Easy Homemade Tahini Recipe – How to Make Tahini

Easy Homemade Tahini Recipe – How to Make Tahini

We’re Adam and Joanne from InspiredTaste.net
and welcome to our kitchen. We’re making our homemade tahini recipe.
Its easy and much less expensive than buying from the store. Here’s how we do it: You only need three ingredients when making
tahini — sesame seeds, a little oil and salt. Add the sesame seeds to a wide, dry saucepan over medium-low heat and toast, stirring constantly until the seeds become fragrant and very lightly colored,
not brown. This takes 3 to 5 minutes. Careful though, sesame seeds can burn quickly. Add the toasted sesame seeds to the bowl of a food processor
and let it cool for a few minutes. Once they are cool, process until a crumbly paste forms. Now to help things along, add some oil — a
neutral flavored oil like grape seed oil is best — then process for 2 to 3 minutes more
— we’re almost there — When its smooth and pourable. Add a little
salt and process a few times to mix it in. Give it a taste then transfer your homemade
tahini to a container or jar and store in the fridge for up to one month — Or, keep
it out and use it by making one of the most well known ways to use tahini — Hummus. Hop over to our
hummus recipe video to see how. Enjoy! Thanks for watching. Look for full recipes
on InspiredTaste.net and be sure to check out more of our videos on our YouTube channel.
Happy Cooking!

100 thoughts on “Easy Homemade Tahini Recipe – How to Make Tahini

  1. Few months ago, My husband brought from work some hummus . It’s very delicious. I’m from Puerto Rico and live in bakersfield , CA.now. Hummus it is not common there in Puerto Rico. So I tasted and loved it. I appreciated your video about how to make tahini cause I’m planning to make Hummus and one of the ingredients it’s tahini. Thanks!

  2. Hello! Does anybody know why the tahini might have a bitter aftertaste? I toasted the sesame seeds long enough just to achieve the light yellow color and I added sunflower oil (i didn't have grape seed oil)… 🙁

  3. No more buying Greek yoghurt to substitute tahini, which is very expensive in my country by the way. I can take the amount of money I spend on one small container of Greek yoghurt and possibly make enough tahini so I can eat hummus during the month. Thanks for posting!

  4. I donlt have a food processor so i made it with a coffee grinder! i just added honey and it came out delicious 😊😊😊

  5. Buying tahini is cheaper than making it at home in the UK. Obviously, homemade everything is better than store bought. Can I make tahini without toasting the sesame seeds? Have you done it before and how did it taste? Thanks for sharing.

  6. waste of time. Than sauce is not thanini. an visa versa. heres how its done. juice a lemon add heaps of thanini and salt to you bumbaclot. wisk and mash in motar with pestle. now slowly add pure clean warm water while wisking till you get that nice than creme. BAM!!!! FALAFEL VEGGIES SHAWARMA. USE IN YOUR HAIR !!! REAL TAHINI SAUCE…. SALEM

  7. Is toasting before blending it "a must"? If yes, would precook using microwave yield the same result as pan toast? And can I substitute the "oil" part with "Butter" instead?

  8. In order to make it pour-able, did you add anything else to it besides oil? If not, it'd take a lot of oil, how much oil did you add please?

  9. I didn't know how easy it is to make. I have used Tahini for years and found it to be a little high but the fun of making my own will be fun and tasty to my own accord. Great video with out all the extra chatter and not making it long but short, simple and great. Your voice is perfetct. Thanks for looking and being professional.

  10. i'm Arabian and this's not Tahini , the Tahini just suck it in water over night or so and toast it with moving for a while to raise the oil and remove the first skin and suck it in salty water for a while to raise the leftover skin and clean it and wash it with pure water and press it with machine not blender and u will have Tahini ……

  11. I never ate tahini before. Can anyone please give me a few simple and tasty suggestions on how to use it (besides using it as a hummus ingredient) before I buy it?

  12. If you added flour to it after grinding the sesame until it gets thick, you can store it outside the fridge for months! Then when you want to make some you put a little in a bowl and you mix in some water and salt and pepper and lemon juice and touch of cumin and stir it and you keep adding splashes of water until it's smooth and creamy and it's ready to eat/dip!.. And this is how we Arabs make it.. at least that's how my grandma does it and we don't put any seasonings in it at this stage cause when you want to prepare some you seasone it as i mentioned. And also you can use olive oil instead of the one you used, but i think it works fine with any other!

  13. Is it possible that the ground sesame seeds themselves are a “flour” of sorts? This would explain the confusion in the root words for grind, discussed before. So the main ingredient would be a sesame flour, and no other flour is needed, correct?

  14. Vote this up. Tahini doesn't have flour. Flour is a filler to make more profits by commercial companies. The oldest reputed readymade Tahini just contain sesame seeds and salt. Tahn mean to grind.
    So don't let this guy in comments spread lies about flour in tahini vote this up

  15. In one recipe I read they add 1/4 cup of tepid water to the ground sesame seeds, as well. Does this ruin the paste ? Or can that be done ?

  16. Oh my god! What a Gift! The store bought Tahin is so expensive. 🙂 Thanks a lot ! Will do it this week

  17. Thanks for showing me how to make it I’ll have to make it because I love it in every dressing noting like homemade or even by itself with pita bread

  18. THIS IS AMAZING! SO excitedddd. Im making a squash tahini sauce and didnt have any tahini. Glad I have a bunch of unused sesame!

  19. El tahini tiene un alto aporte de vitaminas, pero sobre todo de minerales y ácidos esenciales, por lo que tiene diversos beneficios a la salud.

  20. Thank you for sharing. Didn't know how to make the liquid form. You made it seem so easy can't wait to try it to make hummus.

  21. I don't know what is the correct recipe. My friend from Egypt add flour, I never put flour in tahini …maybe in Egypt the recipe is a little different.

  22. You got me, I'm a fan! That Tahini recipe is the bomb! Just enough so that I can make my homemade hummus with thanks to you guys…

  23. Yo this isn't Tahini this just sesame paste . Tahini you need this paste cooked with little flour, lemon juice, vinegar and spices that include white pepper, fresh garlic and sumac

  24. Hi Thank you for this video. I tried it but mine is like still dry and I've added like 5 tablespoons of oil. I can't get it to the liquid consistency.

  25. The stores that I live around must be really price gouging because just for the regular sesame seeds it costs seven dollars for 2 1/4 ounces. That’s all brands.

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