,
I’m really open towards people from
different backgrounds and cultures.
So that might be something
I need to take a look at in myself.
Do you still think about me?
Of course I do.
I’m kind of shy to say it, but I
have missed you, of course I have,
you know.
From when we split up,I thought that we had a mutual
understanding that this was
only for a short period of time,
it was not a permanent decision.
Personally, I just don’t expect
anything from today.
If there’s no connection there,
at this moment in time,
then I can just move on and,
you know…
To be honest, I think that wecan maybe pick up from where we left
HE LAUGHSIf you were happy to.Hmm.I guess I didn’t expect her to come
out that quickly with saying,
“Yeah, I want to be back together, I
want to do this, I want to do that.”
You are the only guy that I’ve ever
really wanted to have a future with.
And settle down with,
get married and have kids with.
I’m still not fully at the place
that I wanted to be at, in terms of,
like, my self-confidence and my
self-belief. I still kind of feel
I don’t think there’s anything
wrong with that, though.
But I don’t feel that. That’s…I don’t feel like that’s your weight
to carry, so to speak.
It’s never been nothing to do with
you, do you know what I’m trying to
say? It’s always been either we
haven’t had time, or it’s just notbeen correct because my mindset’s
not correct, do you know what I
That’s not the answer I wanted to
but I guess I’ll accept
it for now.
Well, I did find today
different from what I expected,
I thought he was going to be really
light-hearted, but we ended
up speaking about some of the issues
we had when we were together.
I still appreciate her as a person,
I still respect her.
But at the moment,
where I am right now, I think
it’s more about me building myself.It just makes me feel like I maybe
need to be the one to
kind of pursue him this time,
maybe he wants me
to do the chasing instead of the
other way round when we first met.

100 thoughts on “Do You Want Me Back? | Eating With My Ex: Bogdan & Sarah

  1. Sarah, you are a very beautiful woman ….don't chase any man ever….. We are not designed to be hunters, men are designed for the hunt. It's the hunting that " stimulates the man in a " primordial" way and if you take that THRILL away , then I'm sorry to say it will not end well for you.
    Let him go, he isn't interested in you anymore.
    Some one else will " chase" you and that will be awesome

  2. She needs to love herself first 🙂 jealousy is mostly insecurity. Be happy in your own skin first and know that you've got so much to give. You're beautiful and have a lovely spirit. Let him chase you.

  3. the way he looks at her. could turn her into stone.

    evil looks. run away girl. you are sooo no reading him well.

  4. She probably brought him down to the point he's happier alone and feels relieved… She probably put too much pressure on him to be "perfect for her"… She gives me them vibes so hard. Especially when he said she's judgemental…

  5. 2:15 She already had her answer. No need to waste time let him find a chick who doesn't have the insecure jealousy trait…

  6. Girl give it a rest he clearing trying to say you were a hit it and quit it, don't make yourself look anymore desperate 🤦🏾

  7. I was kind of in the same situation. Was dating this guy and I could tell he wasnt into me much anymore but he wouldnt actually come out and say it, and I was madly in love with him. In the end I had to break up with him which hurt so much but staying with someone who clearly doesn't have the same feelings hurts even more..

  8. he got with her at her most vulnerable moment and he was the actual knight in shining armour who saved her from the insecurities about her scar so all the positive things that happened since then will always be tied to him. Every time she looks at the scar and thinks about how comfortable she feels about it, it will always evoke memories of him. He should have helped her build up as a friend first and date her when she was strong. I also find it cringeworthy when I see a guy who revels in how they look, i've modelled for money before but even then you wouldnt know until you saw pictures of me on promotions. I just feel bad for her, she is clay in his hands and he gets off the fact that "ohh i got this and that woman who find me attractive".. smh

  9. I honestly appreciate the honesty from him. He could have led her on and continued to be the person that he is.

  10. Am sorry. Lady this guy is letting you know that he is going to blind himself. You should do that too as well. Maybe you will find out something you never know about yourself… lady's please do wait on anyone to plan your next step in life…

  11. Girls there are three steps to get over a person you have so much feeling for. One : Do not talk about him or say is name. You will not feel anything. Two: Get upset and let everything out. You can go to the gym or start dancing. Three: Do something new everyday. Things you never feel you would have done…

  12. She a beautiful soul but she validated him too soon and too much. They all want to be loved utill they notice you love them and start acting hard to get.

  13. Okay this is like the 4th video where a beautiful black queen is interested with a pasty ass big forehead having white dude that wasn’t. What is going on.

  14. Idk the way she can't read the signs that he isn't interested, stays insisting, and even the way she reacts to the question at 3:29 ("careful, a fork") rubs me the wrong way. She seems like the insecure, jealous, and emotionally manipulative type. I'd understand why that would get exhausting

  15. Girl move on he is not interested in you anymore. He's more interested in his food than you. She's an beautiful woman and can do so much better. Your ex is an EXample of what to not to EXpect in your future! There's someone out there for you, waiting for you!

  16. I wouldn't day he isnt interested bes just focused on himself more … self love and growth. And since hes not focusing on her as much she should focus on her growth at this time too then maybe their time will come in the future …& if not she'll see who she truly is what she really wants & will move forward… date others

  17. He’s a Model! Of course he wasn’t ready for a relationship! Or he’s probably like me just doesn’t go backward only forward!! 🤷🏽‍♀️

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  23. This could have been better if… you know… they have gone out like once before this meet up with intense questions.. like a meet up where they just ask each other what they have been up to.. a setting where things are light. Idk if that is possible.. but here we are now.

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  27. you can tell by the way he looks at her that he’s not THAT into her anymore. she’s chasing him , while she should be working on herself . she needs to be comfortable w herself & being by herself

  28. never tell a guy how you want to settle down and get married- he needs to come to terms with that himself- she scared him away

  29. I think she's idealizing the relationship. Sometimes after a while, we forget the problems in the relationship, because we are so far removed from it.

  30. Why would I eat with my ex? And try and woo him back? If a woman is secured, just eat the food. If he likes you, he will chase you! He will miss you if you behave like a woman and let your self be chased!!!!! She too forward.

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  32. I don’t knw why but he’s giving me all bad kinda vibes. She’s expecting him again in her life, he isn’t though. He came there to get rid of her.
    Move on girl, life gives you more than you deserve

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  34. She is beautiful and so sweet and charming.  He should not walk away from the best thing that may ever happen to him.  🙁

  35. His not into her anymore his moved on. She on the other hand is dillusional abouy the issues they have. She also hasn't even begun to heal from the relationship. She just wants to be with him and it's sad.

  36. why is everyone in the comments saying she’s being too desperate and throwing herself at him? i don’t see it . she’s being polite and asking simple questions if it could work out or not . SOMETHING ALLLLL OF YALL GIRLS WOULD DO IF YALL WAS WIT YOUR EX WAS IN FRONT OF YOU AFTER MISSING THEM . if the girl had love for this dude then it’s still there … and all y’all know that guys move on mentally and physically waaaay quicker than us females . she’s still attached , ion think it’s a bad thing and i don’t think he was being rude about it at all . if it’s not there then it’s not . but what can go wrong with just simply asking ? she just asked a question and y’all coming for her lol it’s disturbing . grow up .

  37. As a man with years of experience, he is not into you Lady. You ll regret it for the rest of your life if you settle down with this particular dude. The beginning might be interesting but sooner or later, you ll be left alone with your feelings in pains while he walks away with ease. Think with your head instead of your pussy Fool. Only interested in your curves…

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