Does Red Meat cause Cancer?

Does Red Meat cause Cancer?

– Sup everybody, Maik Wiedenbach here. Is red meat dangerous? So, big disclaimer, I’m not
a doctor, I’m not an MD. So, I’m just a bipolar bodybuilder, so whatever you get out of
this video is up to you. And also, this video is not for the vegans or for the only carnivores, so these sides are probably
gonna get pissed off. So is red meat dangerous? I mean, that has been the topic of… Since I’m in the fitness industry
like at least for 15 years it’s like, it will kill
you instantaneously, it’ll cause cancer, it will
do this, it will do that, what do we really know? And the answer is, the data is very, very thin and shaky. Why? People say like, oh
there’s a study that shows red meat causes cancer. It’s like, no there’s not, there’s not. ‘Cause imagine what that would entail. That would entail you
taking two groups of people and one group you feed red meat, and the other group you don’t, and you keep them under lock and key for let’s say, ten years, and you watch this group develop cancer and this group not. How would you get approval for that? Maybe North Korea, okay. So what we have are observational studies, which rely on self reporting. So the biggest study that was conducted from 2006, people handed in a
questionnaire every two years as to what they ate and
then we draw conclusions about their health. If in the fitness industry, and you have ever asked for a food log, for three days, you know how
much self reporting sucks. People are notoriously
bad at reporting back. It’s not that they lie, but they forget. Raise your hand if you
remember your Sunday lunch. Most people have no idea
and forget two years. To get data from such
a large group of people for 20 years, that I don’t
even know where we do this. Like observational studies for food are really, really pointless. For the simple reason is, too many other factors play in such as; genetically predisposition
to heart attack, this person smoke, was he
overweight, did he workout, did he drink alcohol, and
so and so forth, you know. So you can’t pinpoint
something as complex as cancer or a heart attack on consuming red meat. So, the observational
studies that came out goes for pretty much any food, they are really pretty much useless. Because like I said, to
get data from 50,000 people over a decade, well,
best of luck with that. Okay, so that’s point one. Point number two. There’s also never been
a clear distinction as to what kind of red
meat are we talking about, because I can go down
on 57th street and Lakes and get if I’m a very brave person, a hot dog from the street and eat that, or I walk two blocks up
and I go to Whole Foods and I get grass-fed beef. So now they’re both red meat, and there’s actually McDonalds in between, but I think we can all agree on that they probably gonna affect your
body quite differently, right? So, unless we start to
distinguish what kind of red meat was consumed, that’s also
gonna be a huge roadblock. Red meat has a lot of benefits right? There’s B6, there’s B12,
there’s zinc, there’s iron, there’s creatine, grass-fed has omega 3s, so it’s actually a very healthy food. Now, what about randomly
controlled trials. So, they have shown that
there is very, very little benefit of switching away from red meat. Now keep in mind, everything I say, I say in the sense of health. It’s not about the planet
or your spirituality or what you believe
happens to the animals, those are completely different things. So, the ecological
impact on eating red meat is undeniable. I mean there’s no two ways about it. But that is not a topic of the video. So, basically, there was
an increased mortality rate of four people out of 1,000 over 11 years. So here’s the thing. So, there is a very, very small benefit of switching away from red meat. But that benefit doesn’t
mean that everybody gets the benefit, so those four people that
suffered cardiac arrest I assume, they probably could’ve
yielded a huge benefit, if they had consumed less red meat. So, the takeaway from
all this is common sense. If you are in good physical
shape, if you don’t smoke, if you eat plenty of
fruits and vegetables, and you consume high quality red meat, you’re most likely gonna be okay. If you are obese, you go to McDonalds, and you’re eating fries and a burger and milkshake and a soda, then actually that red meat
patty was the healthiest thing you have consumed. So the majority of
illnesses such as diabetes, certain cancers, heart attack, are simply caused by excess
fat storage, right, obesity. How obesity was quote
on quote accomplished, is actually secondary. So, a diet that’s full of
whole foods, non-processed, will make you leaner,
will make you healthier. In the end, things come down to calories. For instance, the quote on
quote Mediterranean diet, if there is such a thing,
is probably good idea. But Italy also has the
fattest kids in Europe. Why? ‘Cause they eat too much, right. In conclusion, the data
shows nothing alarming. So red meat is not a carcinogen
such as tobacco or nicotine. If consumed in moderate
proportions, higher quality, and you combine it with
a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be okay. Now, the ethical and
ecological considerations, that is another video. But that is something I’m
not privy to talk about, simply because I’m an omnivore. Okay, and I stand by that, my code.

10 thoughts on “Does Red Meat cause Cancer?

  1. I quit eating meat for 1 year…l lost 20 pounds…but I was unhappy. I started eating red meat again, I regained 5 pounds but I’m happy.

  2. red meat is the only meat that makes me feel better. other meats do not effect me the same way as red meat. red meat builds red blood cells, has good amount of magnesium, zinc for testosterone, natural creatine, a lot of natural b vitamins, omegas, and i can't think of the rest of the good stuff it has, and it also puts me in a good mood along with creating some energy. remember, the silver era original old school bodybuilders would mostly eat red meats to build their very aesthetic strong muscular bodies along with milk and eggs,,, the original natural steroid like muscle foods, i'm sure their foods were better than what we have today, and oh yeah, they ate liver too, whether cooked it or in tablet form. brewers yeast as well. so,,,,,,, take it from them.

  3. Loved the North Korea comment, very educational and think this will enlighten people as to think about the real science behind all subjects, not just about red meat, made me realise more about this data x

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