Don’t Eat At Texas Roadhouse Again Until You Watch This

Don’t Eat At Texas Roadhouse Again Until You Watch This

If you have yet to experience the glory of
Texas Roadhouse, there are a few things you should know before going. From knowing about all the free food you can
expect to their special birthday celebrations, be prepared for the best steakhouse meal you’ve
had in a long time. There is so much meat served at Texas Roadhouse
that every location has their own butcher who cuts steaks by hand, and hand-cut, never
frozen steaks are always going to be better than the alternative. Every restaurant has a giant meat cooler,
too, where the meat is kept at a temperature of 34 degrees. They serve everything from ribeyes to filets
to prime rib and New York Strips, along with a ton of other meaty dishes, so you know you’re
getting the real, fresh deal. “Chops done.” “Wasting meat’s a crime.” “Well, it should be.” “OK, then.” “OK, then.” “Ok, then.” One Redditor, who says they work in meat prep
for Texas Roadhouse, had this to say about the quality of the meat: “I don’t buy it so I can’t say as to the cost
but the quality of it is good. The steaks would be the highest grade, then
the leftovers from them are used for the kabobs and Dillo bites…so it may not be the best
meat ever but it is good.” Texas Roadhouse spends over a $1 billion on
meat annually, and the restaurants serve USDA Choice, which means the meat has been graded
by the USDA, and are cuts of meat described like this: “High quality, but has less marbling than
Prime. Choice roasts and steaks from the loin and
rib will be very tender, juicy, and flavorful and are suited for dry-heat cooking.” “Roaring fires. MALT BEER. R-R-RED MEAT OFF THE BONE!” Not too bad, right? Texas Roadhouse also says their beef suppliers
are leaders in sustainable beef production practices, which means that the delicious
steak you order has to come from a cow that was raised responsibly. According to Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner, “[Sustainable beef] balances efficient production
with environmental, social and economic impacts.” Consumers can do their part in helping with
sustainability, too, they explain. Even though beef only makes up 20 percent
of wasted food, if that were, quote, “cut in half, the sustainability of the whole industry
could be improved by 10 percent.” That just means that you need to be sure and
eat the leftover steak you bring home from Texas Roadhouse, if there is any. And that? Well, that’s unlikely. In addition to hand-cutting steaks and making
those yummy rolls from scratch, Texas Roadhouse also makes all their sides items, salad dressing,
and even croutons in-house. This matters because a lot of large chain
restaurants don’t bother with cooking their food from scratch, as Money, Inc explains
: “In most cases, when a restaurant chain grows
as large as this one has, they take shortcuts in preparing meals that feature some prepackaged
or frozen ingredients that are microwaved or heated in some other way and served.” But creating food from scratch is part of
the recipe for Texas Roadhouse’s success, and according to FSR Magazine, Travis Doster,
the company’s senior director of communications, has said, “If you think about it, Kent [Taylor, the
founder of Texas Roadhouse] wanted to serve food he was proud of. Well, the men and women running our restaurants,
they have that same mentality.” And being proud of the food you serve your
customers is probably difficult when all you’re doing is dumping some frozen vegetables on
a plate and sticking them in the microwave. Thank goodness Texas Roadhouse doesn’t do
it that way. If you’re looking for a place to have a quiet
night out, you might want to go somewhere else because Texas Roadhouse is a rowdy, loud,
fun place. And they like it that way. According to founder Kent Taylor, the restaurant
was built on a foundation of fun. He’s said: “If your employees are having fun, they are
going to have fun with the guests.” Employees have been known to line dance, even
if it is against the law. Say what? Servers at a Wichita location line danced
every hour on the hour, even though it was technically illegal, thanks to an obscure
city ordinance that said a restaurant that served alcohol couldn’t also allow dancing
without a permit. “There was a time for this law, not anymore. See, this is our time to dance.” Thank goodness they finally had the permit
approved! If you’re celebrating your birthday at Texas
Roadhouse, you don’t just get the standard birthday song, you get the birthday song sung
to you while under a spotlight. After that, servers bring out a saddled sawhorse
for the diner to sit on while other customers are encouraged to yell “yee-haw” at them. Sound like your kind of birthday celebration? In addition to the buckets of peanuts in the
waiting area and at your table, you also get free rolls before your meal even arrives. Delicious, warm, baked in-house rolls. They come out of the oven every five minutes
and fortunately, they are more than happy to bring you extra. Even better than the bread is the homemade
cinnamon butter served along with it. It’s a big perk, and people are obsessed with
these rolls. How obsessed? One Twitter user said, “When I die…bury me with Texas roadhouse
rolls.” Another lamented, “I cried last night because we accidentally
left our rolls at Texas Roadhouse.” But probably the best advice of all was uttered
by the Twitter user who said, “Get you a man that chooses Texas Roadhouse
rolls over Red Lobster biscuits.” You can afford to have a favorite item at
Texas Roadhouse, because chances are it will still be on the menu 20 years from now. Texas Roadhouse knows what works for them
and their customers, and they don’t go around chasing the latest fad or changing things
up on their menu according to trends or whatever molecular salad smoke with a hot chocolate
blood orange infusion is all the rage these days. When FSR Magazine asked company exec Travis
Doster about the last time they changed the menu, he said, “We added a steakhouse filet salad. That was one of the more recent ones. That’s been four or five years.” And it’s not like a salad is some sort of
wacky trend that would shock customers. There’s something reassuring about knowing
your favorite restaurant is still going to serve your favorite meal and that you don’t
have to worry about it being discontinued. Go ahead, get attached to something. It’s all right! “I think I’ll just, uh…” “Ya know, I’ve been working here for 44
years. Ain’t nobody ever ordered nothin’ but
T-bone steaks and a baked potato.” Texas Roadhouse is the sort of place your
kids will feel right at home in, and that goes for any night of the week. And if you’re a parent, that’s a big deal. It doesn’t matter if they make a mess, because
the floor is already littered with peanut shells, and the company’s senior investor
relations director had this to say when it comes to why this place is so great for families: “We play really loud music, so we’re not going
to hear your kids screaming. It’s just a comfortable place for families
to go where they feel they can take their kids and they’re going to be okay. I don’t have to worry about them crying or
screaming. It’s really a nice, comfortable place.” Anyone who has ever dined with a cranky toddler
or a teething baby can appreciate that. It’s the sort of restaurant without quiet
piano music and stuffy waiters and white linen tablecloths. It’s the sort of place where if your kid spills
a drink you won’t feel like crawling under the table. “I want hepatitis!” “Comin’ your way, buddy!” Texas Roadhouse always has a number of specialty
cocktails on the menu, including tempting concoctions like the Jamaican Cowboy made
with rum, peach schnapps, orange and pineapple juice, and a cocktail made in honor of country
singer Kenny Chesney made with coconut rum, peach schnapps, lemonade, sweet and sour,
and blue curacao. They also serve classic mixed drinks and wine
so you can certainly get in the celebratory spirit. What we’re saying is, there’s something for
everyone on this cocktail menu. But while their mixed drinks and margaritas
are delicious, some of them aren’t the healthiest choices, and Eat This, Not That! cautions
against ordering the frozen raspberry margarita. Why? It’ll set you back almost 500 calories, and
it’s loaded with 83 grams of sugar, way more than you should be eating in an entire day. There’s good news, though, you can partake
of the original margarita on the rocks, and drink a much more manageable 170 calories
and 14 grams of sugar. Or, you know, you could order another basket
of rolls with cinnamon butter and down a few more frozen raspberry margaritas because you’re
a grownup, and you do what you want. If cocktails aren’t your thing, you can also
order a beer from the drinks menu and know that you’re in for a treat. That’s because Texas Roadhouse takes the temperature
of their draft beers very seriously. Money Inc. explains, “The Texas Roadhouse restaurant chain takes
extra measures to ensure that each draft beer that they serve their customers has been chilled
to a specific temperature. The staff is very particular about following
the rules to ensure perfection. The beer is kept at a chilly temperature of
36 degrees Fahrenheit.” And, beer is pretty much the perfect thing
to drink with a steak. No, really, it’s science. Steak is a natural fit with beer because the
carbonation acts as a palate cleanser and the bitterness takes away some of the fatty
mouthfeel of your favorite cut of beef. That means you aren’t just drinking beer with
your meal because it’s five o’clock somewhere and your kids are yelling and you finished
binge-watching your favorite series on Netflix…again, and the guilt is setting in, you’re doing
it because you’re a gourmand and all fancy-like and you know it’s going to enhance the flavor
of your meal. Eating out is expensive, especially if you
are a family with some adults in the household who enjoy an adult beverage or two with their
meal. One of the reasons Texas Roadhouse is so successful,
averaging about 300,000 meals per day, is because they know their customers so well. Business Insider notes that plenty of Yelpers
mention the chain’s, quote, “flawless execution of basic American food.” People go to Texas Roadhouse because the food
is reasonably priced and good quality, they can bring their kids there, they don’t have
to dress up, and they can relax. Those are all important, but there’s even
more to appreciate about the restaurant chain, especially if you like supporting businesses
that are about more than just the food. They are regularly voted among the best in
customer satisfaction. They are big on charitable giving, their restaurants
average four fundraisers a month for local nonprofits and schools. They are supportive of first responders and
the military, even saying thank you with free meals for the troops on Veteran’s Day. And they’re supporters of The Special Olympics. That’s a lot, right? It’s this sort of commitment to their customers
and to the community that makes this place a lot more than just steaks and big margaritas. Plus, those rolls! If you love Texas Roadhouse but don’t always
have the time to sit down to a full meal there, you’ll definitely want to know the fast casual
chain called Bubba’s 33. Also founded by Kent Taylor, the menu features
items like burgers, wings, and pizzas, all made from scratch just like Texas Roadhouse. This restaurant also wants to be a destination
for everybody, so they have a garage bar area along with a family dining section, so those
without screaming kids can instead scream at big screen TVs while their favorite teams
play. They claim to be a place for “all things American,
food, family, sports and beer!” Sounds like an excellent place to take the
family and/or an excellent place to go hide from your family. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Mashed videos about your favorite
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