Easy Frozen Strawberry Dessert | Yummy Dessert To Share with Friends | *How Ines Rolls*

Easy Frozen Strawberry Dessert | Yummy Dessert To Share with Friends | *How Ines Rolls*

hi everyone welcome to how Inez rolls today I am going to be super busy pretty early it's about eight o'clock no I'm ready I thought I would get started on a dessert that I'm taking over to the Phillips tonight and it's called easy strawberry frozen dessert doesn't that sound so good so let's get started yeah so we are running around a lot today so we're going to a friend's child's baptism which will be super fun and then they're having to get together and then after the party we're going to come home and get ready to go over to the Phillips house where we're having it get together for the fight night which we do often so I just thought with the summer and it being nice and warm yes I thought this would be an appropriate recipe to make so um and it is gonna need to be in the freezer and it's going to need time to set so if you can think ahead it said you could even make it up to two weeks ahead of time if you have the willpower to not get into that more power to you but at least the night before would be awesome but I have the day off so I will link the recipe below it's from the sweet spicy kitchen and it looks like it's going to be delicious it's very easy in its ingredients there is however lots of multiple steps so I will walk you through that so I'm gonna hit it I purchased a two of these little baskets because wasn't quite sure the measurements so I'm just gonna clean them rinse them off and do it as according to and then um the recipe and I'll let you know if I have any leftovers and if it was a smart thing to buy – so let me just get that going plus I have some leftover plates from fourth of July so hopefully a little bit easier cleanup since I'm going to be using a few extra bowls so so it was a good thing that I bought the two cartons so I I have put the diced strawberries on the plate to the side and I even added a few more strawberries because I did have about a cup left over so I figured I'll just cut a little bit more so two and a half cups of whole strawberries are gonna be blended up into a puree and then put aside cuz we're gonna be adding that to the mixture I don't have I mean I do have a blender but I really like my my new tablet and so I'm just going to blend and be done now I don't use my mutable at times it's kind of more for my smoothies so I thought that would be perfect for blending these strawberries so nice and liquefied so I'm just gonna put that over to the side and start on my machine of graham crackers now I don't have a food processor but I feel up to this point in my life I kind of don't even need one so let me get this all crushed up if you have a food processor and you use it on a regular basis this would be a very easy way to get those crushed up plus I'm going to put some butter into the microwave and just slowly melt it I don't want to put it for thirty seconds and have a big splatter in there so let me do that slow in case you're wondering that was about 22 pieces of graham cracker close almost a box so it took two sleeves plus four more going to be a bottom and a top plus so plus it's fun to do all this smashing so let's get this crust going it should be very easy so I understand that there's gonna be a lot of little specks so if this is overwhelming do a little bit each like each day or so like you can crumble up these put them aside and like I got that recipe so I need to think about that and then kind of getting everything together so I I personally don't think anything on this recipe seems too intense but you know I understand that there is a multi-step process here so we're gonna do some sugar and I'm just gonna add it into my butter and then put it in the and I keep dumping more and more sugar right here on the side so that was four five six okay I just think it would be so much easier to coat if the sugar was already melted a little bit into the butter yes okay so now we're just gonna mix it in and I'll bring it closer just gonna give that a good mix and down I'm only gonna use half of it into the bottom of the nine by thirteen that it's also going to be lightly sprayed with a non cooking spray or cooking what is it's called cooking spray so we're gonna get that going I'll show you when it looks like so so easy [Applause] you ever made your own whipped cream before it's quite an easy process and I always forget about doing it usually because I'm trying to do the fastest thing so but if you're trying to just make things from scratch or if you just want to try something new making your own whipped cream from heavy whipping cream is so easy so you're just gonna put for this recipe I'm you can put a cup in but you added like a little bit of sugar and a tiny little bit of vanilla depending on your preference well after you've like kind of gotten it going and then you have your own whipped cream but just for this I'm just whipping up the heavy cream into Peaks and I'll still bring you closer so you can see it because it's about a minute on a low speed and four minutes on a high speed [Applause] so look at that yummyness I mean really it's so easy it takes a few minutes about halfway through if you're trying to just make this into a whipped cream you can put like on ice cream around a pie or a cake you could just add like that maybe it's like a half a teaspoon of vanilla and like a teaspoon or a tablespoon depending on the sugar content you want you could add that about halfway through and then it will be nicely mixed in so but for now this is just gonna be put to a side until we do the next part which is coming up now so you can see behind me I'm starting to get a little bit of everything all the processes are coming together right about now so softened cream cheese I'm going to blend with some powdered sugar and you'll see that recipe it's gonna be linked below but if your cream cheese is still has a bit of a cool touch to it I just always put mine a little bit into the oven as it starts to heat up not like trying to bake it or anything so maybe like a couple of minutes maybe put at 350 or room temperature so I'm gonna put that in there and I'll bring you closer okay so now I'm going to add a little bit of vanilla and a can of sweetened condensed milk and do the same thing just kind of beat it up so let's do that and then it'll be where we're starting to put everything together now alright here goes our whipped cream and then I'm just going to blend that in and then I'm gonna fold into the puree which seems kind of interesting that it says tip here pure fold into the puree fold in and not fold in the whipped cream but you know what maybe I'll do it because I usually you fold in whipped cream because you don't want it to break down and because it can be over whipped and then get back into like a liquid form so I'm just gonna fold it in and I'm also going to add this this puree and this is gonna be more liquidy anyway so what My Kitchen is smelling like all kinds of strawberry goodness so this is cool this is gonna be so good so we're just gonna get that all mixed in and then guess what we just add the strawberries and then we'll put it back into our 9 by 13 pan here and go the strawberries I'm just gonna blend that all in by just kind of giving it some good stirs and oh man this is gonna be delicious I already know because sweetened condensed milk like kicks it up a notch in the sweet and everything did have a little bit of sugar to it not I wouldn't say overtly but that sweetened condensed milk will take I'll take care of all of that and so this is going to get frozen into our pan and then what I'll show you what it looks like as it's freezing down but I can already tell okay so now I'm just going to pour it really easily into this pan with the crust so I just want to kind of pour it a little bit on a more even side rather than spreading it too much around but I will probably have to do that anyways but that way it's just not a big pile in the middle if I already had a little bit of a taste it was it's so good you guys it's really like light and just I could taste more that it is like homemade rather than a high or a higher like sugar content for lights in the package you know desserts that you just do which time in a place right those are they come in handy or even if I would have used like a Cool Whip instead of making the the whipped cream part portion I think that there is always a time and a place for all of that but because I made it I went a little bit extra a little bit extra tasting and so I'm just going to now take the rest of this yummy graham cracker crust and just sprinkle it all on twice and then that's it you guys we're going to put this in the freezer and I can't wait to I'll show you in a little while because I'm going to pre-cut the squares just to make it easier to serve and I'll take you along with me over to the Phillips so into the freezer it goes you can see that nice little thick creamy layer in the middle there it's gonna be so good maybe I you should make some more whipped cream from top thinking about it but now lots to clean up this recipe made a lot of bowls too but worth it hey everyone so it's been about oh I don't know nine ten hours if this has been in the back freezer so I need to pre score it or pre-cut it so that way when we go to the Phillips house it'll just be super easy plus I need to try it so I'm gonna bring you a poster and show you how I'm gonna be cutting this about 24 little slices I don't care if people take more than one but oh my gosh so cute so so yummy I can't wait oh yeah mmm it kind of reminds me do you remember when we were a little kids and and I know they still haven't met wands or like the nearby store is the the Strawberry Shortcake like Eclair that has like the crust all over it and they kind of other that's so good oh my gosh okay so yes yes a thousand times yes will be a crowd pleaser for sure and if they don't like it then I'll eat it when I bring it home I'm just kidding they'll like it so this is gonna be so good I'm such a fan of nine by thirteen desserts if they're creamy pies or like a creamy dessert and this easy frozen strawberry dessert is like now on my favorite list so the link in the description box below so I hope you'll take some time to do it and let's see what everybody else thinks – so stick around you just never know what I'll be rolling out next better finish my slice alright Tina's gonna try it that is seriously so good yeah I felt my favorite gosh is that the god ceases we can have dude I like the law you know I'm having like this event tonight

28 thoughts on “Easy Frozen Strawberry Dessert | Yummy Dessert To Share with Friends | *How Ines Rolls*

  1. I am so going to be making this one. We always are looking for a dessert to take to game night. This is the perfect one!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us Ines!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!!! Take care!!!

  2. Oh yum. I love those strawberry shortcake icecream popsicle things… I am definitely going to try this out!!! Ty

  3. Yum! I Love that you took the extra step on the homemade whipped cream! Can't wait to try this one! 🖒❤🍓🍓🍓🍨

  4. Oh Ines that looks heavenly! I absolutely am making this!!! Thanks again for another yummy recipe! 👍👍👍

  5. WHOOP WHOOP YEAH INES…your the bomb…I make our whip cream when we have desserts which isn't that often only coz Alex don't eat make desserts unless its ice cream or nutrigrain lol…kids are so hard to please sometimes but hey where would we be without our kids lol love them

  6. Yummy dessert! This reminds me of a dessert that my Mom make with pudding instead of cream cheese. Have a good one!!! PS: I have posted a few pictures on instagram, My niece's showed me how to do that .

  7. Oh my, Ines..Does that look absolutely delicious. The recipe and directions are easy with a little extra time but heavens it’ll be well worth it. I doubt you’ll have any left once people taste it and gobble it down. It’s the perfect desert for this time of year.
    Your are so talented n creative in cooking, baking and creating deserts. Thanks for sharing….where’s the family today? Miss
    Ezra …hello to all your boys.

  8. Willpower…what's willpower? i Love your blue mixer and tea kettle…what happened to the snow cone machine? Another delicious looking dessert!

  9. Hi Ines 👋🏼
    Yum! Love desserts and anything Strawberry! 🍓🍓🍓 Great dessert Ines Wow! 😳 Looks like Tina really loved it after her fake out…😅😂🤣 I just luv how you roll Ines. From Big Fans in Chicago-Land IL, Tammy 👵🏼 & Puggle Ariel 🐶
    "Enjoy this day you can never live it again!" 💖🙏🏼😘

  10. This looks so yummy!! I’m definitely going to give it a try,. I think my grandsons would LOVE it!!! Maybe we will do a cook with me on their YouTube channel of this recipe! Love watching y’all so much❤️❤️

  11. OMG Im so happy Aldi has strawberry's on sale for .99 cents so i can make this this weekend Mmm. Thanks for sharing

  12. That looks so good! It’s time consuming but not difficult. It looks refreshing too. Thank you for another yummy dessert! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. That looks so good! I remember those ice cream bars, they used to be my favorite. I haven't had one in years, I'm going to look for them the next time I grocery shop.

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