Dongeun’s limitless eating at a beef buffet [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.15]

Dongeun’s limitless eating at a beef buffet [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2019.12.15]

(They leave to go eat lunch) (They’re tired from waking up so early) Tell me what you want to eat. King crab. Do you want to eat king crab? Yes. What else? Squid? (He gathers the employees’ opinions) All seafood sounds good. Right. We’re near the ocean so we should eat seafood. What else would we eat? You’re not the type of person that’d agree so easily to go eat something. Unlimited beef tartare. They even have unlimited beef tartare? (Shameless Yang) Where are the king crabs? I knew the boss the longest out of everyone here. The answer is already there. He gave us hope and dreams as we were traveling in the car but something felt weird. He already had a choice in mind. The answer’s already set. Why did he ask them? It’s hard if they don’t eat protein for one or two days. He’s using protein as an excuse. (He’s worried about the loss of muscle) We only ate vegetables at the temple. I really wanted to eat beef. How pitiful. (We’re worried for the meat restaurant) – This restaurant? / – Yes. (Looking at the menu) (Two different options with a $2 difference) Should we only eat one serving each? No. I’m sure that we’ll eat more. How about beef tartare? – We should go with unlimited refills. / – Beef tartare? Yes. You don’t think you’ll get full? – It’s a waste to leave the food. / – Not at all. Unlimited raw beef is the best. It’s a $2 difference. We should eat tartare, it only costs $2 more. $10. Do people give out $10 in the street? (There goes Stingy Yang) They even have unlimited raw pork belly. What? (He changes from beef to pork all of a sudden) – It’s cheaper. / – They have pork belly. Dongeun, let’s eat unlimited pork belly. Not beef? (We’re not eating beef?) You like pork. She likes beef. Let’s eat unlimited raw beef. We’ll take the unlimited raw beef. Alright. They can eat tartare with just $2 more. (Goodbye, tartare) He generously decided to buy us food, so it would’ve been nice if he spent just $2 more. Right, we were already here. – He could’ve just cooly… / – Right. Bought us delicious food. Something smells good. (When customers order unlimited food…) (They get a plate of stone steak per table) Stone steak. Oh, they get one plate of stone steak. (Here’s the beef) – Thank you for the food. / – They give a lot of food. Thank you. Yum. (Yum) If you just look at the way that they look, besides Boss Yang, no one else seems like… – They can eat a lot. / – They don’t know yet. – The boss doesn’t know yet. / – Right. The owner is suffering from a terrorist attack right now. (The biggest challenge that this restaurant has faced) (The last piece of steak) Should we just tear this with our mouths? (Mine) Isn’t it still raw? It must be hot. (I should’ve grabbed it first) That’s really what her face is saying. I think we can cook it now. It seems hot enough. Let’s eat. (What should I cook first?) (Sizzling) (Escaping vegetables for the first time in 2 days) I don’t think that it’s cooked yet. (She can’t hear her) It doesn’t look like it’s cooked but she’s just eating it. (Boss Yang eats a piece using tongs) I feel like I can survive now since I’m eating meat. – Right? / – Yes. (Eats a piece) Is there a time limit here? We won’t be able to eat forever. There’s a 2-hour time limit. We need to eat quickly. She’s feeling rushed. 2 hours? Eat quickly. 2 hours? How long have we been here? I think it’s been about 30 minutes. (Quickly, Dongeun) She burned her whole mouth. (The desperate struggle for meat) (Boss Yang’s team’s way to eat meat) (Seongsu forces it in) He’s forcing it in. I think he ate about 120g. It tastes good. (He endlessly eats the meat with lettuce wraps) Hurry up and eat. (Meat, stew, meat, kimchi, eating various foods) The owner will be thankful if she eats stew. (She eats meat nonstop) Nonstop. She’s eating meat nonstop. (The monster with tongs) He’s eating continuously. (Mouths are only for eating) They’re not even talking. They’re not talking because there isn’t much time. (They might as well be eating alone) They’re not even talking. (The only time when they talk…) This is so funny to watch. One more plate of meat, please. One more plate of meat, please. It’s a fight between the restaurant’s owner and them. (They’re already on their second plate) If you eat slowly, you’ll get full. You need to eat quickly to eat a lot. How harsh. (Eating at the speed of light) (They clear three plates in an instant) That was so harsh. (I’m still hungry) (A serious atmosphere) It doesn’t look like a good atmosphere. They don’t look happy. Boss, can I order rice? Eat more meat. It’s $1 for a bowl of rice. Do you normally not eat rice while you eat meat? – I add rice and meat. / – Right? You add rice? Right. I can usually eat more meat with rice. (Jeongtae suddenly stands up) Can you give me… – One bowl of rice? / – You can pay for it later. I need to pay for it now. My boss told me not to eat rice. – He gave them $1. / – I’ll just pay for it right now. He’d rather pay with his own money. (He returns victoriously with a bowl of rice) This is hot. Where did you get that from? What? Where did you get the rice from? I bought the rice with my own money. Hey, kid. How does that make me look? It’s embarrassing. It makes you look like a person trying to save $1. Don’t most people eat rice as they eat meat? The rice cost $1, so I just bought it. When you eat carbohydrates, you get full faster than when you just eat meat. I was just trying to feed them more meat. That bowl of rice doesn’t cost much. It had nothing to do with the money. Right, it’s really not much. One more plate of meat? Oh, my God. It hasn’t been two hours yet? (Has two hours always been this long?) One more plate of meat, please. (Jeongtae’s table is finally on their second plate) Thank you. He just sets it on the table and leaves. Boss. (Boss Yang’s table orders more meat as well) One more plate of meat, please. Isn’t that infuriating? Hold on. Look at their faces. They don’t look happy. The boss’s mother appeared. They’re having an emergency meeting. Everyone came to the meeting. It’s an emergency. (How many plates of meat did they end up eating?) – Is it a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant? / – 7 plates. (They’re on their 7th plate) How many grams of meat are on one plate? About 600 to 700g. 7 times 7 is 49. This adds up to 4.9kg? (The other table only ate 1.4kg of meat) (They ate a total of 6.3kg so far) How much is it per person? – $20. / – It was $20 per person. Was it $20.90? So you paid for 600g worth of meat and ate 5kg of meat. Are you sure that you’re Christian? (A true scene of greed) – Instructor. / – What? I want to eat beef tartare. (Pretending to not have heard her) – If you eat all of this, I’ll order one. / – Wow. (No way, this is her 7th plate of meat) They’re on their 7th plate. I’m getting sick of it just watching them eat. – Will you really order it for me? / – Yes. (The top of the grill is filled with meat) (She eats quickly) She’s doing that to eat tartare. (Let’s eat tartare!) What’s going on? (The meat is disappearing) Think of the owner of that restaurant too. They ate it all. (They finish it cleanly) You really ate it all. (You’re amazing) He’s glaring at her. It was my first time eating meat with Dongeun. How can you eat so well? I was very surprised. It looked like you were obsessed with protein. Obsessed with protein. I think that my appetite for meat exploded after not eating it for two days. She’s such a funny character. (We find out something new about her every day) (The tartare has arrived) It’s my first time seeing her smiling. (I’m so happy) (The protein fighter) Does this make sense? Is she eating that by herself? You have room for that? (Yes, I’m going to eat it all by myself) (The tartare disappears in an instant) (Are you really a human?) From all the times that I’ve seen Dongeun eat, she ate the least amount of food today. I don’t think that she felt very good today. She can usually eat more but I don’t think that she felt so great today. Yes. (How high is Dongeun’s limit?) Let’s go. Thank you for the food. – Thank you for the food. / – Thank you. How much is the total? Five people, four drinks, two stone steaks and one beef tartare. The rice was paid for separately. It was $20 each right? $20 something? It cost $500 for 20 servings. Yes. They ate more than 20 servings here. (6.3kg of beef, 120g of tartare) It’ll be fun to watch the two teams compete. They ate 6.3kg of food. They ate 43 servings? (How much is the total?) $142.20. $142.20? – It’s so cheap. / – I feel so bad for her. It’s the cost of one king crab. It’s no joke. It costs this much for one person to eat Korean beef in Seoul. It’s really cheap. Her face is telling him to leave quickly. (I understand, so leave) Thank you. – Thank you. / – We’ll come often. – Alright, thank you. / – Goodbye. – Goodbye. / – Goodbye. “We’ll come often?” She should tell them to never come again. (They departed on this trip) (To strengthen their resolve) (After traveling a long way) (They arrived at the thousand-year-old temple) (He learned modesty as the leader) (And they spent time speaking about their concerns) (They’re more mentally prepared for the competition) (And they increased their muscles as well) (Boss Yang and his employees, to be continued)

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  1. I feel bad for the owner if i am the owner i would probably explode~.~,i mean true its unlimited but they kinda should had consider that the food is not only for them and the owner feelings idk but i found it kinda rude

    This is not a hate comment just an opinion..❤❤❤

  2. The boss should stop being such a cheapskate at everything they do it made his own employee felt uncomfortable/annoyed

    I mean i know he wanted to safe money but u know theres a limit..🙁🙁

    Edit: from where im from(which is also an asian country)its quite normal to treat ur friends and employee eventhough its super expensive they dont show "the dont eat too much because its expensive" because its kinda shows u as person this case being OVERLY stingy.its kinda complicated .but if someone did a party or something with being OVERLY stingy and it shows, people will get uncomfortable and not wanting to go visit to their house anymore,believe me i know…this is not a hate comment its just things that i realised growing up ❤❤❤

  3. I do agree that I think the boss could’ve spend 2 more dollars that’s not a lot and like when they wanted rice but I don’t feel bad for the owner it is unlimited refills for 2 hours it’s the same as if ur in buffet and u try to eat the most as u can also I feel like people have to realize those clips of them eating is usually one clip or two clips that are repeated over and over if u focus u can notice that so basically they ordered the unlimited refill so they should get as much as they want cause they’re getting worth the deal and now I’m not saying they are normal amounts no they had a lot of meat but like they’re all bodybuilders etc so they eat a lot like u can’t call them greedy for eating that much it’s like not right I do feel bad for the owners maybe a little bit cause that was a surprise for them but the boss and the others did nothing wrong my personal opinion u don’t agree with it it’s cool

  4. This show doing great marketing for free for that restaurant so i hope they can earn more and more after this show air. Dear restaurant owner, hwaiting 💪💪

  5. Me and my friends when to eat all you can restaurant which is Korean restaurant,but I ended up having stomachache cause I couldn't manage to eat too much meat.

  6. The last part I thought my other phone was suddenly playing aoa come see me song and I was so shoooooooooooooook.

  7. 사실 무한리필 식당을 하시려면 식사량이 일반인보다 많은 손님도 어느정도는 예상하고 감수 해야하는거 아닌가요? 똥씹은 표정 하지말고 차라리 가격을 좀 더 올려 받던가. 미국에서도 저런식의 무한리필 한국식당 가서 두어번 시키고나서 식당 종업원들 이나 메니져나 사장들 똥씹은 표정 하고있으면 밥맛 떨어지죠. 미국에 있는 대부분의 식당들은 팁문화가 있어서 똥씹은 표정하고 시큰둥 하게 서빙하면 개인적으로 테이블에 1센트동전 하나 놔두고 옵니다. 엿먹으라고…

  8. Compared to coach hyun that always paid a fprtune to each meal,i wonder why he didnt go to buffet resto,maybe because he dont want to be looked as stingy?he also got badmouthed a lot with the way he eat but at least he paid fair and square!

  9. Coach Hyun eat a lot too but i enjoy it. Maybe because coach Hyun not stingy?

    But it's different with Dongeun and Yang sajang, woahh it's so rude of them

    Whatever it's feels so rude to me

  10. The boss is a real cheapskate and the gal is a Super glutton. If they can and are going eat so much, it is really not right that they pay for eat as much as you want. Shame on them all. The old lady was right to tick him off. What a shame!

  11. Gluttony and greed. I hope the production paid additional to the restaurant owner. It may seems funny but it is loss to the owner.

  12. I swear if you keep on posting vids where she and her boss wss included, you would wurely get a lot of money from us 🤣

  13. Lolll I didn't eat rice too if I went to a buffet as here it worth two days food expenses. Its either beef or seafood only😂

  14. grandmas roasting boss yang will always be my favorite part. like they only say real things like a diff grandma last time saying you have to let others make money if you want to make money

  15. A lot of people are complaining about how they went to a buffet, paid their initial price, and ate a lot. Isn't that exactly what other places do? You pay a certain amount of money and then stuff your face, except you leave food unlike them who finished it all. You're no better. And to the people saying that it's greed and gluttony, every buffet works like that. Please think before complaining about the fact that they went to a buffet and ate a lot of food for a cheap rice. That's what a buffet is for dude.

  16. 저런 여친 생기면 식비는 자체해결하라고 권할 것 같음,안그러면 부녀관계로 되버릴듯,그리고 저런 집에서는 운듕부나 피츠니스클럽직원은 출입금지라고 붙여나야 될듯 싶네요 ㅎㅎ

  17. I don't really know the culture in Korea. But, do bosses really buy employees lunch and dinner? Because in Malaysia, we spend our money for our food because boss already gives us salary. If bosses want to treat us, that would be a bonus

  18. is that really a lot of meat? it looked little on that plate and since theyre only eating meat and not rice or other stuff, I dont think thats a lot of plates… Im sure an individual can have at most 2 plates of meat per person

  19. Fangirling over AOA's 'Come See Me' instrumental towards the end of the video 😀 Must support my queens wherever and whenever possible

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