Doodhi Muthia – Lauki Muthia recipe – Steamed Bottle Gourd Muthiya

Doodhi Muthia – Lauki Muthia recipe – Steamed Bottle Gourd Muthiya

Welcome to Today we are making lauki muthia, also known as Dhudhi muthia which is a recipe from Gujarati Cuisine. This is prepared with very less oil through steaming. You can serve it anytime as a snack. Start with kneading the dough for making lauki muthia. Take a big mixing bowl and to it add wheat flour, ½ cup semolina, ½ cup chickpea flour, 1.5 cup grated bottlegourd, ¾ tsp salt to taste, ¼ tsp turmeric powder, 1 pinch asafoetida, 2 finely chopped green chilies, ½ inch ginger piece (grated) or ½ tsp ginger paste. Also add 1 tbsp finely chopped green coriander, followed by ½ tsp cumin seeds, less than ¼ tsp baking soda, 2 tsp oil and knead dough for making muthia. There is no need to add extra water for kneading the dough as we will use the gourd juice for kneading the dough. Add 1 tsp lemon juice or ½ lemon’s juice to the dough. Keep kneading the dough. We are done with kneading soft dough. Now let us prepare the muthia. To steam the muthia, take a vessel where you can place the sieve over it and then cover it. You can also use proper steamer for making the muthia. Grease the sieve with some oil to prevent muthia from sticking over it. Grease your hands with some oil as well and make muthia. Make a 2 to 3 inch long log with 1 inch diameter like this. Place the rolled muthia over a sieve. Likewise prepare muthia from rest of the dough as well. Keep the muthia at some distance from one another as they will become puffy. Now let us steam the muthia. Pour 3 cups of water in a vessel and cover it so that water starts simmering quickly. Water has started boiling and steam is formed, now place the sieve over the vessel for steaming the muthia. Now steam the muthia for 20 to 25 minutes. Cover the muthia and check later. After 20 minutes, check the muthia. The muthia have puffed up nicely and appear good. To check, insert a knife inside the muthia and see if comes out clean. Muthias are almost cooked, but let us steam them for 2 to 3 more minutes. We are done with steaming the muthia for 3 to 4 more minutes, now they are ready. Turn off the flame and place the sieve over a net stand. Now let the muthia cool down. After this we will fry the muthia. Once the muthia cool down, cut them in ½ inch chunks. Similarly cut all the steamed muthia. The muthia have come out really spongy. Now let us fry the muthia. For this heat a pan with 2 tbsp oil. When the oil is hot, splutter ½ tsp cumin seeds, ½ tsp red mustard seeds or mustard seeds. Reduce the flame to minimum to prevent them from browning. Now add 1 tsp sesame seeds to the pan. Sauté for a while and then drop the muthias to it. Also add some green coriander and mix everything really well so that the muthia are coated well with the masala. Flip the sides of muthia and cook until they turn little crispy. Muthia have now turned crispy and are now ready, turn off the flame. Transfer the muthia to a plate. Lip smacking and super yummy muthia are ready to serve. Garnish with some green coriander leaves. Serve these delectable muthia with green coriander chutney, dahi chutney or any other chutney as per your taste. Making muthia is really easy. Just keep note of few things. While kneading dough for muthia, after mixing lauki to the flour if you feel that the dough is little stiff then add some water to it. If you feel that the dough is getting too runny as it depends on the quantity of the bottle gourd you added then you can add some more dry flour to it. The consistency of dough should be such that you can easily shape it. You will be able to make perfect muthia. Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with See you soon with another delightful recipe. Do subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.

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  2. What a graceful and noble lady!! All the griefs and sorrows disappear after seeing her and her lovely recipes

  3. Nishaben, v nice, also add some Kasuri methi to give more teste. I also add gajar, green onions, & patta gobi to make more healthy !

  4. Hello Nisha aunty it's awesome looks ..I will going to try this today. I always like ur all the recipes

  5. Made tis recipe and it turns out really yummy.. Thnku so much mam for sharing these type of recipes..

  6. Ma'am Ur way of cooking is totally different ….. thanks for the yummy and easy recipe 😋😋Will try definitely 👍

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  8. Supper dupper
    Definately i will try this
    Usually my family making muthiya with rice ,all type of daal but whenever i eat muthiya i had very bad stomach problem.
    But this recipe dont have daal so i will making now.
    Thank you for sharing.
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  9. Nishaji, whenever I try to make muthias, my muthias break up while cutting. How to solve this problem?
    Please advise.

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