Easy Japanese Pickled Vegetables (How to Recipe)

Easy Japanese Pickled Vegetables (How to Recipe)

how did everybody today I’m gonna make holy baby pickles yes holy baby pickles [Music] welcome back to thai beach today I’m gonna make three types of hold veggie pick awesome I’m gonna use cucumber onion and cabbage so let’s get started the first one is this cucumber yes cucumber this is the easiest because ingredient it’s just cucumber and salt just a salt I’m using half teaspoon of salt put the salt on your palm like this and love in this cucumber just rubbish that’s it and put this into this plastic bag with look back and move the air and close it keep in the refrigerator for open light that’s all and the next one I’m gonna use this onion whole onion this is also pretty easy but to make onion pickles or a magnet onion this takes a long time I think more than one week so I invented a good way look first cut off the edges and make a cross-cutting cut the only on half way down like this don’t cut it all the way okay and lock this onion we just plastic wrap like this and the protein the freezer for overnight so before taking the onion out from the freezer let’s make marinade it’s pretty simple paper apart 1/2 cup of water 2 tbsp of soy sauce 1 tablespoon of sugar 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of vinegar and bring it to a boil it helps dissolving the sugar and salt completely okay it melted completely set aside until cool so this is frozen onion put this funny on into a small plastic bag like this and put this onion into this smooth ball like this ok and pour this marinade into this plastic bag just like this and add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice it helps to removing the bitterness of onion and remove the air close it tightly like this one tip use this rubber band tight like this so the magnetic cupboards the onion completely put this onion into refrigerator you can enjoy this after just one night and for the last I’m gonna use this whole cabbage yes holy cow is why hold cabbage yes it’s my enjoyment of course cut first it’s a faster way to make pickled cabbage the wait is almost one and a half pounds if you are using a lighter cabbage it’s faster to marinate but in that case please use less salt rather than today’s recipe so before preparing the cabbage in the pot add 2 cups of water 1 sweet of the kombu seaweed and turn on the heat roll and boil just before boiling okay it’s time to take the Congo out don’t do this cut this comes it I will use later so into this part I will add other condiments for teaspoon of salt 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tbsp of vinegar and dissolve completely okay set aside and correct down so in the meantime let’s prepare this cabbage what I’m going to do is the MU breeze pour very carefully using this knife very carefully don’t cut your hand carefully carefully slowly slowly you have a time you have enough time to cook don’t rush don’t rush okay from this core the magnate will spread out all around this in between the leaves so remove the core Kelpie okay like this and spread out a little bit little bit spread out if you are using the lighter cabbage there is a space between leaves so it is easy and to make the marinade spread all around this cabbage II I believe these skewers make some holes in the center of the leaves carefully carefully it’s very tight carefully happy don’t cut don’t to stick your hand today I will make four holes then put this cabbage into this large size of plastic bag tick-tock down make sure the hole is facing upward okay and and put this kombu seaweed are used to make the marinade into this plastic bag together and pour this marinade all over this cabbage put this cabbage into or like lamb and boil it helps the the marinade covered table AG remove the error remove the air well tighten with this rubber band and putting in refrigerator if we are using lighter cabbage you can eat it tomorrow if we are using the a very tight cabbage maybe it sticks to two or three days so scam wanna is ready let’s cut so what I’m gonna cut cucumber take out from this plastic bag like this number cucumber pickles first cut off the end and cut the diagonally nice texture hmm good it’s so yummy look this beautiful green color mmm is this great next I’d cut onions it’s nicely softened they cut from this rustic back oh sweet very nice don’t throw away this marinade you can use for other purpose I will use for the rest in salad dressing I already cut into four so I will cut along this line this onion will marinated and you can cut it as you like I will cut it into wedges okay then put it into the bowl so what I lasted this whole cabbage whole cabbage open this beautiful cabbage board okay let’s cut I think it is impossible to eat whole cabbage at one time so cut cut as much as you want then I will eat quota of cabbage into wedges beautiful Chavez plate so pickles are ready I want to see me to eat these pickles because he should eat more vegetables where is he where is he now oh oh oh where are you I was in Yokohama taking my kids on a picnic oh my god with these kids ice cream this is Nancy and Tom yeah you can’t talk I didn’t have to know these names yes sorry I’m so out of it today I’m so tired and I’m you’re right I heard you saying that I need to eat more vegetables which is absolutely true yes so what do you have for me if you are tired yes eat like today onions really well you know I love onion it’s not as much as you nobody likes onions more than I have cabbage tomato onion oh oh this is nice nice to be my native – smells good it smells good it’s just one day really you just marinate it from one day yes awesome well here I go taste test don’t come out also mm-hmm oh that’s really really nice um I know that still retains a little bit of crispiness of the onion hmm but it’s soft why this so soft because I froze it really I am curious to try the cabbage though because I like cabbage you know cabbage pickled vegetables one my favorite type of skin when walls I don’t know about you guys you know I love to came on off but cabbage is one of my favorite hmm it’s like salad yes it’s Nick it’s not of it Wow so how long was this marinated it’s just a little night Neal overnight yes our scene is a comput st andrew’s name sounds pretty good and cucumber cucumber one of my favorites this is just old very very simple simple tasting but skim along yes you know what I would also like him is to put a couple of a short one even flakes on the top and it’s good right and then you know some sometimes you know you want it a little bit saltier and my mother would put just a little bit of soy sauce and talked and she would eat that with a bowl of rice and miso soup and call it a day okay did you enjoy these pickles I sure did exactly guys today I was out all day I’m so tired and I’m ready to fall asleep right now I don’t know why I’m so tired today so hope you guys enjoyed today’s of Pecos well I certainly enjoy I really did I was hungry and I need tea more vegetables if you’re interested you can check out one of our older videos that we made on skin mom all that skin model is also really good with Chinese cabbage a Chinese cabbage sounds awesome check it out if you want and if you’re interested in more Japanese recipes like this one make sure to check out our playlist of Japanese okay so thank you for watching see you next video bye bye [Music]

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