Easy Poached Eggs and Best Brunch Recipe

Easy Poached Eggs and Best Brunch Recipe

Chef Buck here and today I’m gonna show
you how to poach up multiple eggs easily the easiest way to do it
plus I’m gonna show you my favorite recipe for using poached eggs it’s a
Fancy Pants recipe as you can tell because I got on my college shirt on a
tie here whoa let me swoon you got on the college shirt I’m already regretting
it because I think my neck was a little skinnier when I got this year oh now to
poach your eggs you want to get a nonstick skillet we’re gonna go ahead
and fill it up with water almost to the tippity-top and then you would skilfully
bring it over to your stove we’ll turn it on high heat get this water heated up
I will go ahead and we’ll put our eggs into these little cups and that’ll be
easier to add the eggs into the poaching water without busting them coz you know
one bust your yolk you know a poached egg with a busted yolk
is there anything sadder than that it ain’t fancy I mean I could check my
diary we can find lots of things sadder than that and of course you know I’m
kidding that’s just a joke I’m way too macho to have a diary
girls time a journal oh yeah I’ve got a joke alrighty now our waters starting to
come up it’s almost there I’m gonna go ahead and throw a little bit of vinegar
in here just a couple of tablespoons boom boom boom and that’s going to help
our poached eggs to stay together and the reason for that is science alright
so I think my water is hot enough we got some nice little bubble in there on the
bottom I’m gonna reduce it down to medium and then I’m going to gently
carefully place my eggs in the hot water here
and the more carefully you do it you know that a lot more likely it is to
stay together as long as you don’t break your yolks you’re doing all right you’re
still in the game but this here is a good way to do multiple eggs at the same
time so we’ll just cover it up boom and so I’m gonna take about three minutes
four minutes you know you can poach it as long as you want but you know it’s a
very thin line you know if you go five minutes you know your yolks probably
gonna be hard and if your yolk is hard then what’s the point of poaching your
egg there’s no point poach your egg if
there’s nothing if you’re not gonna get a runny yolk but some people don’t like
the running if you don’t like a runny you poach an egg for you so it has been
three minutes right too long you ain’t got no sauce yeah we like it super duper
yoki so I’m gonna go ahead and boom boom boom just loosen my eggs off the bottom
of the skillet here which is why using a nonstick skillet it’s a good idea now
ideally you’ll have a slotted spoon all I got is this the spatula but it’s gonna
work we’re just gonna set in our plate here that way I’m not putting it
directly on my dish and getting it too wet like my toast is coming up look at
that perfectly poached eggs look how jiggly they are nice and full of yoki
goodness I said that like a creep that sounded a little creepy now one of my
favorite dishes to use poached eggs is a fancy fennel smoked salmon topped with
poached egg kind of thing of a box or the fancy-pants brunch item but super
easy to make the first thing we want to do is we want to throw together a light
dressing and this dish doesn’t have a lot of seasoning in it because I’m using
a lot of natural flavors I’m just gonna take one little ledger walk one little
wedge of lemon you were to squeeze and that’s just about a teaspoon
and you can see I’ve zested the outside of this lemon already so I’m going to
throw in two teaspoons of olive oil and now I have some natural flavorings here
I got that lemon zest I was talking about I minced it up and I’ve got some
minced ginger and some minced garlic boom boom boom and then just a little
bit of black pepper salt then we’ll give it a quick twist really no no no it
doesn’t seem like much at all but it’s all we’re gonna need this recipe is
could be enough for two people I’ll have a recipe down below you can check out or go over to MyFoodChannel.com and print it out but if you need to make
this for more than two people then just double up on it so now I’m gonna take my
spinach right here and we’re just gonna toss it with this dressing get it nice
and well coated now we want to get a little bit of fennel to fancy it up now
this here is fennel if you’ve never used to fellow before yeah it’s got kind of a
licorice e taste but sounds awful but it’s a nice accompaniment especially for
dishes like this I really liked it with seafood I’ve got a shrimp and fennel
dish I’ll put a link to that you know sometimes it’ll have like a lot more
fronds on it you know the stalks it won’t be cut like this here you know
you’ll have a lot more of this do looking stuff but sometimes you’ll see
it it’s like this here you know if the produce manager if there’s like an angry
guy in charge of the produce section you know he’s got a lot of frustrations you
might mutilate his vegetables where he puts them out on the floor or he might
cut it so you don’t have to pay for something you’re not gonna use you can
eat all of this trigger rabbit to do it right we’re gonna cut off the bottom
here boom boom boom now we’re gonna cut it in half you see there’s a little bit
of a core in here so let’s go ahead and we’ll cut this in half and then we’re
just gonna do a little bit of a notch and get that core of it see and since
we’re not cooking this you know we’re just gonna use it in this little salad
we want to make sure and get some nice thin Shay
a fennel you don’t want huge thick pieces hard doing this with a tie you
have sure not used to doing anything in a tap and I’ve got about two cups of
spinach maybe just a wee little bit less than that so I’m just gonna do about
this much fennel I don’t know what that is that’s maybe a half a cup maybe less
give it a rough chop then I’ll just toss it in here with the spinach well that’s
all you’re gonna use of the fennel fennel has a strong flavor so that’s
plenty right there I’m gonna throw a little bit of green onion in here onion
a super duper onions always a good idea now a little bit of the green onion top
I’m gonna go ahead and chop this and I’m gonna reserve this for a garnish I’m
gonna throw this on top of our poached eggs I mean this dish is gonna be super
fancy all the way from the top to the bottom we’re even using a little bit of
salmon and it’s just a wee little bit but you don’t need a whole lot so just
kind of cut it in half so that nobody’s jealous just set it off to the side of
the plate there that’s coming from your head that’s right boom boom boom now you
want some fancy bread you know to serve with this brunch dish I’m gonna cut me
up a couple slices here and toast it now if you wanted to you could toast this
bread and then set it on a plate and then build your little dish on top of
your toasted bread I like doing it on the side of course you could do this
boom put that on the bottom and then cut you off a couple other pieces of bread
you know and have a little bread Palooza but you know that sounds like more carbs
and I’m allowed to have this week now we’re just gonna throw our greens here
you know evenly distribute them unless you want to bite nobody wants to be
fighting over greens hey you’re in Thai this is a date babe this is a good date
food you know if you’re looking to impress somebody this is definitely a
dish that you can make super duper easy you can make this for breakfast if
you’re lucky or you know but this is also fine for dinner it’s fancy enough
even though it sags it’s fancy enough for dinner gonna date
food if you put onion onion and garlic is a great date food right because if
you know if you can eat onions and garlic with somebody and still get along
with them that’s a good sign just bring your toothbrush yeah you should always
have your toothbrush good to go out of me and there is not much to this
dressing at all but it is so tasty you know that’s nice and crisp and clean and
a lot of this stuff you can do ahead of time so we’ve got our salmon and our
salad plate it up I got my toast ready here I’m gonna cut it in an angle so we
got some nice little pointy pieces cuz that’s how rich people eat their bread
you know they poached their eggs and they have little pointy pieces of toast
and I’m going to go ahead and cut up a little bit of tomato for some nice color
careful careful careful look at boom-boom-boom so we’re just gonna go
ahead and top it with our poached eggs carefully the phone so as not to bust
our yolks and look at that picture-perfect kind of dusted with a
little bit of black pepper just lightly and we got our little green onion
toppings all right there you have salmon fennel poached eggs this is how rich
people eat breakfast but you don’t have to be rich it doesn’t have to be
breakfast all right so I’m gonna cut into this look at this yoki goodness
super duper perfecto nice and saucy that’s just the way I like it but it is
such a great combination of flavors a little bit of smoked salmon a little bit
of yogi egg and some spinach and fennel just a perfect little bite right there it’s so good so easy to make the only
thing you had to cook is the eggs hey I’m supposed to do this right that’s
right I look like I’m a lawyer at some fancy brunch right listen JJ so so right
now have you always liked to run yogurt did I educate you on that you educated I
kind of introduced you to the wonders of the runny yolk this is just a fantastic
meal you know don’t be intimidated at the idea of poaching eggs grab you some
smoked salmon it’s a family you can have this done lickety-split Cardellini
working on look at that who’s not gonna be impressed with that you’re in trouble
with your partner you know you’re kind of in the doghouse a little bit wake
them up with this you know kind of give them a little shake in the morning no
wait you wait waking them up in the morning is not gonna get you at the
doghouse that’s true just a helpful hint that’s true that’s why uh camera girl
has a lot of patience for me because because I’m the kind of guy that would
come in in the morning and wake you up with a beautiful dish like this here
because I’m just so right really when does that happen alternate universe oh
there I welcome you over the bag don’t I don’t think so …go ahead and get this fancy poached egg recipe a try or just poach some eggs and have plain sad poached eggs but I recommend this way…go to MyFoodChannel.com and print it out print out all
our recipes over there thanks for watching and subscribing
we’ll see in the future

46 thoughts on “Easy Poached Eggs and Best Brunch Recipe

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