Double Meat Beast Sub Sandwich Challenge in St Augustine!!

Double Meat Beast Sub Sandwich Challenge in St Augustine!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel
“Atlas” and I am very very excited because earlier today we went and picked
up my friend Mr. Waynes I have not seen him in forever, but we picked them up at
Jacksonville Florida Airport tell us about yourself. My name is Wayne Algeniio, I think it’s been 2 years since we ate together! He’s going to finish out the trip with
us as we go through Florida and then one more in Georgia and South Carolina and
North Carolina but it is great to be with him and then we are back with my
friend Michael! We are at Old City Subs in st. Augustine Florida where are
each taking on they’re about five pound Beast Sandwich Challenge! Now what we have
here is there’s five medium double meat sandwiches now we all have the same
thing there weren’t really any options for our four sandwiches we have ham
turkey Italian and then a buffalo chicken but with the Buffalo chicken
there’s a really spicy ghost pepper sauce! I think there’s only a few
droplets in it but I tried it earlier it was spicy, but in addition to the
sandwiches we’ve each got one pound of their potato salad that they make here
but this challenge is special because our friend Michael – many years ago I
think four or five years ago he tried this challenge two different times and
failed but tonight he is going to try to dominate but if we fail it’s going to be
$50 but if we win we’ll get our meals free, we’ll get sweet t-shirts, and we’re
hoping to become the second third and fourth people from the Wall of Fame
because our friend Jammin Joe LaRue has beaten
this challenge so let’s get it started! All right got to watch them make some of
these sandwiches and they are looking delicious! Now it’s about five pounds to
our friend Jammin Joe LaRue has the record which is 22 minutes and 46
seconds so we are each going to try to smash that but the big thing is Michaels
got to get the victory today third time’s a charm but time to shut up and
eat and beat this guy! 1, 2, 3… Boom! All right starting with the
turkey first each sandwich has provolone cheese and a whole bunch of healthy
vegetables! I paid a little extra money for him to
get more hot sauce so I’m not worried! We’re three minutes in he told me he’s
gonna do the spicy one in the middle my plan was to watch him eat it see when I
should eat so we’ll see how he does! we are 5 minutes 25 seconds in he’s
already finished most of the spicy ones he said it’s hapa manageable but also
he’s done Carolina Reapers and I won’t even touch those so I’m not gonna
automatically go on what he says so I’m gonna finish These first we need these
masks they added love to the potato salad
so I’m excited to try that and then the Italian pass (I need to shut up and eat)
but the Italian have pepperoni salami Portobello ?mortadella? ?mortadella? and him
delicious healthy vegetables [Wayne] Just to be fair, I stopped because Randy was talking! Operation beat Wayne goes into overdrive! Some of the soda – tell your fans how much you enjoy it! We’ll see how many scraps he leaves and tries to call it a win! Oh no the cocky fighter is going to lose! My favorite saying goes – Win Before You Begin!
10 minutes in 45 seconds is the new record toward the beef sandwich
challenge that was amazing! The spice is starting to kick in from that chicken
but Wayne about the finish & get the Great job Wayne! We each got our meals free and shirts, and spots on the wall of Fame. Lets go Michael! All right we’re 17 minutes in Michael’s
just got most of this ghost pepper and buffalo chicken sandwich left well with
some potato salad and healthy vegetables! While you’re watching way in which
sandwich do you like the most? I like the Italian one the best different meats
make it an excellent! Yes each one had like a was it a mayonnaise on there yeah
all the sauces on there in the fresh vegetables but I think that favorite was
the ham, actually was really good along with the turkey but that I also like the
other two – well I would have really liked the buffalo chicken without the
ghost pepper sauce but Oh either way we got the way so Michael has little over
12 minutes left so time to dominate! He doesn’t like potato salad so he’s mentioned some of the
filling from its buffalo chicken and ghost pepper or sandwich
into the potato salad to get it down!
Third time’s going to be a charm! We got six minutes right let’s go! We all three of us got the victory
over the Beast Sandwich Challenge about 5 pounds per player here at Old City
Subs in St. Augustine Florida for mayors
overall with number 708 we are all going to get the $50 meals for free, we’re
going to get on there with Fame two three and four and then best of all
we’re going to get a sweet t-shirt to add to our collection so Michael is paid
$100 for this shirt and I know the winner probably so great to see
Michael great job to this man both of these guys have social media both have
you can count all the links are down in the description but thank you guys all
for coming to watch we really appreciate like share and subscribe ours too but
thank you guys for watching!

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  1. Hey everyone thanks for subscribing and watching this video!! Our friend Wayne Algenio from New York flew down for "Filipino Week" and did the final 9 challenges with me during our Southeast USA Winter Tour. He has a channel with over 50k subscribers, and be sure to check it out if you haven't already!! Here is his challenge video:

  2. At first, I thought it was two platters, and I thought… ok, that's impressive. But it was one… and got disappointed. That's just a snack.

  3. Just curious, Randy…. I absolutely despise mayonnaise. Are restaurants ever accommodating on altering challenges to make up for specific tastes?

  4. Randy 3 time I tried the challenge in new bridge Ireland I have never beating it not for the want of trying you are a beast my friend judge of ribeans

  5. Looks like a gooooooood challenge. The last guy it was a struggle. But he finished. Congrats on yet another W with healthy veggies! 💪🏾💪🏾

  6. Not tuned in for a while but Jesus randy is getting big, I know everybody will start with the ‘he looses weight in the off season’ but there’s no way that’s good for you yo-yo weight gain and loss

  7. Randy is such a clean eater compared to any other competitive eater I have seen. That is why I love his channel keep up the munching

  8. I thought u had to eat all of it them when they brought them out at the start until I see the other people with u 🤣👊🏻🇬🇧

  9. Once every couple of months I like to hit up a local sub shop for a 12-inch double meat/cheese. They really pack it, but even so it's half the food as in this video and I usually can't eat the whole thing all at once.
    Well done guys!!

  10. Atlas your the Little Bro I wish I had to Do some eating with 🙂 /FLEX keep up the Videos they are great and Love the passion you show in each one!

  11. I'm upset champ!!! Not that you won, but at the time of this video, I was returning to Jacksonville from Gainesville to start rehab (I couldn't walk January 2018). I still would've loved to see y'all so close to my neck of the woods!!!

  12. Would love to see Randy against Mat Stonie!! Two super nice guys going for the gold. Matt you gotta not be nervous bout going out of the U.S.!!

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  14. I'm sorry but that's not a double meat sub ! Maybe for these sub shops these days !🤨 but all my life this was just a regular sub until these shops got greedy and raised the prices and lowered the quality… so sad…..

  15. As the world ends and we're all engulfed in a fireball or tidal wave – aliens will discover these videos and realise why we became extinct.

  16. Randy is a very clean eater and keeps it appealing the other 2 idiots are disgusting to watch, randys downfall is he cant shut up for more then a few seconds

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