Easter Recipe: Yam Balls | Flo Chinyere

Easter Recipe: Yam Balls | Flo Chinyere

Hey guys! I’m Flo for new family members. Everybody welcome. Once again I come to you with another yummy
recipe. Yes I know, it’s becoming a cliché. Everyday I end my videos with yum, yum yummmm As I encourage you to try each and every recipe. But you see these yam balls? They are in a class of their own. If you try this recipe and afterwards you do not sell your most priced possession: your house, your car, your phone … Yes! A lot of people would rather be homeless than have their phones taken from them. Yes! If you do not sell any of these priced possessions and buy yam with the money so you can prepare
more yam balls, come to my house and beat me. Ok? Hahahaha Here are the ingredients you would need. You can scale them down if you do not want
as many yam balls. I start by cooking two of the eggs till hard
boiled. Then dice the peppers. I’ll only use half of the paprika. Add scotch bonnet to your taste. If you are using Nigerian tatashe instead
of paprika, you may want to skip the scotch bonnet. This is because while paprika is not spicy
at all, Nigerian tatashe is spicy depending on who
you talk to. The Yorubas usually say that tatashe is not
spicy at all at all, but as an Igbo gal, it’s spicy to me. So yes, add hot peppers according to what
your tastebuds can handle. The way I boil eggs so they are not overcooked. Once it boils, I let it boil for 5 more minutes then take
it off the stove. Let it sit in the hot water for 2 minutes then decant the hot water and pour cool water. Slice up, peel and cut the yam into small
cubes. If you can’t buy yam where you live, you can
manage sweet potatoes. Rinse the yam cubes. Then pour water till just under the level
of the yams. This is the quantity of water that will dry
up by the time the yam is done. Add the black pepper … … and seasoning cube. Cover and cook for 30 minutes on medium heat. You see, almost all the water has dried up. Add some salt. Add the cubes of butter. And set aside to cool down a bit. Next we fry the onions and pepper. And I will not let an opportunity for me to
sneak in my favourite carrot oil pass me by. *wink *wink The link to how to make your own carrot oil
will pop up on the screen right now. Fry the onions for about 2 minutes. Add the pepper and stir-fry for about 5 minutes. When the yam has cooled down a bit, mash it
up. And add some creamy peak milk as you do that. The peak milk will ensure that the yam balls are moist when you bite into it. All done now! Remember we are not trying to make pounded
yam here, a rough mash-up will do. Add the fried pepper and onions. And mix. Set some vegetable oil in a pan to heat up. The oil should be about 3 inches deep. This is the perfect hardboiled eggs. No dark marks. Mould the mashed yam into balls inserting
one piece of egg in the middle. Do the same for the remaining mashed balls. I decided to mould some into egg shapes. When the oil is hot, whisk the remaining one
egg. Coat each yam ball with the egg before throwing into the hot oil. Do not overcrowd them. And stir it often. And once it shows a sign of browning, it’s
done! Here they are!

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  1. Yam is so versatile! Yam Balls (Ji Akpuruakpu) is another way to enjoy our sweet yam. Please share with your friends and family so they can have some for Easter. Yum Yum Yummmm! 😋😋😋😂

  2. Oh my goodness, my fav Naija food 🥘 guru I’m salivating here. I’ve never heard of this before but can’t wait 😊 to make it. I don’t have access to yam yet but I’ll use purple yams instead (my favorite). Is there something else I can use in place of seasoning cubes? Another gluten-free recipe, I love 💕 you for this. Family member representing 🧡🤘🏾

  3. Hope my mum doesn't watch this video,if she does u will see her knocking at your door the next morning cos of the way u peeled those yam😅😅😅to her is a waste😅😅😅.I also use paper adverts to peel my yam on😅😅(make dem no catch us oo😅😅)

  4. My fav Naija food 🥘 guru, thank you 🙏🏾 very much for my autographed copy of “All Nigerian Recipes cookbook”👩🏾‍🍳 . You are amazing 😉 and I’m still dancing 💃🏽 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 for joy.🧡🤘🏾

  5. Oh,don't let people sell their phones to buy sweet yams,because after selling their phone how will them be able to watch you to have another yummy yummiest recipes,thanks for the video,have you try rice balls for those who love eatting rice?

  6. Another one. 😁 Gotta try this. I have some potatoes ready for this. Can't wait oh! Daalu Onye nke mi🤗

  7. U did it again Flo. I told you I love you ❤️
    Would u recommend any dip for these balls? I feel some dip with crayfish would be a killer.

  8. Looks yummy and very different to the yam balls my mom makes…now that i have to cook for myself(sigh) i can try these and serve with stewed chicken and fresh salad….your hair looks healthy…

  9. I will try to bake them. I cannot eat too many fried foods. Maybe I can bread them? Tell me what you think! They look scrumptious 😋😋😋🙌🏿

  10. Love you & your genuine way of passing your message across. Meanwhile can this recipe be baked rather than fried? Frying though nice & sweet, some of us ain't as lucky as you on weight issues…wink.. wink

  11. Hmmm! I will make sure I use exactly all the ingredients you used including peak milk, no substitutes. Because I want to get the exact taste so that I can also be dancing while eating it😂💃💃💃

  12. Ewoo Nne Daalu. My wife must here this,,,, and a quick question Ma, this black pepper is it UZIZA or ordinary black chilli?

  13. Hi aunty Flo. I tried this recipe but The balls only fried on the outside. The inside of the yamballs didn't fry properly even though the outside was already very brown. Pls do you have any idea what I did wrong?

  14. haha Flo! what kind of torture is this? see how you were eating it in such a tantalizing manner, you even said open your mouth. choiiii. where's my yam biko? time to try this out

  15. When I need recipes I look to no other person but you!!!! You’re the best and you deserve way more views and subscribers. One thing I love about your videos is you go straight to the point, short but detailed. I usually don’t have time for story lol May God keep blessing you !

  16. my mom is not nigerian and my dad is but he doesnt show me how to cook. she does not cook nigerian food! thanks for introducing these recipes to me auntie flo~ i want to try i love anything deep fried! looks delish!

  17. Ms.Flo, I've never seen an fresh paprika pepper before, where I live its very common to find it ground up. Is it ok to use sweet peppers, and hot peppers? Or is it ok to used the ground version of paprika?

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  22. Would give this a try next weekend. My toddler is displaying aversion to regular foods. Something new, I pray he loves it

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  24. So beautiful my friend….can’t wait to make them….wish you would have shown us a closeup of the inside after it was cooked

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